X-Centric: The X-Book Thread

I like that you but maybe she did fuck her bro Brian. I think Claremont is the only one that would want to write Psylocke anymore because of the BS backstory he has given to her.

Yeah The 90’s X-men cartoon was basically my intro to the world of X-men and i haven’t stopped reading since.

I think Sunspot should come back to a X-team(let the Bru write him). He got some potential but is stained by Claremont crap =/.

Claremont tried to come up with another lasting catchphrase for Psylocke. Before fights, when she’d bust out her psychic knife, she would always say, “Prepare to face the focused totality of my psychic powers!” Or some variation of that, but always including the “focused totality of my psychic powers” part. I don’t think that’s as good as Wolverine’s “I’m the best there is…” or Cyclops’ “Behold! OPTIC BLAST! Jesus Christ!”

Her backstory really is ridiculous, though. Claremont was already past his prime by the time he had his way with her. When I was a kid, I used to love her, though. I had no idea she was a white British chick stuck in an Asian body. I just thought she was the stereotypical Asian martial artist with a sexy Jim Lee-drawn body. Then I found that issue where it’s got the Mandarin and the Hand messing with her mind and stuff. They got really carried away with this character. She had some potential beyond pure eyecandy.

Yeah, Cyke has the coolest catchphrases ever.

Man Carpet Lint really posted a giant post about dem X Mans.

Mike Carey’s Supernovas run was awesome.

Astonishing X Men is like revamped phoenix saga style X Men for the 21st century. All it needs it Nightcrawler so he and Wolvie can go get drink together.

One of the best X Moments was when Colossus was being a pussy because of problems with Kitty, so Wolverine takes him to a bar. Juggernaut shows up and Colossus tries to start a fight with him. Wolverine is just like “don’t do that metal man…” and then takes a step back and just watches Juggernaut beat the shit out of Colossus. Then Juggernaut reaches into his ryu like sack and throws the bartender a bunch of money to pay for the damages and leaves.

I haven’t read much of Bru’s X Men, but I bet it’s awesome.

World War Hulk X Men was great too. He ruined like three X Teams by himself.

I wouldn’t bet too much on that.

I think Chuck Austen did that too.

Yeah that was a great story. :tup:

Long incoherent post about Xmen… read at your own risk…

while i havent read much of comics in past few years, i started at the mid 250s or so of uncanny and stayed still about the 12 saga.

a few years ago, i bought a couple of those essential xmen tpb in b/w starting from uncanny 94.
and i got some scannedcomics and was able to read claremonts enitire uncanny run.

while byrne/cmont was the best, i really liked dave cockrums space (shiar/brood) art/and the growing relationships between ncrawler/wolvy. Kitty actually being a likeable "young "character who wasnt as annyoing. etc.
My min complaint w/cmont is overuswe of villains who could use “mindcontrol” /impersonate the xmen(Letsee Shadow King, dire wraiths, mastermind, malice, the adversary, nanny, etc)
Artist wise, I love dcockrum , even more than byrne (blasphemy i know).
I really wish Paul Smith had stayed as penciler longer. His style while “simple” made action easier to read and follow.
Romita Jr was great. In fact, i still think hes in one of best overall talents, his art being suitable for a broad range of chars.
Silvestri was ok. I think he reached his apex on Wolv solo book more than xmen. Then of course Jim Leee rocked, even tho every char looks like a supermodel lol

Post claremont, writing wise, I really liked Fabian Nicieza’s xmen /xforce. Lobdell was good fo rfunnier stuff and character,
One writer i wish got more time to do his thang was Joe Kelly. He had a ragtag group(Beast, cecelia reyes, cannonball, storm, maggott, Joseph, rogue). I am probably th eonly person in the universe who liked MAggott(even with hi sundecipherable/over the top slang) his origin was neat.
but all the crossovers started getting sstale for me after onslaught. I didnt care for zero tolerance, 12 saga, some fake xmen /danger room etc…

I read Grant morrisons run and while well-written, it feels the family aspect of xmen had gone down the drain imo. The business/school aspects feel too overpowering. Claremonts xtreme had great art imo, but couldnt match up to his old stuff.
And while magneto/apocalypse were kinda run int o the ground, Wat happened to sinister, Reavers, Longshot/Dazzler,. I wish some of the older chars woudl return

and all these stupid ass retcons, Xorneto and quesada can kiss my patootie!
I havent read Whedon/cassadays stuff, but it seems to be getting rave reviews.
Are they still on th ebook?
Is Salvador LArroca on any of the books? I like his stuff too…


I’m with you on Cockrum. I’ll take his art over Byrne’s any day. That’s not blasphemy.

Paul Smith is my favorite X-Men artist from the Claremont era. Smith is still good, too. The stuff he does today looks just as good or even better than what he used to do. And as good as JRjr was back in the day, I think he just gets better with age. He really developed his own style.

Uncanny X-Men, back in the day, was like a proving ground for up and coming artists.

Sinister has shown up in Mike Carey’s great X-Men run and has a key role in Messiah CompleX. I think Lady Deathstrike is leading a new team of Reavers in this crossover as well. I have no idea about Longshot, but I think Dazzler is in either Exiles or Excalibur - one of those Claremont books. I think it’s Excalibur.

Whedon and Cassaday are almost finished with their story. There’s one more issue and then one giant-size issue on the way to wrap it all up.

Larocca recently completed a five issue arc on Brubaker’s Uncanny. He recently did a miniseries titled newuniversal with Warren Ellis and next up, he’s gonna draw Amazing Spider-Man.

Bru X-Men >>>>>>>> Whedon X-Buffys

Also is anyone reading Emperor Vulcan? Does it live up to Rise/Fall?

I actually prefer Emperor Vulcan to Rise and Fall, story has shaped up very nicely thus far

Tried reading the first few pages of the first issue of Emperor Vulcan but didn’t care enough to finish it. Not really into Kyle and/or Yost (I forget which one writes that). All of their comics I have read have just been really average or below average to me.

I recently “aquired” the first 441 issues of X-Men/Uncanny X-Men so I’ve started to read all of Claremonts run.

So far, it’s all been good.

Storm also used to have an ass that would put J-Lo’s to shame!

im still waffling on picking up 2nd printing of uncanny omnibus

Apologies if this has been said, but this thread has one of the best titles in the history of ever.

Just call me the PUNNYSHER

I love Bru like a step-father that gives you porn for your 13th birthday but…

Carey’s X-Men>>>>Bru’s Uncanny>>>>>Whedon’s Astonishing.

The only weakness in Carey’s run is that sometimes the art isn’t that great. But as far as telling interesting stories, character moments, soap opera twists and being on a regular schedule, only PAD on X-Factor is touching Carey.

New X-Men is good as well, especially now that the writers have reduced the killing to managable number.

Carey and Bru’s takes are so different that I think it is hard to compare. It’s great that they are both running concurrently, versus like when Morrison was on NEW and the rest of the books were shit. Sometimes Im in the mood for really out-there stuff, experimental structure and non-continuity focused x-action I will read Carey, whereas if I want more traditional, steeped in continuity action-oriented classic team stuff I’ve got Bru

original reason I entered thread: The Complete Onslaught Epic vol. 1 ships wednesday

they need to get rid of storm closet phobia so she can go beastly on people. i mean the bitch gets owned by 6 walls. storm could be so much more powerful than she already is.

Storm should have been killed a long time ago. the only time she was interesting was when she didnt have her powers. her mutant powers have never made sense and she has always been overpowered.

I’m loving the New X-Men. Ever since Yost took over there’s been this whole sense of desperation and panic that’s very palpable, but it doesn’t go overboard and get all dark and angsty. I wish Skottie Young could’ve stayed on, but Humberto Ramos is a badass replacement.

What happened with M? I had been reading X-Factor, but my cash flow has been low lately so I’m not picking up comics really. And who were Huber and that French girl really?