X-men v.s streetfighter cross over


i would like to see it happen.


Yup that is Udon’s big secret. They can’t hide forever.


Doubtful. It took forever for Marvel and DC to a cross-over thing. I don’t Marvel has any interest to do a cross-over with rocking lil Udon, since they don’t have anymore interest in doing business with Capcom in the gaming world. Though I would love to see it too. Wolverine is the bomb! Would like to see him slash Vega’s claws off. :smiley:


I personaly think Wolverine is Stronger than Vega though, even though it sounds pretty obvious. But before Udon would even think of teaming with Marvel for a cross-over comic, they need to think up a good story and reasoning for the capcom world and marvel world to clash.

So how about we all think up stories explaining how should the Marvel World and Capcom world to clash, shall we?

I thought up a simple one that was inspired by the Marvel vs Street Fighter prolouge.

It all Starts by the evil mutant Apocalypse tring to control the universe for himself. He rips a portal in space& time making a gate allowing the Capcom and Marvel universe to collide with one another.

I even posted up some things about some of the character’s motivations for fighting during the event.

X-men:What More would the leader of the X-men do when Apocalypse has devious plan up his sleeve? THe X-men would more than likely try to stop Apcocalpse from achieving his evil plan.

Chunli: like her game bio, she’s just investigating the mystery, and also trying to stop bison.

Bison : planning to take advantage of the Univers diffusion and control the universe as well. He teams up with Magneto to achieve this, but probaly is going to betray him in the end.


Sabertooth & Juggernaut: Henchmen of Magneto. So it’s more than likely to have them help Magneto out to achieve his plan.
One of them probaly would be sent to spy on Bison to make sure he does’nt betray them.

Vega & Cammy: Ditto

Dhalsim: Knowing Dhalsim, IT’s quite obvious that he’ll try to oppose all the bad guys in the name of good.

Ken & Ryu: Ryu probaly would go out to see what’s going on, and Ken follows him, eh.

Charlie & Guile: Tries to investigate what’s happening, but bison is thier main focus.


I wish that was the case!


X-men vs. Street Fighter Cross over??? I think Udon already has it’s hands full with Street Fighter… I don’t really see how much sense it would make for street fighter to meet the X-men…


Nerd -

Dude, you ARE a nerd. Sheeeit…



I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
There should NOT be an X-Men Vs Street Fighter comic.
With the plot of X-Men Vs Street Fighter the SF crew would get turned into some sort of heroes which would suck.

Though in some ways they are heroes, Charlie whom sacrificed himself to defeat Bison. Guile who gave up everything to search for his best friend. Sagat who warned Ryu of Bison & Shadaloo. Ken who saved Eliza from Vega. Ryu for helping Sakura after her defeat to the short-lived battle with Akuma. This list could go on forever, but what was X-Men Vs SF’s real plot?

Mutants & martial artist alike disappear so the 2 teams form an alliance to save them. Now that to me is not a hero plot, that’s a super hero plot.

The SF crew are just warriors roaming the world making a living, searching for glory & fame, to become strong or whatever they’re motives are & this is how IMO it should stay.


I know what you mean. THe whole SF story is’nt based on heroism is’nt it?

Well you’re kinda wrong.

In Street Fighter alpha 3, they are Six main characters.

All of these character’s plots affect the main issue in the game:Bison.

I’m going to disclude Charlie, Guie, Chunli, and ryu due to what you said.

But I’ll continue with the rest.

Almost every character’s last fight is with bison, the main villian.

Rose wants to kill bison because he’s evil, and she feels that Evil must be stopped at all costs. So she’s being a hero.

As for cammy, In Street Fighter alpha 3, Cammy tries to save all of the doll’s lives so they can live happily as human beings in thier future. She does this by risking her life in the psycho drive room trying to revive all the dolls. She’s Being a hero.

Vega then saves Cammy’s life after she attempted to save the dolls. He’s being a hero.

Chunli tries to save a litttle girl from urien in SF3. She’s a hero.

Guy opposed shadowloo and akuma, because they disrupt the flow of nature, most likely because they are’nt really on the good side. He’s a hero.

T.Hawk opposed shadowloo in order to save his village. He’s a hero.

Not convinced? look here:
“When the sun sets on the Soliton Mountain, the black moon will break into
seven pieces and fall on the people of “Ultania”. Nothing can prevent
this… Death and destruction will violate the land. Misery and suffering
will assault the people… Then, after 130 days of nothingness, a boy who
controls the elements will come to save the people.” -From the Book of
Miraha 3:11-

this is a quote from Gill’s Double Impact ending. This was one of the main reasons Gill even announced the tournament in the first place. Basically, the quote is saying that after the world goes through doomsday, the chosen one would save all of mankind. the boy in this quote is basically the hero that would save the world.

Don’t think this quote it important?
Well actually, it is.
Being that this quote is one of the main sources in the street fighter 3 saga that affects the main plot. not to mention that this quote and the doomsday itself was brought up a number of times throughout the series.

all I’m saying is that the SF saga is based more on heroism than you think.

that was harsh:rolleyes:


You are right Nerd & I did say that they did act as heroes but not superheroes.

I know in a way most of the character’s come across as heroes, but what I meant was that just clashed with the Street Fighting thing with the exception of Rose, Chun-Li, etc.

Anyway what I am trying to say is that they are not SUPERheroes, special powers that make them undefeatable or whatever. Well ok so they have supernatural moves the aim wasn’t to make them superheroes. However I believe that the Marvel cross-over games did try to interpret them as superheroes. Which is why I do not want a comic made on this as it will make them become superheroes, instead of the usual Street Fighting heroes.


well if you say that, then it’s also safe to say that it was CAPCOM themselves that first gave thier Street Fighters the SuperHeroe persona, by releasing thier 4 cross-over titles.

But CAPCOM did not release the cross-over games for them to be in the official story-line, and us street Fighter fans acknowlegde the fact. Therefore we all know that the cross-over titles are’nt official to the Street Fighter story as far as storylines go.

UDON’s Street Fighter Comics does’nt entirely follow the original street fighter storyline from the very beggining. So having UDON follow what CAPCOM did should’nt hurt anyone.

So what I’m saying is that as that it’s not bad that if UDON is doing a cross-over, as long as we all know that it’s not officialy part of the story.


I know it was just a spin-off for a bit of fun & all that but if they’re going to publish Street Fighter plot material even if it isn’t 100% faithful then I just wish they wouldn’t go onto the cross-over plots even for fun. I think they should remain loyal to the SF only plot.


you’re quite the strict dude on SF are’nt you?:lol:
well, there is no shame in it.
But UDON needs to do SOMETHING if they want to last at least 3 yrs.

That means they heve to do find a way to do ALOT more of the comics, because so far, the comic is already going in to Street Fighter 2. All they need left is Street Fighter 3 until it’s over.
So I think it’s neccasary for them to go into side projects and such, just so the Street Fighter comic franchise can last longer before they go into the last of Street Fighter.


Well it’s just that I always have taken an interest in Street Fighter’s plot, even when I didn’t read a Canon guide it is what compels me to the series. I guess I just don’t like the cross-over plots because in my own opinion, I hope no one takes offence but I find them to be a bit cheesey.

I think if Udon fills in the gaps a little by not going straight into the sequel series it could last 3 years without any problems. I mean like not getting to SF2 for 2 or 3 arcs that would help make it last a nice while, just make a nice gap in-between each game’s plot (If you get what I mean (SFA, SF2, SF3, etc). They could fill it in Alpha style, by that I mean personal plots always on the run instead of going to tournaments, just characters bumping into each other along their travels.

BTW it’s been on my mind for awhile are you NERD from Capcom USA?


You mean like Street Fighter 1, Street Fighter EX series, Final fight series, & rival schools


I think this project is partially what he means, I reckon that he probably means going over each different universe plot if you see what I mean by that. capcom Vs SNK, Marvel Vs SNK, & the ones you mentioned. Well generally whatever will pan this contract out a bit.

Is that what you mean NERD?

Oh yeah a prequel comic, Street Fighter 1 would be awesome! Except it’s been summarised in a back-story already:(


But it only focus on Ryu and Sagat. It didn’t focus on the other charcters of the 1st tourney. And since it is just that it would last 5-7 issues and art by Joe Mad.(my personal opinion anyway)


True it only focused on the final battle but they’d have to re-design the art for that one fight & I suspect. It would seem bad just those few pages for the finale. Well I never understand why so many things leave out Street Fighter 1. Was there an SF1 anime? Nope. Did Udon skip SF1? Yep.


well, I kinda meant what you and Sammuraiblade both said. I want UDON to do cross-over projects, Street Fighter 1 and Final Fight projects. I’m not sure if Rival Schools and EX are a part of the street figher universe.

Rival Schools DID have Sakura in it, but it was only an Easter Egg.
Sakura really had no plot in it. Actually, according to press conferences and the plot guide itself, Sakura was only inspiration towards the making of Rival Schools in th first place. That means that her character inspired capcom to make Rival Schools, but was’nt directly involved.

But Let’s all forget what capcom says and be logical about this.
If Sakura REALLY was involved with Rival Schools, why was’nt she in the sequal?

You guys heard of SFA3 for the Gameboy advance right?
That game included characters from capcom vs SNK 2 such as Eagle, Maki, and Yun whom are all Final Fight/Street Fighter characters. If Rival schools was involved with Street Fighter at all, then why Kyosuke has’nt been included in the GBA port of SFA3?

Even Maki, who had nothing to do with the street Fighter saga was ported in. She was included because she had a connection to Guy, who appeared in Street Fighter games. According to Final Fight 3, Maki is the sister of Guy’s Fiance(not sure how to spell it)
You can even see that Maki knows Guy via Maki’s Win quotes in Capcom vs SNK 2.

Besides, Rival Schools already has a comic on them coming around.

I’m not quite sure about the EX series either.

The only reason that Street Fighter EX was made is quite simple.
Capcom and Arika had a bad past with each other. Arika filed a report for sue against capcom, and took it to court. Luckily, Capcom was able to settle the lawsuit between them outside of the court room by Capcom letting Arika make thier Street Fighter games.
So, When EX was made, Arika made up the EX characters. Which means that Akira owns the rights to them. So, If capcom wants to use them, they’re going to have to ask Arika for permission.

If UDON wants to make a comic based on EX, Capcom has to ask Arika for permission for them so UDON can use them. and Since Capcom and Arika are’nt doing so well, I doubt it’ll happen.

Besides, Just look at the cover of Issue#1, where all the Street fighter characters are featured on. Do you see any EX characters on there?

Even The Final fight characters, who featured in a game that had nothing to do with Street Fighter, were included on the Cover.

Even if UDON could include EX in thier comics, UDON would have to construct a story plot based the EX characters uprising and purpose from scratch, since the EX haracters never had an original story.


Well I did not mention Rival Schools myself I was referring to the Street Fighter universe, maybe the EX one and also the Versus series.

Sakura in Rival Schools was really just a guest star, was she in it for real in terms of storyline? Who knows. In Street Fighter Alpha 3 she has a certain winning quote that comes to mind “I like Street Fighting better than sparring in Rival Schools!” I know that some people will take this into consideration and state that Sakura must have been involved with the plot. However, some people simply forget that Capcom sneak in these things just to keep fans happy.

Remember Street Fighter 3 Double Impact had quite a few personally win quotes? Ryu said to Yun “Rarely have I seen such potential in someone at such a young age. Only one…” I believe that this is referring to Sakura, it keeps plot fans happy by sneaking these little lines in, but some could be just as fun. Another one of Ryu’s personal quotes, to Necro, “I once fought a man in Inida who had strethcy arms like you”, well that is not the exact quote I am working on memory. But the point is they sneak these in to make fans of the older game’s and characters happy.

So it is quite possible that Sakura was simply in Rival Schools so that it appealed to Street Fighter fans. I do not however understand your pointer about Kyosuke from Rival Schools, he has nothing to do with Street Fighter.

Now what you say on the EX series greatly interests me, I had heard that Capcom and Arika had a grudge but did not know why. Why did Arika try to sue Capcom?

On the subject though unrelated to the real Street Fighter plot I would not mind this having a comic, I am really into the whole Kairi, Nanase and Hokuto plot, aswell as Allen and Ken. I would love to know more on these and see it evolved into a comic. Though Kairi killing Akuma I am not so keen on.

Though I do think that after Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha the EX series dropped, after that Expert Mode was not nearly as challenging. There was less actual Street Fighter characters and more Arika and lastly the endings sucked.
It would be nice to have a story evolved for it.