X-Men Sketch Thread

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am a giganto fan of X-Men art and just the overall coolness of the characters.

So here it is, post your sketches whether they’re bad or worse.

Here’s a bad boy I drew in Math Class.

Here’s some new ones from math class. :karate:

Here is two of my cyclops i did awhile back. One of these days I hope I am skilled enough to draw an X-men title, any title. Keep posting NintendoKing, love to see more from you.



iamthekeng, that first cyclops looks like it would fit perfectly in the VS portrait of Xmen Vs Street Fighter, same sorta style. I like it alot. I also like Nintendoking’s Cyke and Nightcrawler.

great sketches nintendo king

iamthekeng, great pencils, i like the second one a lot, do more!! :clap:

i should get some xmen in, i havent drawn them since i was like 10 :pleased:

Hey guys, back from L.A.

iamthekeng: Frigen great pencilin man. I especially like the fine detail on cyke’s jacket i.e. the fuzzy furry thingy on it.

I should have a couple comin to me real soon.

I love math class!!

Thanks hitshiro and noisetank.

By the way any suggestions on who I should draw next?
I’m thinkin about doin Magnus tomorrow.

cool drawings NintendoKing, I liked your Cyclops drawing.
iamthekeng I like your first cyclops drawing. (looks a bit like Shinkiro’s style)