X-Men: Children of the Atom thread


I just got the CPS2 board for this, so I’m thinking of getting back into this old classic.

Does anyone know if you can do aircombos the same way after a launcher as in MSH and after? Ie, you hit a launcher and then any “up” direction on the stick? Or do you have to manually do a superjump (down, up) after a launcher?



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Down, up or 3 kicks for the SJ. The physics system is radically different but huge combos are still possible. Wish more people would get back into this game.


Ok so it’s the same air combo system as all the other marvel games? The reason I ask is that James Chen’s combo faq specifically calls out this change in Marvel Super Heroes, and not COTA:

from: http://www.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/file/583596/682


Oops, I misunderstood your answer. I also found the answer here:


Let me ask a new question. What are the tiers in this game? Who are the best characters?


You the same Julien Beasley who played Sodom in the b3 video? I’m guessing you are with “da 'mizer” and T.Hawk avatar.

Man you’re super sick.

Anyway, if you’re getting into old CPS2 games, you should pick up XvSF. And in Cota, I think Psylocke is top with an infinite. Might want to youtube the game.

Good luck.


Tiers in my opinion:
Wolverine, Sentinel, Omega Red, Colossus
Psylocke, Cyclops, Iceman
Lower Mid-
Storm, Spiral
Bottom Tier-
Silver Samurai

Lazy Explanations:
Wolverine - Not many weaknesses, except maybe getting zoned or out-thrown. His super is probably the best guard cancel super in the game. Once he has full meter you must be very careful what you do when he’s on the ground.

Sentinel - Gives the most damage and takes the least (except for throws, since heavier chars take more). Has the shortest OTG time (eg, he wakeup rolls faster than anyone). Only real weakness would have to be size, penalty if you DON’T roll and blockstun while flying issue (don’t get caught flying low to the ground).

Omega Red - Coil combos do big damage + give him back some life, and counter throwers can’t tech hit them.

Colossus - Gives big damage and doesn’t take as much. His super is also very good when used as a guard cancel, but you have to be more careful and make sure it actually hits. The long ass recovery on it isn’t good vs characters who wakeup roll fast. While shoulder charge armor + super armor helps, he’s screwed against someone good at zoning.

Psylocke - Speed demon + huge combo potential. Super has no recovery even if blocked. Downsides are: weak vitality, long OTG time, REALLY long wakeup into dizzy time, have to be careful with psi-blade since it’s recovery is long.

Cyclops - Decent damage, good normals (in the air especially), good combos, good throws (beam throw especially). Downsides: Optic blast sucks, long OTG time and long wakeup into dizzy time.

Iceman - MP throw -> super, beam resistance, nice normals. Specials aren’t all that good.

Storm - Another speed demon, dash has invincibility frames, run away, typhoon speed. Downsides: really crappy vitality, deceptively bad range on her normals.

Spiral - Unblockable traps, super is also good as a guard cancel. Teleports are useful but are very vulnerable. Downsides: really crappy vitality, her teleport tech hit is vulnerable on re-appearance (but you can vary where she appears to lessen this weakness),.

Silver Samurai - Does decent damage and good for chip, but tons of downsides. If you’re hit out of supers on startup, you lose some meter even before they come out. Size and weight make him a combo dummy, slow overall, and combo potential isn’t nearly as good as all the other characters.

I’d say the split between tiers isn’t that big except for Silver Sam. He has an uphill battle.
Kind of hard to place Akuma, I have problems with the code myself, and I haven’t seen many use him effectively.

Edit: What board do you have? There’s some character differences between Japan/2.X boards and US/Euro/3.0 boards.


That’s me! Thanks for the nice comment!

I also played XvSF in the arcades, but for some reason I never felt that it has the same quality as COTA and MSH. XvSF and MvSF kind of felt like “thrown together games”. I really felt that there’s something about the backgrounds, music, and overall quality of COTA and MSH that really set them apart.


Awesome writeup of tiers! Back when I played in the arcade, I used to think that Sentinel was close to unbeatable, with just repeated superjump RH. Although a guard cancelling wolverine was really really hard to beat.

I had no idea you could guard cancel with Spiral’s super. I really liked playing her, I’ll have to try that when my board comes in.

The board I’m getting is US version 3.00 board. Anything special about that?


Technically, everyone can use their super as a guard cancel, but only stuff that hits instantly would be useful enough to call it one (Wolv’s, Spiral’s, Colossus, and Akuma’s DP super).

I like/am used to 3.00 myself (before emulation it was all I knew and I’m assuming the Saturn version was based on that), but some character differences in 2.10:
Silver Samurai’s star hits slower, giving him a little more time to pin an opponent, as well as extending his combo opportunities. Storm is also faster in several aspects (faster typhoon, faster LKs). Those are the biggest differences that I’ve found so far, I think it would change the tiers a little. Storm would be better (typhoon spam would be more of a headache), Sam wouldn’t be as bad, and Akuma would also gain the plus of having better throws (he recovers quicker).

I do believe I’ve seen the “Sent Jumping RH of Doom” attributed to you from way back when. :lovin:


Why don’t peeps use 2.0? It sounds like it is better than 3.0.

Don’t mind me, I just started getting into this game a few days ago and I am loving it. Wish peeps played this game so I could get some good comp.


2.X’s are the Japan boards, so until emulation it wasn’t really available to anyone.

Aren’t you around Eastern PA, Iapetus? I know it’s a long ways off but I’ve been bringing this game to NEC for the past 2 years, it’d be cool to have more people to play in it.


Duh, I am an idiot - thanks to SRK Wiki I found the answer. Shoot me now.

PM shot to JedahsMinistry


I need to get back into this game.

I picked up a Saturn Import copy recently but I haven’t played it yet.


Anyone who wants to play via Mame +Kaillera feel free to get ahold of me. There is a group of players (Battousai, Stafos, Myself, D.Cyclops, Domiday, a few others) that play and it’s a hell of a lot of fun once you figure it out a bit.


Gouki wasn’t a secret character of arcade version?
Was he good in this game? Just curious.


He was there. Personally, I dunno where he would go in the tiers. I’m guessing mid/lower-mid, I don’t think his strengths outweigh his weakness but I could be wrong.


Gouki is along mid/top. He could combo right up there with the best (Psylocke, Wolverine, etc.) and for the most part his moves were cheap. His supers damage quite well, but I think just like XvS his uppercut one was the most powerful.


This was probably my favorite 2d fighting game on the Saturn. I never got a chance to get XvSF so this was the game I played all day. Especially considering my friend broke my copy of SFA2 so this was usually what I played for my 2d fighting fix. SFA2 was definitely a close second.


JedahsMinistry, I tried to find your old XMCOTA thread but it seems the link to it is broken/ the thread doesn’t exist anymore. Was there more info in there than on wiki or does the wiki cover it all pretty much?


It’s been awhile, don’t remember what the other threads had in them (other than video links, most of which are on combovideos.com and youtube now). The wiki is still very preliminary, mostly just movelists and very basic descriptions.

Anything in particular you’re looking for?