X-men: Dark Phoenix: (June 7,2019)

Ughh, my body is not ready!
Hope our lord En Sabah Nur will not be too different from comics, TAS!

Will it be an AOA film borne out of the events of DOFP or a film set in the regular continuity?

“At this stage, however, all that’s confirmed is the May 27, 2016 release date, which puts X-Men: Apocalypse up against Walt Disney Pictures’ Alice in Wonderland 2.”

sounds like a tough match-up imo…

The interesting thing to me is that FOX would allow Singer to tweet this so early, which probably means that FOX must be happy with the early cut of DOFP.
A long time ago, Lauren Schuler Donner said they had a script for an X4, which leads to a X5, perhaps this is a realization of those scripts.

Also, 90% chance that they do a post credit scene in DOFP, with Apoc teased.
I could see it playing similarly to the Wolverine and the X-men toon, which had them trying to prevent a DOFP esque future, but by succeeding, an AOA future was created.

Wasn’t Vin Diesel having mystery talks with Marvel not too long ago? BEHOLD THE VINPOCALYPSE!

They’ll probably make Apocalypse look like some ladyboy with lipstick a la Xerxes from 300. If not, I might go and see it.

[size=2]Who am I kidding, I will probably see it regardless.[size=2]

They got lucky with First Class, but not too sure about these next movies. If they can ATLEAST get Apocalypse’s character right, I’ll be content even if the movie itself sucks

ugh, throw it in the trash with days of futures past. apocalypse, cmon my nigs, you know they arent going to do that any justice at all. not one legit xmen movies, with x2 being the best they have done, while still falling short a bit, but some of that is just because of the storyline itself. 4 bad xmens, and 1 xmen movie you could tolerate, even on a bad day, and outside of the newest garbage coming out, im suppose to think they can give the age of apocalypse arc any justice. HAAA!!!

marvel movies are the worst, and random thor dark worlds was better then anything put out so far. i dont care about semantics of directors, companies, and blah blah. marvel, your shits so weak right now. age of apocalypse, lol, get the fuck outta here. fuck fox and fuck these xmen movies. 2013 and a nigga couldnt even get a decent rogue or gambit. suck my dick. lol

You don’t know about that Alice tech? They got some hidden shit for the matchup.

Please, for once, let this one be all in English, or let me be in an English-speaking country to see it.

Salty for having gone to X-Men First Class and The Wolverine both in Korea, to find out key points of the movie were in German and Japanese respectively.

wtf? fox and marvel dont work with eachother.

Trust me you didn’t exactly miss out on the meaning of life, or even good comic adaptations.

The sooner Fox drops the Marvel mutant license the better. They’re basically the Resident Evil movies, with better actors propping it up.

Then the sequel after this might have Galactus VS Apocalypse!

Sooooooooooo, Hyper Viper Beam confirmed?

Yall have a lot of faith in Apoc…let us not forget Galactus in Fantastic 4 Rise of Silver Surfer…or shall I say, storm cloud shaped like Galactus’ upper body.

If it is I’m eager to see a later movie cover the X-Cutioner’s Song story.

the question is will ULTRA be finished for EVO 2016

What about the xforce movie news?

That was to voice the big Tree in Guardians of the Galaxy…

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I’m not giving Fox a “get out of jail” pass based solely on this news, but notice how once the head of the studio stepped down (Tom Rothman), things have slowly been getting better

First Class (Excellent),
The Wolverine (which was in the decent/solid category a la X1),
a time travel, giant purple robot DOFP film

It’s been documented that a lot of the bullshit in X-franchise and DD/FF films originated from him such as: