X-Factor dmg / duration breakdown on the wiki: Does XFactor ramp up too much?

It would be one thing if XFactor damage only ramped up, or only duration. But level 3 xfactor lasts twice as long and is almost 3x as much of a damage boost as level 1 for any character. This is before taking into account the fact you can do many combos you can’t do without xfactor thanks to the speed boost.

In Marvel 2, single comebacks were exceedingly rare (but did occur on occasion and were pretty hype.) XFactor makes single character comebacks pretty much common place. The non-xfactor SCCBs are still really hype (such as Tron at EVO).

I think that while they did tone down xfactor from vanilla - ultimate, it is still too good at level 2 and 3 especially. Does anyone else feel that they should tone down either the damage buff or the duration a bit more?

Keep in mind, this is from a purely spectator point of view as I don’t have the game, but I enjoy watching it played at high level.

I believe X-Factor is broken.

Not really, but its too strong. I do like the fact of a comeback feature, but your basically giving a guaranteed kill and a half (or another character) if your in XF, level 2 or 1. Should definitely be toned down.

XF still didn’t get toned enough. XF1 is better. XF2 and XF3 are still retardo. The only difference is they last a bit less long and you have to do a longer combo. Oh well.

Meh I still love the xf mechanic… Even after getting reverse ocv’d by dark weskers and whatnot. The problem is less xf and more Phoenix/ wesker/ other character that’s a little to business in lvl 3.

However a lot of that is solved by something relatively simple:

Strong invincible aa assists. Which should be in the fucking game anyways… As it is without them, of course dark characters are gonna kill that ass… They are faster and stronger.


That’s why if they’re not going to put old school AAA’s in they might as well just nerf the XF’s of those specific characters harder if need be. That way they can just tone theirs down specifically and keep the game more balanced on that front. Especially since XF is just a mechanic and not specifically a character move.

We know the reason they’re not putting in AAA’s and that’s basically because they know newer players will hate the shit out of them. If they didn’t put real AAA’s in for two games straight it’s just not even worth bringing up anymore. It’s obvious they want the average player to be able to go in and press buttons and not get lamed out all day with the only things working against that being to pick armored character or learn to play Dark Haggar.

They actually have identical durations to vanilla.

Well damn…didn’t even fix that. WTF Capcom.

you shouldn’t be able to use xf until at least one of your characters is dead. also get rid of the speed boost(the game’s on crack as is) and decrease the damage boost. when i first heard about xf, i thought it was going to be something cool like extra moves specifically made for each character.not a generic speed/damage bonus.

Personally IMO it just lasts too long. Even after the “tone-down”.

What I like about X-factor is it makes the team synergy more important. Now that one character comebacks are feasible, you don’t just do Battery/User/Assist. You have to think about the anchor capabilities of the last character as well.

The damage & speed boost provided by XF2 and XF3 is broken.

Three solutions:

  1. Tone down XF2 and XF3 bonuses for those who have some huge BS
    (Wesker, but who else? Difficult to say- isn’t a very long term fix because Dark whoeverisnext will be whined about)

  2. Shorten XF2 and XF3 - we can keep the brokenness, but just long enough for you to kill one character if you activate without happy birthday as opposed to a whole flipping team most of the time.

  3. Normalise speed/damage bonuses dynamically during the match based on character deficit. But I think this requires too much thought / code on Capcom’s part to implement properly.

x-factor 1: 10% dmg, 10% speed last 15 seconds
x-factor 2: 15% dmg, 15% speed last 10 seconds
x-factor 3: 20% dmg, 20% speed last 5 seconds.

Thats how I think it should be. Or no different levels, and just x-factor level 1 all the time. Just called x-factor.

I don’t even get why its so strong. Its like abcsabcsOTGsuper kills you.
It should at least make you still do a full combo, just add a little more damage.

Well shit, then you’d want wesker or wolverine on point and as soon as you land a hit pop x-factor to kill off the character and get a mix up to potentially kill the 2nd character coming in. Now the 3rd character coming in only gets access to a 5 second x-factor most people can time out with a super jump while stalling in the air with specials.

So yeah, no. I’d rather they just make the damage boost lower and the duration smaller too.

I’d also say wekser with no glasses should only give a speed boost. Extra damage is too much when you add the damage increase x factor gives.

I don’t believe you thought this through very well.

Fixing XF would probably go a long way towards dealing with our current balance woes. Damage buffs should max out at 50% and speed buffs should max out at 30%.

I like the identical times. It keeps Capcom from pulling another Capcom and giving a top tier extra XF time compared someone who might need it. Can you imagine the cries if Wesker got five more seconds compared to Captain America or low tier characters? I don’t even want to think about it.

The time is the least of our problems.

To fix XF as a comeback mechanic would mean making it similar to pandora imo. I like how pandora is not safe and does not guarantee a win, opposite to XF (minus the win part). I think they should remove no chip damage and shorten the time,damage,and speed to the character. But using XF to continue combos doesn’t seem bad to me because your burning it to (most of the time) kill a character. I feel as if they should bring baroque back with some small changes.