X-men next dimension

i dont know whats with many people about this game but i really enjoy it …the game is a deep fighting game and many people doesnt see it ,if people just bothered to play the game and actually look for depth they could find it easily , the system of the game is similar to the 2d fighters such as street fighter ,what do you think about x-men:next dimension?

here are some nice combos from the game




Hey, I remember that game. I remember it being developed by 311(FN user of the old days). I remember people saying that that game was all types of broken.

Not really a game that would be taken seriously. Casual play might be fun. But yeah, welcome to 5 years ago.

the game got some glitches and balance issues with way too strong characters such as cyclops and wolverine but that game got really hardcore gameplay and system like street fighter if people just would put some time in it

Wow, I can’t believe people are still playing this game. Yeah - Adam (311), me, gouken8, gilley and some others all worked on this game.

The combovids are crazy! thanks for putting those up, brings back good memories of making that game.

Derek Daniels

It still looks alright graphically. I’m surprised I never purchased this game.

It always felt not finished to me. Like it needed one last phase of development before it was truly done. It was fun to mess around with, but serious play? I can’t see that.

The game came out I believe when I started to lose interest in X-men altogether. That’s probably the main reason why I never picked it up. The only association I have with Marvel now is their movies. Telling people to play the game is like telling people they should pick up Fighter’s Destiny. It’s not bad but really OLD’d and getting people to even play it alone would be difficult let alone getting competitive in it. The games that are competitive today are so for a reason. Everything else you can kinda persuade people to go try out but that’s pretty much the extent of it. If it’s not a new fighting game there’s really no hope.

Hey, I will straight up rape you in Fighters Destiny 2, son

Dixon is too good

also Toad is top tier in XMen ND

don’t some random MvC2 NY heads also play this game?

i mean, hey, it’s got Fagnus - i mean Magnus

well i actually wanted to see what people think about this game because i got to ask some people about it , and i found out that the main reason for people not to like this game is simply because they never played it, and when i asked them how can you not like a game that you never tried they said its because the game had bad reviews.

i personally know a lot of people who still play this game and i mean really huge communities,yes it never was part of major competitions and never was part of huge events such as the EVO but the game can be played in high levels its just that most people prefer other games thats all.

the game got really great combo system , diel up combos with the super moves of the character it can reach to 100+ hit combos but it takes a lot of training, theres an aerial combat as well thats right… you can either fight on the ground or take it higher in the air… you can combine ground combos and follow them with aerial combos, theres a super gauge for every character when its full you can use the characters super moves every character got 2 of those, and the best part is that you can actually combine those moves in a combo … you can create a set of moves and follow by the super move, the fighting system is similar to the 2D fighters , you can even jump like in the 2D fighters and use energy attacks with same strategies as the 2D fighters like street fighter, you can shoot slow energy attack and follow it due to the jumps and while the enemy blocks it you can perform an attack right after he blocks your blast, you got the idea i guess… basically the fighting is similar to the system of the 2D fighters … not 100% but very close.
theres also a nice counter system only its more of a reversal system like in dead or alive which also adds a lot to the strategy you use, you can destroy the environment, tables, windows, cars act act… and you got multy stage fighting which means you can knock your opponent to the next room… or the next part of the street … or to another floor, this game can be enjoyable but the same time can be used in tactic levels and with strategies.

now of course the game is not perfect and got its own issues… it has some glitches , most with characters like cyclops and havok … sometimes your character perform a move that doesnt touch the enemy but it effects him and that looks stupid when you jugle someone without actually touching him but he acts like it really hits him , and of course the character balance , some characters like cyclops and dark phoenix are very powerful and almost unstopabble in the right hands… but lets face it how many 3d fighters do you know without balance issues? jin from tekken 4, steve fox from tekken 5, X from soul calibur 2 and 3 , CASS and SOPH from soul calibur 3 , virtua fighter is closer to great balance but still every fighter got some balance issues.

overall to each there own, you say that there isnt a huge competition of the game well… lets take tekken right? in the middle east and US you will find a lot of competition but in countries like japan and korea you wont , virtua fighter is a great game and most of you will agree that its the deepest to date those days , but if you look in the middle east and US you wont find competition with virtua fighter… on the other hand in asian countries you can find huge communities of the game… you see there are communities for every game only not everyone know about them.

but the truth is that a new game probebly wont have any chance to be known and good because people are way too attached to there old favoriets , the only fighters that can be popular are sequels of the well known ones… lets face it but most of the fighting game community doesnt want to try new things just want to stay with there good old friends they used to play in the arcades when they were little kids , is there any chance for a breakthrough for new games? or are the only games that will get some respect are sequels of the huge franchises? well thats up to you, most people wont play anything that is not Japanese just because they are manga and anime fans , and tell me the truth do we really need all those sequels? soul calibur 3? it was a let down and even if we put it same class with the first soul calibur and the second its still doesnt have anything new… thats it the series was utilize to the max, yes its an amazing game but thats it they cant do anything more… the series should end in part 2 , same for tekken , tekken 5 is same as tekken 3, but ok tekken 5 was great and i think its the peek thats it they cant do better because theres nothing to do better , tekken 6 will be just a copy of tekken 5 you will see … all they can do is just to add couple new characters and some stupid modes that a real fighting gamer wouldnt even care for.

basically instead of focusing on new projects and something original they just do more and more sequels because they want more and more money from the fans thats it and why? because they know that gamers wont except anything new … they love there franchises too much.

Did you guys only work on the one for xbox/ps2 or the 2 games that came out for ps1?

I used to play this a lot a few yrs back when it came out for the ps1. I always thought nightcrawler and cyclops were really strong. Anyways all i remember is there being some crazy combos and the fact that you can store your super just like you can in ST (ex. gambit’s card super)

Combos do not a good game make.
It has its merits, but I never saw any reason to play this over any of the other established fighters.
Reminds me too much of the Budokai games.

This is a fun combo game, if you’re into exploring engines that had alot of creative foresight for combo potential. whats wrong with that?

Most of your credibility was shot out of the window with this juicy paragraph. The U.S. has an OKAY Tekken community. The competition is there, but over all, Japan and Korea play the shit out of Tekken. Especially Korea. Hence, why they’re the best when it comes to Tekken.

QFT, over at newchallenger.net we’ve got a few vids and transcripts up if anyone’s trying to get into the game. check out this wolverine reset

sorry my mistake… as ar as i know most asian community play virtua fighter the most, i guess i dont know much:rofl:


^^ crazier X-men next dimension combo vid inside .

i just saw your post Lol, you guys did a great job its a very good game, did you worked on x-men mutan academy too?

I only worked on Xmen3. The main designer who worked on Xmen 1/2 and partially 3 is a guy named Ben Kutcher. If you have ever seen that infamous picture of Tomo standing in front of some so cal ranking board which also has Watson and Kuni’s name you can see Ben Kutcher on there as well. He recently went to Neversoft and that whole new, ‘slow down’ trick mode he did pretty much by himself. He was a designer on Xmen 1/2 and became a programmer during Xmen3.

After Xmen3 some people stayed at the company and worked on Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks while some of us left to go work on either God of War or Gun.

Pretty sure Tragic worked on Xmen 1 and 2 as well.

Derek Daniels

xmen 2 rocked :stuck_out_tongue:

Blob has an infinite corner combo and has a 100% combo that I made up. I’ll put the video on YouTube. Blob is my favorite character with Bishop and Storm right behind him.