X-factor Level 3

Holy Mother of God, this shit is crazier than vanilla xfactor dark phoenix. I feel so dirty using it.
Spamming H, 623+H, down+H, c.H xx 236+H, whatever+H.
Killing characters with Chip alone. I don’t even know how this made it into the game.

It’s mahvel baby

Luminous body + XF3 + LVL 3 buddy super and it’s one of the craziest things in the game. Mashing the shit out of all the buttons gets good results.

Even without the lvl3 it’s still crazy enough to just mash and get good results.

I feel like even though shit is uncontrollably fast at lv3 xfactor lil buddy, there are still some strategy to mash specific things in certain order (if that makes any sense)
for example, when i activate lil demon, i mash 214+H first (hell elevator backwards). that way you’re constantly retreating safely, while your opponent is getting hit or block stun by the lil demon swoops.
Once you know you are safe, start mashing 623+H demon missle swoop yourself to fly across the screen, to get above their head.
From here, go crazy and spam 236+H air fireballs for chip, air down+H for overheads, ground down+H for sweeps.

Unrelated but interesting to note, you can push buttons to attack with your lil buddy while you are charging demon missile H (623+H)
This can definitely lead to some interesting solo setups.

Anyone else have some specific pattern you guys like using with firebrand lvl.3 hyper?

I think Firebrand has potential as an anchor… except for the fact that he has trouble finishing off opponents even in XFC lvl 3

dunno what you’re talking about… during xfactor 3 firebrand kills anyone in 3 real life seconds from any hit anywhere…
just hit anything into bon voyage, and c.H, fireball, c.H, fireball, c.H, fireball…

is anchor the best spot for him? I’ve been using him on point but when he gets opened up its TOD all day on him :frowning:

I use him second…
He’s pretty decent at any place, but i just feel more natural with firebrand second.

he’ll have a lot o meter to activate luminous body nonstop and still get that assist backup to mixup properly.

I currently use him 2nd as well. Although I feel firebrand is one of the best characters with Xfactor on, a lot of times Xfactor runs out when it’s down to 1v1 and I feel firebrand doesnt anchor well enough on his own. (some minor disadvantages such as being unable to combo off of every grab)
He is great on Point, however, I personally enjoy his Level3 Hyper a lot. So I like him with more meter to burn in the 2nd slot. In addition to access to lv.2 Xfactor if my point dies.

I play Firebrand second but feel he is actually best in first with 1 strong assist for neutral, and 1 strong character for tag death.

lv3x-factor with luminous on L hell spitfires will combo into each other from anywhere on the screen until your opponent dies. killed a magneto from full health full screen when he tried to beat it with a disruptor the other day. 8 or 9 is usually all takes from full health. 9 of them do 950K if i recall. easy to do if you guard cancel into a standard A B C fireball and doesnt take much time to kill. if they block the first one they will get locked in block stun and after a few seconds get frustrated and try break out and possibly screw up their block and get hit anyways. they do close to 50K on block. just watch your luminous timer

Playing a bit more, I’m starting to believe Firebrand lvl3 is possibly the cheapest lvl3 in the game.
Doing anywhere from 300k~600k on chip damage alone (depending on if you help out the lil demon).
Even with crappy setups, you can get someone in permanent block stun, which means GUARANTEED 300k~600k damage.

A couple things I noticed:

  1. You can control the lil demon even if you’re in the middle of doing another move. Charging your unblockable, doing ground BonVoyage… etc.
  2. You can still call assists while you have him out, adding even more chip, making your block stuns more permanent.
  3. You still gain meter while the demon is active. This means, if you had 4~5 bars, by the time you finished with your first summoning, you will have enough meter for a 2nd summoning. (it’s like a 6 meter hyper super that lasts like 20 seconds!! f**king crazy!)

Easiest setup I found so far, on incoming characters. Summon lil demon, super jump and fly above where they enter, then start mashing on down H. It covers anyone that try to fly away, and once they are grounded, start you mixups or just continually spam H in your favorite fashion.

The only barely reliable way that I’ve seen people get out of it is if they random hyper. Thing is, even if you get caught by the random Hyper, if your lil demon is in the middle of a move, it’ll still hit them even if you get hit.
Also thing of note, be very careful when your lvl3 ends. There’s no indicator when it ends so you need to count the seconds yourself. You must stop spamming then, or you will just look like a dumbass and eat a full combo for whatever it is you were doing.

honestly dont think the level 3 is that good against strong players that know how to time it out/random super it out