X-Mania 8

Does anyone know the results of this, i try find it but looks like nobody cares about it :sad:

Check out Nohoho’s site.

Sunday, December 30, 2007
X-Mania 8 Complete Results
Here are the brackets for X-Mania 8 plus some notes from 2ch posters. I took the graphics from the INH blog and added english player nicks. Box art from PipeRifle via Something Awful.

EDIT: ugh.

A Block
I guess that first team is Pony, Tsunoppi and Mattsun. Apparently they had an epic battle with the double Dhalsim team.
Nantanki AKA Ralph
Namiken AKA DoM AKA Popo Sousui (Inomata couldn’t make it.)

B Block
Taira and Shiro got destroyed by Otochun.
Shogatsu, teamed with Nia (Honda) and Akynd (O.Ken,) once again pummeled Muteki.
Kusumondo stopped Shogatsu in a West-East New-Old Honda showdown.

C Block
Kurahashi beat Gian, but he and Nuki got swept by Tama.

Three Dhalsims in the final block put a damper on the excitement level.
Komoda’s losing streak vs. Gian @ X-Mania finally ends. 1 for 3.

Kusumondo def. ARG
Gian def. Kusumondo
Gian def. Otochun
Komoda def. Gian
Tamashima def. Komoda

Gian OCV’ed Noguchi’s team. So did Otochun.

Muteki pummeled… Kurahashi playing Ryu…

Guile :_(

wow, sim madness, looks like the triple hawk team didn’t make it or didn’t do much :sad: