X-Box live through PC's wireless?

I’m trying to connect my 360 to my Pc, by ethernet cable, and connect to x-box live through the Pc’s wireless connection.

How the heck do i do this?

Any help would be appreciated. My pc has XP SP3 btw.

Control Panel < Network Connections

Right click your wireless connection (should be called ‘Wireless Network connection’) and go to Properties.

Click the “Advanced” tab and check “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”.

So you’ve got it like this Ethernet to the ethernet port on the on PC? And then you’ve got an internet connection on the PC via a wireless adapter (connecting to a router)?

Make sure 360 is turned off first.

Start Menu>Network Connections>Select both “Local Area Connection” and “Wireless Connection”> Right-Click>Select “Bridge connections”.

Wait for it to do its thing. Check internet connection on the PC and make sure it’s still fine. Go turn on the 360 and test the network connection there.

Whether this works can depend on your setup on the PC (what kind of wireless adapter, ethernet card, etc.)

If it doesn’t work, go back and select both connections, right-click and remove the bridge.

You can use both of these methods above for most systems, but I haven’t ever tested the 360 by just using the “allow other users to connect” option.

If that works then cool, easier and you get media sharing.

I had to do this sometimes with my laptop (fuk MSFT and their $100 adapter). It’s a pain but it’s doable.

The only way I could get it working was by making sure “internet connection sharing” was enabled in the wireless and then bridging the two connections (highlight both, right click and hit bridge). After the bridge it’ll probably say the bridge isn’t connected. You have to disable the bridge then enable it again and it should be connected.

Google for it though, there are a lot of walkthroughs available.

I have my 360 connected to my computer now using the method I listed.

I forgot to mention that also set up a static IP address for the network adapter connected to the 360

For the one connecting the 360:
ip address
subnet mask
default gateway

This is done by right clicking the connection in Network Connections, in the General tab select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” and click Properties. Check “Use the following IP address” and enter the values. For the DNS servers, it’s whatever DNS servers your ISP uses.

This may be a more complicated way than the other way.

I’ve got my 360 connected to my laptop by bridging the connections, but once my 360 gets turned off I have to reboot the laptop if I want to reconnect the 360 to Xbox Live later. I’m still trying to figure out why.

It’s good to use static IPs, but you also have to remember his values aren’t going to be the same, because not all routers use the same gateway IP.

I don’t have a router, just using dorm wireless. Does this matter?

I’m connecting my 360 & Pc directly by Ethernet cable.