X Mania 2013


Hey guys!
I’ve got a short quastion regarding X Mania Europe.

Do I need to register myself for the tournament?
Or is it like: Go to neo arcadia, pay your tournement fee and start to play ?


Might want to check out the announcement post for more details, I hope you brushed up on your French:

http://neo-arcadia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=36071The tournament is in May, so they’re definitely not taking registration right now.


Maybe Wolmar or someone else can answer this quastion. I’am pretty serious about that. I started to safe money to or 3 months ago and it would be the shits if I would fly to france and get kicked out of neo arcadia because I did not register.


I can’t give you a precise date as I’m not the one in charge of doing the registration website, but it’s scheduled to be done this month.