X-live better for 360? for our SF games?

anyone here think that microsoft will put the effort into making x-live more lag-free? i mean is there a way to totally rid of lag or will it always exist due to peoples connection and the sending of packets? im hopin for a better experience w/ all my online fighters if x-live gets improved. i mean the lag isnt really much of an issue in any of the games to me anymore (3s, cvs2) but sometimes it can be a pain in the ass…

what do ya think about all this…



live was never the problem FYI. as fighters are concerned, all fighters were direct connect with the opponent. xbl is just used to find your opponent. there is no central server or master server that you guys play thru while playing a match. its all dependant on the game developers network code and the player’s connections.

face the music tho, there will alwys be lag no matter what, bandwidth will increase on the internet over time, but signal speed will still be unchanged for the most part. anyway you look at it, it takes time for things to travel, even if its the speed of light. until science is able to make things go faster than that, good luck. rofl.

the only way right now is to be clever and “hide” the lag. the only thing ive ever seen do this very well is the zsnes emulator. on top of that, udp packets need to be used instead of tcp to make it faster. and i know there are quite a few isp’s that dont support UDP unfortunately. and most online content and games use tcp, which really sucks. should atleast make it an option

in the long run tho, fighters online as a serious and realistic medium for real gameplay is still a fantasy and will not happen anytime in the near future. all the new hardware deters the fighting community anyway. arcades dead, new consoles only having wireless controllers to increase the lag cuz of interference and such, plus lots of hdtv’s like dlp, plasma, projectors, and lcd tv’s also include lag, its small for a normal game, but for a fighter, its a major problem, and its not going away anytime soon IMO. Technology is just anti fighting games by default lol

If xbl only provided servers to host matches like they do other games then most of the lag issues would disappear, i mean if a game like halo could be lag free then why not a fighter, although the netcode should also be written well it seems to me like the developers rushed through that and didn’t give it much thought. I may be wrong though cause i don’t even have an xbox but those are my impressions of what i have seen when my friend plays.

Hey Sabre,

Just wanted to point out that according to Minkowski geometry, when you hit the speed of light time doesn’t exsist. Minkowski, Maxwell and Einstein came up with the special theory of relativity. the introdution of 4th dimensional ‘space-time’ and curved space. After all what is light? photon particles which are high frequency oscillation of electromagnetic fields? is light a Wave or particle or both.

Getting onto topic, cough, you state that nothing can travel faster than light. This is a classical viewpoint, and as you know Einstein can’t say shit about ‘random’ sub-atomic quantum mechanics. (he devoted the 2nd half of his life to trying to unite classical and quantum theory but failed). Point being we don’t understand the workings of the universe at present. And usually when we say something is impossible, never happen, it does eventually.

My idea for a lag free world would involve quantum controllers, computers. You know that particles have a measurable quantity known as spin? And if you measure the spin of one particle it’s sister particle will spin in the opposite way regardless of distance and time? Im saying it may be possible to understand this and use it for communication. (alpha 3 really). A lag free net?


Good point about the lag in Lcds, plasmas etc. Never really thought about it. Was planning on buying a plasma soon, hdtv finally coming to uk next year. So if im playing someone with 40ms ping, would it seem like there is a 60ms delay? i know 20/1000ths of a second is fack all, but i can tell.


:clap: lag free halo? i like that. halo has just as much lag as any other game. if you havent noticed it you probably host; perhaps because your connection is very good.

We don’t need the signal to travel at the speed of light anyway, as long as it travels at less than 1/60th of a second it’s fine.

If you think youre getting a SF on the next gen consoles, youre crazy.

Theres a rule saying EVERY GAME needs to be high-res. Even Guilty Gears resolution is lower than the minimum required.

And they have every reason to do that. Its 2005, after all. Maybe that will make those lazy bastards to something for a change (well, not Capcom, because thetll never make SF4 - at least, not Capcom Japan).

i dunno how the new live features are gonna work with the old xbox games but they say they are gonna have spectator modes and things like for most games like in doau which i think is cool , would be awesome to challenge someone to an online match and have ppl be able to watch with any of the fighters available on xbox but not sure if the new features will work for the old games

Like i said i’ve don’t have an xbox and never played halo on live but my friends have said that it is good, probably not lag-free but better than SF, i mean i don’t think any online game is totally lag free. And if microsoft doesn’t have dedicated servers running which i think would be the obvious and best choice for players gaming on live then they should have.

o…k… we are both from england but you lost me at “Hey Sabre”

That’s only with the 360 as far as I know. And there’s no guarantee that MS won’t decide to renege on that guarantee for whatever reason.

i don’t know how your lagging on xbl i play xvsf on kailera lag free all the time and i’m hosting on this laptop w/ 20 gb HD ggpo newb :tdown:

Lag free kailera. I like that. That’s a genius idea. :tup:

I always thought Halo 2 was lag free. It plays really well and it feels like real time imo. I use Verizon DSL so that’s typical broadband speed…i think. Screw 360. I’m sticking with PS2 and Xbox.

The fact that i lost you sweetens me.

you weren’t paying attention at school? :clown:

ps, at present it’s impossible to use ‘measuring spin’ to relay information because of Heisenbergs uncertainiy principle. “The more precisely the position is determined, the less precisely the momentum is known in this instant, and vice versa”


measuring particle spin / sister spin would be faster than light, but can’t know both spin and position at once. and to make it simple, you need to know both instantly. communication speed would drop, once you had to wait for 2nd measurment to make sense of first.

quantum facts that make my head hurt; Superposition, a particle can be in two places at once. A single particle can act as if it as a part of wave /field and suffer interference from it’s own possibilites. equations involving ‘psi’. U, R deterministic?

im probably wrong, but maybe im right in 10/20 years time. i’ll leave it open as possibilty. tbh, when i read about special relativity and quantum mechanics (even from people that can can explain it better than me, or know more) it sounds ‘suspect’.

no more dodgy than, “why are we here? where did our planet come from? etc” vs. “oh, god made us, everything. don’t ask, just believe.”

im just dreaming about no lag. the point about even small lag killing fighting games is so true. not many people are into fighting games any more, especially at high level. i know us/japs are on it but we know its dying scene. be nice for once that ONLINE > arcade.

heh, kind bud today hence chatting bubbles ^_^, apologies if you’ve read this far.