X-Men and Blade anime series confirmed?

Haters gonna hate, but I’ll say this; the best thing to happen to Blade since his movies is being the Wolverine of the MI13 team.

With how disappointingly bastardized the Wolverine anime looks, the only way that I’ll be interested in a Blade anime is if it has the Director of Afro Samurai working on it.

I understand what you’re saying, but I genuinely would rather have them go an entirely new and unique direction with it, rather than try to recreate the traditional and already FIRMLY established image of wolverine. This way, I’ll be more able to appreciate what it actually brings, instead of constantly measuring up all the ways it fails in comparison to something else. Did I explain that properly, I sure hope so.

Pretty much this. I don’t know what the fuck is going on with that Wolverine anime so I won’t get hyped to see this until more info surfaces.

Witchblade anime is a good example of this. It was quite different, but turned out really well. Heads at Top Cow were quite happy with it too.

A western adaptation of my favourite japanese property, Vampire Hunter D, recently feel through for this reason. The creators got too protective, didn’t like the direction they were going with it, a more solomon kane, fallout influenced thing, and it got scrapped. A perfectly valid interpretation of one of my most favourite properties was going to take a creative 180 with it and I was excited. I wanted to see what it meant to those writers and artists, but people get too comfortable. They want safe things. More of the same, the old standby, etc. I appreciate and respect that, but it holds us back from lots of good shit-- considering you can always just not watch/read whatever it is if it’s not your flavour.

iron man anime looks so amazing


We better see Mecha Blade or Super Saiyan Wolvie

^ lol at random Mecha and sentai poses.

I can’t even read 1/2 the stuff it says. My Japanese isn’t even at the level yet.

blade anime is potentially insane…might as well call it blade of the immortal wit fangs.

The fact they gave Wolverine a mullet for the anime fails hard.