X-factor spreadsheet image with tiers and notes

Made this when it was slow at work tonight, not sure if one of these exists yet.

A few interesting things I ran across while making this:

  • Iron Man and Hulk are tied for the #1 damage increase at level 3 x-factor in the game at 230%.
  • Not surprisingly, Sentinel benefits the most from level 3 x-factor, allowing him to kill any character in the game with a single combo.
  • Amaterasu and Hulk are the only characters that receive no speed increase at all during any level of x-factor.
  • Chun-li has the largest speed increase during level 3 of any character in Marvel vs Capcom 3 at 150%, yet overall has one of the lowest percentages of benefit.

I’m sure there are some notes I’m missing, like some infinites. I welcome anyone to specify any mistakes I may have made or list anything else that can be added to the spreadsheet.

Iron man does not get a 230% damage increase in XF level 3. Standing H does 90k without XF and 157.5k with level 3 XF… Standing L does 47k without XF and 82.2k with. Standing M does 70k without and 122.5 with.

That’s not 230%.

The guide says 230%. I suppose it could be wrong, but I’d need proof before I change it.

I don’t have a capture device… but it’s really as simple as going in training mode, either getting your other two characters killed or turning XF to level 3 in the options. Punching him, then activating XF and punching him again.

It’s a 1.75x damage multiplier.

haevn’t checked the other characters.

to the op, if you tinted every other row, it’d be easier to read. very useful to have it all in one place.

You mean like checker style?

Like stripes

And could you save your screenshot as a png instead of jpg. that jpg got really blurry after upload.

Captain america X-factor infinite(s):

I manually calculated all the damage bonuses, basically using ihateM.O.D.O.K.'s method: Marvel vs Capcom 3/Systems/X Factor: XFactor Power Ups - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!

One other thing to account for is how X-Factor changes the damage scaling minimums of attacks to 50%, so characters with low damage scaling minimums, such as Ryu, Wesker, and Thor, as well as Dr. Doom’s hypers, get more benefit from X-Factor in that respect as well. Poor C. Viper and V. Joe actually have their hyper damage scaling minimums reduced during X-Factor, though. Minimum damage at X-Factor 1 for V. Joe is actually the exact same as without it for his non-cinematic hypers, accounting for the bonus damage.


Deadpool also has an infinite with level 3 xfactor

whhhaaat sentinel gets the biggest benefit from xfactor so surprising…

I think that a more relevant way of sorting the numbers and making the tiers would be:

-Get the average damage bonus of the 3 levels.
-Get the average speed bonus of the 3 levels.
-Multiply the two resulting numbers to get the final value.

I’m saying this from a purely mathematical point of view, as I haven’t even played the game. Experienced players can surely bring more representative algorithms.

that’s awesome! thanks so much for putting this together. do you mind uploading the excel file as well? it would benefit some folks who likes to tinker/sort/do funky stuff with the doc.

You. You’re the one that murdered me a week ago. I think we did a Best of 10 or FT 10.

This is actually heavily in Chun Li’s favour as well since she tends to dip well under 0.5 very fast, especially if you’re using legs, even though her supers are normally 0.45. Same for anyone else with a high hit count.

Great feedback so far. I agree about the PNG instead of JPEG but for some reason photobucket and tinypic shrunk the PNG to a point where it was unreadable.

use imgur.com

Kinda interesting.

But this also overlooks some other important points to XF - for example, Amaterasu is very low on the ranking, but under XF her attacks will not scale below 50% - which is very important because she can do some extremely long combos by herself with Shuffle loops and to have it all scale at 50% instead of 10-30% is a huge boost in damage.

And then ofc there’s all kinds of wacky stuff that only becomes available during XF due to increased speed/meter gain.

And on a sidenote, I wish people would stop mentioning that Dog can use Vale of Mist during XF to gain an even greater advantage in speed. It doesn’t work like that. Let yourself get VoMed while you’re on the defensive, see how it affects your ability to block (it doesn’t). It only affects your ability to fight back, which you probably shouldn’t be doing against XF Amaterasu anyway.

This is the kind of stuff we all need to know about. Thanks for sharing.

Does the game ‘turbo frameskip’ to do the speed increase? I don’t see how there would be another mechanism for 110% speed when the game is frame-by-frame.