X-box version of eo

Hey i herd that you can rc on the x box version of eo (which took out rc) but you can only rc when u are online?
can any body conferm this?

can you rc online? (and still go through moves?)

no. Xbox version is like CvS2 2.0, a LOT has changed.

Seriously dude, spend more time looking up these basic questions via the search function. That’s what it is there for. Heck, I actually spent browsing shoryuken a year before I actually started posting.

According to others, you could rc…just dont get the invincibility…

i know they made the S groove go up faster, and the P groove has some tweaks, to make them more balanced

i still say stick with a non-fucked up version, to get the actual arcade experience… Dreamcast / PS2 versions…