X-MANIA XIII 3on3 teams 2012/8/26 2PM Sunday (Tokyo time)


[LEFT]Mikado Arcade[/LEFT]
[LEFT] 14:00 Tokyo time[/LEFT]
LEFT team battle[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Same characters allowed [/LEFT]
[LEFT]T3 speed fixed[/LEFT]

Tokyo (Japan) JST UTC+9 hours

Sunday, August 26, 2012 at 2:00:00 PM

(U.S.A. - California) PDT UTC-7 hours

Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 10:00:00 PM

UTC (GMT) Sunday, August 26, 2012 at 05:00:00

[LEFT]■開催場所 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] 高田馬場ゲーセン ミカド [/LEFT]
[LEFT]■開催日程 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] 平成24年8月26日(日) [/LEFT]
[LEFT]■大会開始 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] 14:00~(予定) [/LEFT]
[LEFT]■参加受付 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] ~13:00まで厳守 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]※Web上での事前エントリーあり [/LEFT]
[LEFT] http://twitter.com/X_MANIA_XIII [/LEFT]
[LEFT]■参加費用 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] 1人300円/1チーム900円 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]■大会ルール [/LEFT]
[LEFT] 3on3のチーム戦 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] 勝ち抜きトーナメント戦 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] 1人1キャラエントリー [/LEFT]
[LEFT] X/S全32キャラから選択 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]※「豪鬼」使用不可 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] 完全同キャラチーム可 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]※チームメイトの斡旋あり [/LEFT]
[LEFT] スピード「3」固定 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] 各試合前にじゃんけんで「1P/2P」を選択 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] その後「先鋒プレイヤー」をスタッフに申告 [/LEFT]
[LEFT] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mikado-00[/LEFT]






Too bad nh2 is no longer running his ST blog.

But I know some people are very resourceful and can understand japanese.
If you have more info about the teams etc please post them up!

Again, I’m looking forward to all hawk team and all gief team, and any fei ownage!


I love the 3-man team format. One of the things I’ll miss about SBO is seeing all the stacked teams and trying to pick the winning horse.

Any combination of Sim & DJ get my thumb of approval.


I think you can find some stuff here:
[][T.Akiba page](‘http://I think you can find some stuff here: T.Akiba page; Mattsun’s Twitter; XMania Twitter; It looks like these teams are confirmed: Shin, Kurahashi, Nia; ?, Guchi, Suzuki; MAO, Opemai, Ito; Kusumondo, Mattsun, Toutanki; Oonishi, Nasushimu (?), Abebin; yaya, Taira, VIPER; Sashishi, Sasori, Nuki; Shotari, Numa, Keishin; Yuuvega, AFO, Adachi; Muteki, Chimu (Chamu, maybe?), Kotaka Shooten’);
]Mattsun’s Twitter;
[]XMania Twitter;
It looks like these teams are confirmed:
]Shin, Kurahashi (other?), Nia;
[]?, Guchi, Suzuki;
]MAO, Opemai, Ito;
[]Kusumondo, Mattsun, Toutanki;
]Oonishi, Nasushimu (?), Abebin;
[]yaya, Taira, VIPER;
]Sashishi, Sasori, Nuki;
[]Shotari, Numa, Keishin;
]Yuuvega, AFO, Adachi;
[]Muteki, Chimu (Chamu, maybe?), Kotaka Shooten
]Yoshio, Tonegawa, Gui
[]Nio, Kondo, Ron
]Nikaiten, Yuu, Tono
[]TMF, Wotoma, Mario
]Shu, PECO, camera-ya
[]Gotoh, Ore, Yodaime
]Dai, Koemon, ?
[]Shin, Oda, Piroshi
]Kurahashi, Hakase, Noguchi
[]Hanashi, Akabura (?), Muneo


Thx poopasi?


What happened to Shiki…did he stop playing? Anyways, I think the team to beat is Mao, Opemai, and Ito. They are my pick to win it this year.


My pick. AFO can beat anyone (hopefully he doesn’t meet many Balrogs) and YuuVega on a good day can beat entire teams by himself. Sashishi/Sasori/Nuki is an incredibly strong team too.

Nasushimu=Nasusim, Dhalsim player.


He is around, I suppose. Muteki destroyed the rest of the 1P team here, but if it went down to the last player, Shiki would have played. The remaining players were Yuzuru, Kurahashi, VIPER, Hiroyan and Shiki (source).

I believe several among those players are able to go on a streak. and so far, we do not have many players from Kansai, so more strong players may appear.


My pick is Sashishi/Sasori/Nuki. (Sashishi is IMO the best ryu in japan, followed by Sasori and Futachan).

Also last year SBO, YuuVega ocv’d Muteki/Shiki/Nuki, so with the japanese anything is possible.


Can’t wait for this. Finlay a tournament that I don’t have to get up at 3 am to watch. I hope to see some great Ito action.


This means its 10:00pm on Saturday pacific time right?


Sick .Gonna get some budlight Cheladas, limes, and some indica to watch this …oh and maybe some popcorn or a brownie or something. retsu go team nuki or another chun li lol .


Kusumondo, Mattsun, Toutanki <3


That first Kurahashi must be someone else, or he has changed teams. Cos now we got some sick team with him.


The first kurahashi on the list must be a mistake or he switched somehow. His team is insane now !

There’s so many strong teams that it’s impossible to know who will take it.

MAO, Opemai, Ito;
yaya, Taira, VIPER;
Sashishi, Sasori, Nuki;
Shotari, Numa, Keishin;
Yuuvega, AFO, Adachi;
Muteki, Chimu, Kotaka Shoten
Kurahashi, Hakase, Noguchi

This is going to be very interesting and fun to watch !


(Easier to read formatted version on the website)

Yuuzuru (DJ) / Hitsuji (Sagat) / Abeabe (Ryu)
Abebin (Honda) / Oonishi (Dictator) / Nasushimu (Dhalsim)
Muteki (Guile) / Chamu (Chun-Li) / Kotakashoten (Guile)
YuuVega (Dictator) / AFO (Blanka) / Adachi (Boxer)
Sasori (Ryu) / Sashishi (Ryu) / Nuki (Chun-Li)
MAO (Claw) / Opemai (Claw) / Ito (Dee Jay)
Numa (Boxer) / Keishin (Chun-Li) / Yakitori (T. Hawk)
yaya (Sagat) / Taira (Dictator) / VIPER (T. Hawk)
Kusumondo (E. Honda) / Mattsun (Ken) / Toutanki (O. Hawk)
Yoshiwo (Guile) / Tonegawa (Cammy) / Gii (Dictator)
Gucchi (Ryu) / Suzuki (Zangief) / Andou (Ryu)
Rasuku (Dhalsim) / MINORU (Blanka) / Barutan (Guile)
Tasaka (Cammy) / Nakamura (Cammy) / Isaji (Cammy)
Degu (Guile) / Chouzin (Ken) / Kurosu (Fei Long)
Nyou (Dee Jay) / Kondo (Ken) / Ron (Ryu)
Nikaiten (Boxer) / yuu (Guile) / Tono (Dictator)
TMF (Zangief) / Botomu (Dictator) / Mario (Boxer)
YURI (Fei Long) / ASTEKA (Blanka) / +9 (Sagat)
Hanashi (O. Fei Long) / Akabura (Blanka) / Muneo (O. Sagat)
Chika@8doors (E. Honda) / Toukon (Chun-Li) / Milky (Dictator)
Tomoza (Dictator) / Chabouzu (O. Sagat) / Tsurugi (Boxer)
Kurahashi (Ryu) / Hakase (Dhalsim) / Noguchi (Fei Long / Claw)
Shin (T. Hawk) / Oda (Dictator) / Piroshi (E. Honda)
Dai (Ryu) / Koemon (Fei Long) / M・B★ (Boxer)
The Superstar (Boxer) / Itokazu (Dee Jay) / Hanayama (Ryu)
Gotou (Ryu) / Oreryu (Ryu) / Yondaime (Guile)
Shuu (Ken) / PECO (O. Ken) / Kameraya (Ken)
Toujou (Chun-Li) / Uchiyama (Ryu) / Nomaguchi (E. Honda)


I’m afraid Afro’s right and that Opemai / Mao / Ito looks just totally insane on paper.
But my bet would go on kurahashi / Hakase / Noguchi. I just love how hakase plays, and the team seems well balanced character wise.


I’m excited to see the 2 o. gat players in action!


I got my vote on Kurahashi, Hakase, Noguchi. What a terrifying team combination. Both as the characters they play and the players themselves.


I will make a promise to you: if Nakamura’s team beats Nuki’s and Gotoh’s, I swear I will never ever whine about fighting top tiers. EVER.

Grat team, but still very YuuVegable. :slight_smile:

Muneo beasted in one of those team battles with N.Sagat recently.