X-MEN/FF 'DLC' Thoughts


With Ryce (leak) confirming that X-men & Fantastic4 characters will only available through DLC - Its pretty much guaranteed that Wolverine, Magneto, Storm & Doom will be included for the Marvel side (I’m not happy about that but whatyagonnado).

That’ll leave 1 or 2 Marvel Characters left (presuming that the dlc pack will be 10-12 characters - Half Marvel/half Capcom).

Who out of the remaining X-men/FF characters would you like to see fill the last one or two spots? For me…

2nd - GAMBIT


He never confirmed how many we’re getting. It’s quite the jump to resume we’ll be getting a Ultimate size update with the DLC characters.


this is the first time x-men & FF characters have been limited to dlc and with how many there have always been in Capcom vs games i think we can expect a bigger dlc pack than usual. Agreed it isn’t guaranteed but this may have been a contract issue only - Out of the 18 MVC3 characters 9 were Xmen/FF!


needs Sentinel


this worries me. i really dislike Sentinel but know Sentinel, Mags & Stormy were ‘THE’ team in MVC2 - i remember Seth REALLY pushed for him in MVC3 but not sure he’s a fan fav anymore. Was he more of a MVC2 sentimental addition? Ofcourse I’m expecting the sentinel fans to creep out and prove me wrong so apologies if so :wink:


The problem with Sentinel is Marvel has no reason to prioritize him. Sure, MvC2 fans love the guy but sentinels have been irrelevant in Marvel media for a very long time. Capcom was able to fight for him in 2011 but things are very different now. I think Cable has a better shot in making in it than Sentinel.


This thread needs more FF with all this X-Men talk.

Currently, the only relevant FF characters (specifically the team) as it stands are the Human Torch (off with the Inhumans) and the Thing (was with the GotG, now with S.H.I.E.L.D trying to take down Iron Doom).

They’ll probably be the two FF team characters we’ll get.

Doom is a given.

As for other characters like Super Skrull? I honestly have no idea. Probably irrelevant since I haven’t seen him in anything as of late.


I would love for Invisible Woman to be in the game.

Outside of Doom and Skrull, Annihilus is the only other interesting villain I could think of.


Here is how it goes for Marvel on the FF/X-Men characters.

Most Likely:

Emma Frost

Not going to happen:
Gambit(yeah Gambit has no presence in comics and casuals DGAF. Only casual gamers do)


i agree Torch is the only relevant/possible FF character. I worry S-Skrull may over take an x man character :frowning:


I think Jean’s been wiped out by Captain Marvel especially with her super ‘binary’ moves.

i’m happy with X23 but i think it ll either be X23 OR Psylocke in which case i’d choose always Psylocke - her being the first & only female in Capcom’s first ‘infinity stones’ MSH game & also being a ninja and what Niitsuma said about her vs Strider… I’m like TOTALLY sold!

Deadpool i nearly put up as another DEFINATE entry but with all these Gwenpool rumours I’m not sure he’s a sure thing? He is prob the hottest Marvel property at the moment but I m worried thats pissing marvel off more than anything - especially with his movie property belonging to Fox?


I hope the Wolverine we get is Old Man Logan.


Isn’t Cable in the new Deadpool movie? That makes him a pretty good prospect, right?


Best case scenario would be Marvel suggesting Bastion or Omega Sentinel as a substitute for the regular Sentinel.

Actually, if it’s anything like last time, Super-Skrull has a better shot than any of the F4.

He was added by Marvel’s suggestion because Capcom was a having a hard time with the individual F4 members.

Which work completely different to Jean’s Phoenix transformation, so it’s not an issue.

They will go with X-23, because she’s the one with a solo ongoing book.


You have to respect Sentinel. MVC3 happened because of how undying MVC2 was in the fgc regardless of it being 10 years old and Sentinel is one of the top reasons that made that possible.

MVCI would be incomplete because we will be thinking of “i wonder if this character could run away like that if someone was there to give them a frying pan”.


Heck yeah, especially if that means we get a remix of Wolverine’s MSH vs SF theme.


But Capcom had to fight for him last time and with Marvel having more input this time, i’m not sure of his chances.


I’m not sure I’d like Sentinel to be in if it’s as ass as it was in MvC3.


Au contraire.

Marvel is AVOIDING to advertise Fox’s X-Men movies…


i’ll reiterate.

i want sentinel, not a glorified tin can.