X-factor instant overhead

So I’m not sure if anyone knows, but he has 3 instant overheads when you xfactor like wolverine that I have found very useful.
I play Akuma, Magneto, Sentinel.
I was watching Justin play wolverine when I saw him do the “Ricky Ortiz” Xfactor into an overhead. I was like fuck I wish Akuma can do that. So I tried it out.

Each Button requires different timing.
The timing for this isn’t to bad, but you’ll get used to it.

The perfect time to xfactor is once are about to hit for the next spin or right on the next spin.

Tatsu L - you will see him spin one time to hit, once you’re on top of him you can xfactor and hit air.L>cr.L>cr.M>cr.H>S>BnB
Tatsu M - Tatsu will hit twice and you’ll be on top then xfactor air.L>cr.L>cr.M>cr.H>S>BnB (this is for mid screen, I’ll explain later.)
Tatsu H - I prefer this one because it allows me to trick my enemy. Tatsu H is 3 hits and it allows you to choose which ever one you want so just time once you spin and do a hit. Just xfactor right away and do air.L>cr.L>cr.M>cr.H>S>BnB

This second one is super tricky and it’s the type of move you go all in on. I do not suggest doing this.

Tigerknee air fireball super. (do not hold H)

So you wanna do something crazy and want to be a crowd pleaser.

Then dash close to the enemy, Tiger Knee Super right in their face, but don’t hold H because you wanna just be like Gohan killing Frieza. Once you put him in a block you xfactor to an instant overhead (air.L>cr.L>cr.M>cr.H>S>BnB) then you do 1m+ damage because you’re awesome.

Found out today that you can shoryuken and air super cancel. Knowing that you can use shoryuken as a good way to get in to tigerknee air super.

Alright then there is my favorite.

Shoryuken xfactor over head.

This only works for Shoryuken M and H. The L shoryuken just pushes you to far.

Shoryuken M - This one is tricky, I’m not 100% with it yet. I have guesstimated it’s right after the first hit. Once you fight out the right spot then xfactor air.L>cr.L>cr.M>cr.H>S>BnB. I notice if you let his feet past the crouching player you can xfactor and drop into a overhead lol.
Shoryuken H - H will be my choice again just because he’s easier to land with it. RIGHT after the 2nd hit blocks xfactor air.L>cr.L>cr.M>cr.H>S>BnB.

Why I like this one is because with shoryuken being a such a risky move. You have a lot of options with it. If he blocks you can either cancel into a super fireball (no H) then xfactor, but if it does hit you can xfactor right away and land then jump air.M>air.H>Demonflip L>follow up L> BnB.

Not sure if anyone has found this out yet but I would like to share it.
First write up so I’ma do the tweaking for this later.