X box 360 vs PS 3

What’s the difference in the game play between the two consoles. I notice that EVO2010 use PS 3. I play super street fighter IV on XBox 360.

Well #1: We’re not PAYING for PSN access. But that’s probably going to change soon anyway.

#2: The variety of opponents is greater on PSN. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bash on XBL. But XBox in general didn’t get it’s claim to fame from fighters. At least nowhere near as much as PlayStation has. For the longest time PlayStation was the exclusive device for Namco and Capcom fighters.

Not the case anymore, but the majority of players using a console got their first matches in on a PS or a DC back in the day and it’s just been understood that PlayStation is where it’s at for fighters.

I never found much of a difference in gameplay in Vanilla 4 on either systems. The amount of opponents I fought on either on a daily was pretty similar–so I dunno. I don’t see a huge difference in general, but meh, maybe that’s changed with Super.

Ummm most of the top players play on 360 online. Same for Marvel. There are also many more 360s in NA than Playstation 3’s. XBL is known for having better online quality as well.

Playstation 3 is used for majors pretty much because of Evo. One of the reasons is they bought a bunch of them when Tekken:DR was new. Another is that PSX sticks could be used easily with Playstation 3’s rather than 360s. There are more 360s in America and the quality/price of TEs has made the latter reason moot.

I think there is a slight speed difference between the two versions, the 360 version being faster I believe. I don’t know if there’s anything else.

  1. More people play on 360 than PS3. This was true in SF4 and I believe it’s true in SSF4 also.

  2. 360 version is more arcade accurate than the PS3 version. This has been proven by tests of both systems.

  3. You pay for online on 360, but don’t act like it’s not cheaper either way. I bought my 360 new from Wal Mart for $100 and it’s commonly on sale for a little more than that. You can get 1 year XBOX Live subscriptions for $30 and you can now USB sticks to increase your memory. Factor all this in and you’re still at under $200. How cheap is a PS3?

Hey guys could you give me some advice on this matter? I will buy a ps3 just to play MVC3 but Im also a MVC2 player, now Im confused on wich system Ill buy and the reason is the XBOX360, because of the availibility and the price. but one aspect that its very important for me is the controller, what is the best pad for fighters? ps3 or xbox360?

Normal pad? The PS3 by far.

The 360 pad is a shitty mess for fighting games. Overall, though–from a budget standpoint, you’d be better off getting a 360 right now.

Some players actually do surprisingly well with the 360 pad, but the consensus is that the PS3 pad is better. If you want to just play MvC2, the PS3 has a better port, but it’s not arcade perfect by ANY means. 360 is cheaper though.

No offense to anyone here but a couple of these posts just sound like fan-boys trying to get more people on the system they chose. Both 360 and PS3 are good in theyre own rights. The reason there are more 360’s here is because where microsoft is located. There are more PS3’s in JP bc of where Sony is located. Its not bc one console is better than the other. XBL in my perspective is not better than PSN. I get the same service with PSN as i would with a 360 i have both here in my house. I find that XBL is full of a bunch of kids who just run theyre mouth. PSN on the other hand you dont run into as many of those. And on another note, why would you say all the top players play only on 360?? If you refer to the post you will notice that most tournaments run on PS3. Plus the top players play on both systems, it would be stupid not too if there was a difference in the game play then it would be hard to switch on the fly when at a tournament. again no offense to anyone here, not trying to turn this into a flame war.

oh and as far as which to buy you can get both for the same price. now if you get an arcade version of the 360 you wont have the hard drive. id go with the PS3, more features and you can get one with the smallest hard drive and just upgrade it without voiding your warranty

On the real, PSN has a HUGE amount of retards. Like, seriously.

The only good thing is you can’t receive voicemails like you can on 360. Either way, though, both communities are equal in that aspect (Retards that send messages), so yeah.

thanks for the input guys, now Im more clear with my decision. thanks :smiley:

yeah i got a coupe tonight while playing ssf4. im still getting used to playing on a stick and have been getting my ass kicked. I got kicked from a room bc i got my ass kicked and i got told that i should leave bc i was out of my league. i tell you learning to play with a stick again is like learning how to ride a bike. it sucks pretty hard at first.

I hate the term “fan-boys.” Sure there may be some, but it’s used now-a-days to defend fan boys of the OTHER system. Like, oh I’m a GC fan-boy, so even though all you did was defend the PS2, you’re automatically a Playstation fan-boy! It’s just stupid. Just stick with the arguments and don’t worry about calling people names. You said “a couple of posts.” Which ones? Was it some stupid posts or some legitimate ones that you’re grouping with the stupid ones? The PS3 has ONE FRAME MORE INPUT LAG than the 360. It has been proven fact. MANY top players have complained about this before. Is it difficult to adjust? If you’re a top player, probably not. If you’re an average player that practices just on one system, then yes. I have heard many complaints from both sides that the other system is bad to play on. But, like I said before, the 360 version is nearly identical to the arcade version. This has been proven fact.

Second, your next point isn’t valid. The 360 is more popular for a variety of reasons. One being that it launched sooner. Another point being that it’s “cheaper” (depending on what you’re going for). If what you said was the case, the XBOX would have been more popular than the PS2.

Third, the only reason kids talk more trash on XBOX is because more people have it, and voice chat is more rampant on the XBOX because it comes with a mike.

Fourth, A LOT of top players play on 360. They’ve said it. Go look for the info. Whether it’s a majority, I don’t know for fact, but a large majority of the ones that have said which console they play on have stated it’s the 360 over the PS3. The only reason PS3 is standard is because EVO uses it. Most small tournies use 360.

Anyway, like I said, top players can adjust. That’s what makes them top players. Doesn’t mean they don’t drop combos. I talked to Andre (Twisted Jago) last year and he said the timing on Bison’s short short short scissor kick combo is much different on PS3.

Wrong. How much is a PS3 now? I bought my arcade for $100 new from Wal Mart (on sale). I can get XBL for one year for $30 or 2 for $60. I can get a USB stick that will now work as an external hard drive on the 360 for $20/30 TOPS (and it’s probably even less than that). Of course I can add even more accessories depending on how much a comparable PS3 is. Oh also, with the 360 I have the choice of buying what I want and when I want rather than being forced to buy a bundle for features that I might not want. Do I want wireless on my system? No way! Anybody who plays competitive gaming knows that wired >> wireless any day of the week.

im not saying that there isnt any difference.

the reason the first Xbox wasnt as popular as the PS2 is bc it was a new console, look at any new console when its first released, its sales are never as high as what other companies are. And the PS2 was released a year earlier than the Xbox. Which was the same circumstances as the 360. Its not whats better, its whats available at the time. what many people dont realize is that the 360’s processor is virtually identical to the PS3’s IBM just slightly modified the PS3’s cell processor for the 360, and IBM made both processors. there is not one thats better theyre both equal, its just a matter of preference.

ok you bought an arcade, i can use an external hard drive on my ps3 as well as flash drives. i can also easily pull out my internal hard drive and replace it with a new one in just a couple of minutes. no one is forcing you to buy extras for a ps3, no one says you have to buy this if you want to use this. ok i doubt your going to be doing competitive gaming from your living room or basement whichever.

what features are you referring to on the PS3 that you wouldnt want, bc if memory serves me correctly your getting the same stuff with the 360 except for built in wireless IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE IT, it can still be wired, a blu-ray player, capable of being used with any bluetooth headset.

and the cheapest you can get an 360 arcade at retail is 149 used. and its 199 at walmart. so in the thought of that you get more for your money with the PS3. and the PS3 and the 360 are the same price and have been since august of last year.

I need to get a PS3 so I can have all the systems and play Dot Heroes and Mod nation racers.

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  1. More people play on 360 than PS3. This was true in SF4 and I believe it’s true in SSF4 also.

  2. 360 version is more arcade accurate than the PS3 version. This has been proven by tests of both systems.


  1. Wrong ps3 sales were worldwide more then on the xbox360
  2. also wrong the Ps3 and PC version run on the same speed the 360 not so i assume the 360 is the wrong version unless u have a proof that 360 runs like the arcade version.

And stop mentioning the shity arcade version of xbox thats complety gutter trash with no hard drive nothing that version is for cheap broke ass mf.

First off, I wish multi-quote worked with Chrome because it’s annoying as hell to triple post just to answer these posts. Second, you’re agreeing with me. Xbox wasn’t as popular as the PS2 because it released a year later like the same situation as the 360 vs. PS3. This isn’t because one console is made at one place and therefore it’s more popular at that place (your original point). Second, as similar as the 360 and PS3 are, they are also vastly different, with specs that make one system better for certain things and another system better for other things. This is why games like Killzone 2 can never look as good on the 360 as the PS3.