X factor loop

Majority of the characters, if not all have an X-factor loop. Due to the fact that I can’t do GiMR’s loop more than twice :frowning: I went looking for something easier. Lv 2/3 XF loop that works in the corner, not that difficult but you can mess up if you’re not paying attention. Anyways… I talk to much- COMBO!

in corner
[L, M, H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S], Meteor Smash L or H xx XFC {S, jump cancel Meteor Smash L or H, S}

[brackets = not necessary] {whatever this is called = Loop}

 Can be started of any hard knockdown. Loop itself is pretty much a standing S jump canceled into a meteor smash in the corner over and over. SO COMPLEX RIGHT? Not sure how practical it is, but you get style points and in the end, that always matters.

 Oh about damage, I forgot but I remember the character I did it on (Wesker) died, and he has 1 million health. I was only able to do 4 loops because I'm a master at dropping combos. If anyone, (Mr. Gamestop Pad :) ) would like to show the damage potential I would appreciate it, and so would your subscribers.

/guilt trip

Damn, this was supposed to be like 5 sentences max.

there’s an even better and easier x factor loop. I’ve been doing it on streams but dont have it captured yet. maybe i can get a clip for you

This was in since Vanilla, but it’s corner restricted mostly since you might cross yourself up, but most combos end up in the corner anyways.

In XF3 it loops for a while, about 6 times IIRC.
XF2, it loops like 3 times.

I’ll get onto recording it soon. I’m editing some other Skrull stuff ATM. Shout-outs to Gamestop pads lol.

Yeah, I know its in vanilla, but I never saw anything posted about it. If I had the opportunity I probably would just go with quadruple inferno’s. Not like I’d need to do 4 though.

I saw one video where someone showed it, but it was some random Skrull player so it didn’t get seen to many ppl.

Lol that one is real hard, but I was able to get five without assisting and OMG was that a pain to do.

I posted this in the Combos 2.0 thread like a month ago but i’ve known it for awhile back before that. Never seen a video of it in action thou.