X-Men: First Class movie

Wow I knew they were making the movie but I didn’t know they were gonna release it THIS year-
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As the thread title says Cyke and Jean don’t seem to be in the movie but…Angel from Morrison’s X-Men is?

Supposedly a trailer will be released soon, has anyone seen it?

movie looks like ass. It’s Basically junior members of a ton of characters, and is nothing more than a movie aimed at tweens. This is Hollywoods attempt at a Twilight Comic Book movie…just young actors and actresses, to get people horny over.

Lets be real though…ALL MOVIES are designed to be some kind of cash in guilty pleasure.

I don’t have any hopes upon reading this. It’s more of what I don’t like about comic book movies…I don’t like recycling ‘origins’. Its weirder with them avoiding canon and taking mutants from different times to integrate into the current movie series…hell Emma Frost was in the Wolverine movie…shrug

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I’m still boggled at the young Mystique, and young Beast in bull fur mode (when X-Men started, he was just a huge dude)

Did some research on the movie (didn’t know it was being made) and the official trailer is debuting on FB today…that should tell you who the movie is aimed at :shrug:

The Movie’s going to suck, let’s all pretend it doesn’t exist.

Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw?

So Bryan Singer wrote the story for the movie…that’s gotta count for something, right?

I wanna believe this film will be good but goddamit it’s Fox.

Four things stand out as this will blow, and hopefully make Fox reconsider shit in the future.

  1. It’s a superhero movie by Fox.

  2. When the images were shown, most people regarded them as photoshops. Who needs a budget?

  3. Not even attempting to have these people realistically work. The film has Azazel for god sakes.

  4. Bryan Singer was trying to get Taylor Lautner a role in the film, but the “actor” had prior commitments.

The facebook trailer would make it a worthy 5th, but it’s to easy to point out flaws. Anything good? Uh, I like Kevin Bacon and Magneto’s helmet is sort of neat. Done.

the movie looks fucking retarded, i love it… check out magneto’s helm.

edit: magneto’s helm and magneto in general look retarded, that is a sham and i am sad to see that shit.

This June? Last time I checked I heard it wasn’t due until 2012 at least. I hope they didn’t rush it, but even if they didn’t they’re still Fox.

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How can you have this movie without the first X-Man?

that’s a trailer preview. there’s no actual trailer in it, just those boobs talking about the movie.


maxx, why you posted the same trailer 44 minutes after mine? :lol:

real trailer dropped ?X-Men: First Class? Trailer | /Film

that trailer wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be but was that diamond mode white queen? wtf.

Ever since Emma survived the Genosha attack by cassandra Nova, she had a secondary mutation of turning into a diamond form. This was enacted by Grant Morrison in the early 2000’s New xmen .

i know the history thats why im confused diamond mode is in the movie. since its supposed to take place in the far past.

I’ll watch the movie but fuck man, i mean Marvel needs to buy back the property ASAP. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt cause Singer is involved and the trailer looks promising but for sweet Christmas Marvel throw some money at Fox get your shit back.