X- Arcade

I’m interested in purchasing an XCM XFPS v3.0 Sniper Plus to make my X-arcade compatible with my 360 but I heard it lags; can anybody confirm if this is true or not before I make the purchase?



Yeah, pass on that. I don’t know if the newer converters work with the X-Arcade PCB, but it’s easier to spend $30 than $70 on something that’s definitely garbage.

Yeah, I just found out it doesn’t even use happ parts! I guess I fucked up by buying the dual x arcade. I’m not even going to bother buying the ps3 converter they have the site.

Oh well…

Eh, you can always swap Happ/iL parts in there. If you do have a Playstation 2 adapter and buy a converter let us know how it goes in the Converter thread.