X-Box LIVE Alternative


thank you! thank you! :encore:

i haven’t tried it myself yet though, because i already have xbox live. anyone who has tried it already though, please give an opinion for other people who haven’t.

oh, pass this link on to your buddies, especially the broke-ass dudes with no jobs.

EDIT: dammit! the game has to support the system link option in order to work with this! so we won’t be able to play street fighter!

And it sucks anyway

the only purpose it really serves is playing halo1 online… nothing else is really worth it because of so much lag.

Nas is right…xbc has been around since halo 1 and before…actually, Gamespy is another tunnel service that let you play “system link” online…

my thoughts?

-friends can use mics and you dont have to stick with one gamertag…u can use any profile on your xbox and change the name to your liking…

-you can pick the gamestype/friends you want to play instead of having Live pick it for you in matchmaking

-too much fucking lag…XBL is lag free compared to XBC

that last one alone is enough to steer you away from playing on XBC all together…if you’re that poor, just keep getting the 2/3 month free trials…