X-box / PS2 port question

A while ago I bought Street Fighter Anniversery Collection for the X-box. I wanted to know if the PS2 version is the version used at Evo (or any tournament for that matter) and whether the PS2 version is any better and worth purchasing.

I notice that Super Turbo Vega seems to have charging issues for his wall grab. But only ST Vega for some reason.

I don’t know of any major differences, but the ps2 version is used just because so many more people prefer that system. It also helps that pretty much every game is on that system.

It’s been a while, but from memory there are a few minor differences. I’ll only cover 3S, as I don’t go in for old school shenanigans. Firstly, the PS2 version allows one to program all of the buttons on the controller. As you would know, the XB version limits you to the 6 face buttons. Second, the PS2 version allows you to turn off/down the BGM (big deal to me as the same tunes eventually begin to grate.) Third, some folk argue that the XB version runs at a slightly quicker pace, though I can’t feel it. Oh, and the PS2 colour seems to be truer to the arcade, though with some fiddling and tint the XB version is fine.

GAMEPLAY and aesthetics wise(the only real parts that matter), the game plays identical. both are same speed(proven and tested), sounds the same. ps2 is used cuz ps2 sticks are more common in the community and its less consoles needed. while it may be arguable i guess, xbox version is MUCH nicer looking, larger sprites(slightly), cleaner color pallette. either way, both versions are just fine

Alright, thanks guys.