X-ism Zangief

Why are there seemingly so few X-ism Zangief players? Sure it seems more challenging with less versatility, but the damage you deal is HUGE! A fierce attack takes off around 20% health easy. Is it a challenging yet effective choice, or is V-ism that much better? V-ism gief’s damage is pretty weak, after all…

The reason I came to this conclusion was because there was not a single X-Gief vid on youtube… So I could be wrong about the lack of X-Gief players

V-ism is that much better.

X-Gief was actually pretty popular when the game first premiered. Like you said, the damage is huge. Jump fierce spam could actually take you far.

X-Gief just suffers from the disadvantages that most all X-ism characters have: takes way too much damage, super is harder to land than VC, cannot counter-VC a VC, cannot guard break a VC, etc.

Xangief is the fuckin shit because of body splash spammage.

Enjoy getting anti-air VCed.
Any good player knows how to beat/trade with it anyway.