X-Mas Fighting Games

Okay, I’m going to buy two fighting games this christmas and I need some opinions. The three games I’d like are KOF 02/03, Garou: Mark Of The Wolves and Soul Calibur 3, all for the PS2. The problem is I can only get two of the three. I’m leaning towards Garou and KOF but everyone says Soul Calibur 3 is a good investment (plus my girlfriend will want to play it [pppssttt! She’s a button-masher…]).

What do you guys think?:wgrin:

or you can play those snk games on rom and get the 2 games for ps2… Problem solved! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know a few girls who are into anime that will happily play Soul Calibur III when they don’t usually play fighting games, oddly enough. Not entirely sure why it appeals to them. Not sure why I find it strange either. But yeah, if your girl wants to play it, then it’s a no-brainer. Just don’t go calling her a scrub for button mashing.

As for KOF 02/03 versus Garou… I’d say KOF 02/03.

Don’t worry, I’ve learnt that lesson many times rubs red handprint on cheek

So yeah, it is now tentatively KOF and SC3 (I love Garou on MAME but I think it would be to obscure to play with any of my mainstream fighting game friends)

Personally, I really have no clue. I’d make Soul Calibur a priority if your gf is a fan. Mine is too. However, mine loves SF and KOF as well, so I dunno what to say there.

Garou is always a good choice.

I’m getting Alpha 3 and perhaps a Guilty Gear game. Not sure which. Is the new one only out in Japan?

GG Slash, you mean? It’s only out in arcades at the moment, AFAIK. So yeah.

Garou and SC3 ftw.

Though all the MVS games should be played on MVS…or an emulator. =x

Garou is one of the best 2D Beat’em ups out there and the console PS2 version is a tad bit better then the Dreamcast one. But of course you got more chars in KOF and without real Garou comp it is the better choice. In my opinion you just explor Garou for real with the right opponent’s and for casuals it hasn’t that much to offer in case of a lot chars, moves and an easier to handle system (no JD, Feints etc. in KOF). Oh and SCIII should be definitly your first pic, your girlfriend likes it and it is a good game so far I heared. :slight_smile:

Get Yie Ar Kung Fu. Hot Fighting History, bitches.

Ah. Hadn’t read a whole lot about it. Didn’t know that. Don’t play GG much.

Garou and the KoF pack even though the ports for those aren’t arcade perfect still fun to play on.