X-Force Thread

cant believe nobody made one yet
first off, i fucking hate team comics
because people always come and leave and the roster is always changing
now i know there is a spectrum of teams, one side of consistency being fantastic four, that have had a few changes, but manage to always stay the same in the end
and on the other side of the spectrum… exiles

REGARDLESS, i did think xforce was going to be a great issue, the black ops of the xmen, with a solid small cast that i didnt think would change too much

and i gotta say its been one of the best buys ive made in 2008
great solid storyline, well drawn action and i really enjoy the addition of worthington (always though he was a cool character), domino and elixir (although i hope they dont add any more, goddamn team books)

and basically the art is the best ive seen in years, if not crain, then choi
and crain is coming back, so i am happy

and i keep telling my comic book guy that this is no boom boom, cannonball and shatterstar xforce, stupid idiot wont even give it a shot
but what do i expect with a dude that has JSA tatto’d on one arm and JLA on the other

sunspot has always been my brazi nigga if he knew capoeira he woulda been broken as fuck lol.

I miss the last X-force, the “super heros team run like a baseball team” idea , where anyone could die any time.

Also miss the original X-Force with Cable and the former new mutants crew. Got good in the later issues.

Well if we’re talking about the current X-Force, then it is hands down the best X-book ATM, each issue is action packed and gives something new to the reader each time.

As much as I loved the original X-Force team, I really think this new direction is so much better. It’s actually being cast and written like a black ops team…and oh so wonderfully well at that.

It’s more mature, graphic, violent, and intelligent than its predecessor. And with Crain on “pencils”, well…

Choi is the artist ATM.

This and the current Cable series are surprisingly good for a Marvel and X-Comic.

I was especially leary about X-Force (Everyone’s dark and red eyes). Couldve been garbage, instead it’s nice.

I really want to buy this too


Yeah. That’s the best X-Book ever. I loved U-Go-Girl. :sad:

Remember all the people who wrote in during the Milligan/Allred era DEMANDING a return of Cable, Cannonball, and “THEIR” X-Force? :rofl:

needs more cannonball

I agree. It’s the only X-Book I care about besides Old Man Logan.


I haven’t read X-Force yet but X-Factor really has my number. I plan on getting the X-Force hardcover today to check it out.

Hey Hey Origins with Juggs was really good to! Uncanny aint that bad either, it was pretty sweet seeing pixie do her thang.

But honestly X-factor is prob my fave X book then X-force.

The current X-Force is badass. I love the series.

I think you have to give it to the creators because when the X-Force line up was first shown, it looked like it would be a cruddy series. But God bless Mr. Kyle and Mr. Yost, they made a very good book.

I effin hated the cover with Wolverine holding I think it was Kitty Pryde. It looked so scandalous like oh man he’s weined off Jean finally. Then theres no real seductive interaction in the actual comic.

Anyway, I believe this series has Wolverine’s most badass costume…the only masked costume that would work for a movie. I’d love to try to make a replica of my own.

X-Force # 9, I think it’s Domino, Cable’s girl…

also dig the Logan gear

ha that cover was so provocative and you’d think it take some importance in the issue. but it was just for a shock and awe cover

he’s looking awfully “griffith” from berserk there. thats the creepiest ive seen him, but hey if she digs it…

hail the black costume

whens the next one coming out?

That’s going to be his costume in his new on going series in May. Around this time I think his original on going series will be over, once Old Man Logan wraps up. The new one to replace it will be called “Wolverine: Weapon X” and it will be written by the guy who did the “Get Mystique” storyline. He is personally my favorite Wolverine writer, I especially love his “Wolverine: Manifest Destiny” story line.

Also Wolverine: Origins is a limited series and will be over in 60 issues.

I saw that preview before but didnt notice the suit was the one from X Force. I imagined itd just be a retelling of Weapon X.

Hopefully this comic will grow with the popularity of the movie and theyll consider getting him a mask in a future Wolverine film.

Domino is actually in the current X-Force story arc.