i saw video on internet to configure the max shooter but it doesnt work… the light work when i reset setting but to configure or just has u plugged it, u suppose to see light #1 flash… cant do none i bought it ebay 100 damn $ and still not able to connnect it… plssomeone help me with that ! :slight_smile: … give link or tell me whats the problem THX!




Tech Talk is that way. You’ll probably find your answer quicker there.


you posted this thread 3 hours ago… and you thought it would be better to make a new thread instead of bumping the old one?

On Topic, I can’t understand anything from your post, I own a Max Shooter and haven’t had any problems, but you should make sure you read the manual and if it still doesn’t work, reply to the same thread, don’t make a new one, with a more detailed report of your problems.