X-men: COTA Thread

I have seen every game in these threads covered except this one. I mean its not that bad of a game is it? Anyway just want to see some tier list, strategies, combos, infinite combos, you know all the basic stuff.

Here’s an old thread on the subject:


Some links to combo clips and emu replays:

DA Combo library - Battousai

COTA combo clips

We’re releasing part one of XMCOTA vid in the next week or two, featuring lots of combos and infinites.

Other vids to check out are Mofojo volume 1 and 3, Jensen Vol 1.5, and that’s all I’ve seen so far.

Have you played it much? It’s a bit different from MSH and on. There’s no flying screen, OTGing is different, for aircombos you must superjump “manually”…

Everyone has some sort of infinite (even if it only works on few characters) except seemingly for Silver Samurai who only has some 100% combos on the normal damage setting, that we’ve found.

…aaaand, here is said vid:

The First School of Marvel - XMCOTA Vol 1

Thanks for the links JedahsMinistry. We need to bring this game back up because no one is playing this game. Shit X-men vs Street Fighter gets more play at my arcade then this game and thats a damn shame.

Guess I’ll post some random tidbits I haven’t seen written out elsewhere when bored:

The corners are uneven. Not sure if this is true in MSH/rest of the series, but some combos work better or only in the Left corner.
The attacking character has a habit of ending up behind the opponent in the Right corner. Key example:

Omega Red vs Colossus- Omega Strike infinite [ s.mp, mk-omega strike, j.mp]xN
-In the left corner, the wall cancels the O.Strike for you. In the right corner, Omega ends up behind Colossus and to continue the combo, you have to down+k cancel the o.strike yourself, and travel the combo across the screen until you reach the left corner. Much harder.

That’s all that comes to mind at the moment…

The Dark Addictz missed a ton of combos.

Everyone in that game has a 100% damage combo except Silver Samurai. Several of them have infinites.

Spiral has like 5 infinites. Storm has like 2 infinites. Psylocke has an infinite. Wolverine IIRC has an infinite. Cyclops has 2 infinites. Omega Red has 2 or 3 infinites.

Spiral also has an unblockable infinite re-dizzy re-set. AND has an infinite that doesn’t use any throws or supers.

etc, etc, etc.

[Edit]: That they missed.

Silver Samurai does have a 100% damage combo. It’s: in the corner, with at least 2 levels of the super bar, activate ice sword-> [standing short-> standing roundhouse-> shuriken] x n. This combo will dizzy the opponent after 1 repetition and will re-dizzy, leaving you meter for you to repeat the combo to kill them.

Cyclops has several infinites. The ones listed below only work in the corner.

He has a corner air combo re-launch.
This has several variations. e.g dashing standing strong-> standing roundhouse(2 hits)-> super jump forward-> double jump foward-> roundhouse-> down+forward-> down+ fierce-> down+short-> down+forward-> roundhouse-> land then super jump with forward and repeat. While this would work for Wolverine and Psylocke, it may need slight modification to work on Storm.

Dashing jab x n.

[standing jab-> standing fierce-> rapid punch(2 hits only)] x n.

Standing strong->[dashing standing roundhouse-> dashing standing roundhouse (cancelled)] x n.

[standing jab-> dash standing roundhouse(cancelled)] x n.

Jumping roundhouse-> jumping fierce x n (variations of this do exist).

And then you have his character specific infinites. For Silver Samurai, he has at least 3 different infinite combos versus him, and has at least 2 against Sentinel.

this is fbmachine

[The Dark Addictz missed a ton of combos.]
this volume was specifically made for wolvie, collosus, sent, omega and cyc

[Everyone in that game has a 100% damage combo except Silver Samurai. Several of them have infinites.]

silver sam does have a 100% combo

[Spiral has like 5 infinites. Storm has like 2 infinites. Psylocke has an infinite. Wolverine IIRC has an infinite. Cyclops has 2 infinites. Omega Red has 2 or 3 infinites.]

all of those characters you just mentioned have wayyyy more infinities then you just said.

[Spiral also has an unblockable infinite re-dizzy re-set. AND has an infinite that doesn’t use any throws or supers.]
any infinity that uses throws is not an infinity. and she has more then 1 infinity that doesnt require throws or supers
and what are you talking about unblockable infinity re dizzy reset?
anytime you get someone dizzy and you do a infinity one them. isnt that unblockable?

I’m not saying what I listed is all the characters have or don’t have. I’m saying that’s what they missed. They missed those infinites I mentioned in their videos.

Silver Samurai’s is not a 100%. You can break out of the ice. That combo only works on a computer or some one who can’t mash to save their lives. Doesn’t matter how you time it.

You can even break out of: Ice Sword, [jumping short, jumping fierce]xN

And you can break out of: Ice Sword, [jumping short, jumping fierce, shuriken]xN

And you can break out of: Ice Sword, [short, roundhouse, shuriken]xN

I really don’t count it as a 100% since it only works if your opponent is asleep and/or doesn’t mash.

It is an infinite if they don’t have enough meter to tech out of the throw. Like, at the beginning of a round.

Granted, it only works if they don’t have meter, but thats not the point. Point is, you can do it and there is nothing they can do about it if they have no meter. And no, they can’t roll out of it.

And if you dizzy some one, you can’t re-dizzy them. But Spiral has an unblockable re-set, which means she can dizzy you as many times as she wants untill you are dead.

yep. the reason why you didnt see those spiral infinitys and storm and psylocke infinities is because they werent in this volume lol. they are probably going to be in volume 2 though. i dont know. youll have to ask batt on that one.

and some were just too dam hard to get, ie wolverine stomp cancel infinity which is
[c.roundhouse. manual sj, down+mk (whiffs)] repeat

you can see like 2 hits of this though at the begining of that second? wolverine combo.

silver samurai has a reluancher which does quite alot of damage. so doing that for a while. could be considered a 100%:smiley:

lol both points mean the same thing!

Kawaks was used in the recording of those combos, right?

I don’t know what it is about kawaks, but I have a much harder time recording combos with it than I do with final burn alpha.

And manual super jumping is easy if you just use 3 kicks, instead of directionals. You just have to worry about negative edge when releasing the kicks.

I recorded a ton of combos for it, I just never bothered turning it into a video.

As for Silver Samurai: Who does it work on? Heavy opponents, light opponents, or everyone? I would consider it a 100% if it actually does 100% on more than 1 character.

With one button state loading and two button start/stop recording, I find Kawaks easier for recording but CRAPPY for performing certain combos on, due to the fact that Kawaks hates most keyboards.
Mame and FB have no problem, particularly with fast half circles, but if I don’t do it slow and labored on Kawaks, it doesn’t register.

The others, I can see where, but not this one, even when the initial hit uncombos.

Testing using autofire on directions and attacks, it takes roughly a 1/2 second to break out of jab/short ice sword attack (slightly longer for a harder attack), the first 1/4 of a sec they are ‘twitching’ from the hit, and they can’t break out at least until that stops.

Attached are some Samurai 100%ers, some reset, some don’t.

I think .rc5 is the relauncher NeoXDeath was talking about.
.rc6 is a similar concept to 5, only using ice.
rc2 and 9 show when ice freezes in the air, it has similar properties to Magneto’s upwards throw in V1/2 of X vs SF, can’t escape until they stop “bouncing”.

Added .rc4, 100% on Psylocke, similar concept to 6.
These were made with Kawaks 1.47b, btw.

Oh, I don’t use my keyboard for games. I have 2 USB gamepads (saitek, thrustmaster). They don’t make thrustmaster any more, and I’m so glad I bought one back when they made them.

Saitek is alright, and cheap… Worth the investment.

But, even with gamepads I still hate kawaks…

I prefer just to use FBA.

Combo Video release in sftchina


Old oficial Video X-MEN_COTA

EDIT: Combo video with right link now:)

Cool promo, that test version was even earlier than Japan Rent (v1).

Other vid was cool too.

Thanks for the links.