X factor and other things

You ever wonder why people complain about things like x factor and the gems like they are new? even though they are variation of things that have existed before, like rage mode in SS2 or the gems in MSH or the the K groove in CVS2.


Ham-fisted, yet just subtle enough to potentially cause readers to reconsidered disregarding thread as out of hand.

Troll Attempt: 7/10

I mean granted the X Factor is not as popular as American Idol, but come on…it’s on its first season.
Simon needs time to get back into the hate groove…it’s FUCKING SIMON!!!

He’s a gem!

People just need to give X-Factor a chance. Why did Simon ever leave Idol anyway?

He probably wanted to be on a show where he would get more money and more control…he is the spotlight.
Aside from the Paula…who the fuck are the other two?

Or maybe he didn’t want to drink Coca-Cola anymore…

I don’t know you got that one female judge who always abstains from voting always fucking with little girls dreams. Shit is brutal man, BRUTAL I SAY.

I love how, in American Dreamz, Hugh Grant’s parody character of SImon is contractually obligated to drink Pepsi.

I realize it is satire, but I cannot help appreciating how badly Pepsi trolled themselves with that one.

I mean, think about it…

shit bro you bring up a lot of good pts

Simon’s my favorite guy. Good choice to switch from American Idol to X-Factor. Gets more publicity then he did on his Idol days after Ryan Seacrest became the big guy on campus and made him the #2.

Is Nicole Schzringer still there?

I knew someone would make a TV reference.

This thread is golden.

Yes she is, she never votes apparently.

Barely, some magical forces is stopping her from dissolving under the sheer volume of tears this show produces.

I willing to bet money she doesn’t sign up for a second season, even if she wanted to Simon obviously hates her. US will finally get Cheryl Cole.

Simon’s already said he wont be inviting her back. Frankly I wouldn’t see her coming back even if they did invite her. The bitch is water works personified.


Just some nobody named L.A. Reid (Andy Reid’s cousin?). Not like he is a CEO or signed anybody reputable like Toni Braxton, Outkast, or Usher. Every show needs a token black guy :rofl: .