X-Box Marvel or DC? The question

This thread has been re-made to create a poll. Please vote and post your opinion here.


Availability of TDC is easy enough. Availability of sticks is DEFINITELY easy enough with our Marvel-heavy crowd. Availability of DCs? I’m not so sure. I’ll gladly admit being wrong if someone can correct me and have a bunch of working DCs around.

I think Zach owns all the DCs in WA haha.

I still have my launch DC. Modchipped and shell-swapped (smoke color!) and still works to this day.

But ain’t no way I’m letting that out of my sight. It’s probably the only console I’ve held onto for this long. Probably even longer than me and my brothers had our NES and SNES.

The 360 version is not tournament viable in its current form.

We should stick with the DC for now at least. The marvel crowd has the power.

This thread should have been a poll. Agreed w/ Evan, xbox version not tournament viable.

Good idea Nolan. I should probably restart this thread.