X-Men VS Street Fighter EVO 2K6 Results!

Here goes! I will try and address all the calamity that attached itself to this turney.

** EDIT:** I played MegamanDan 3/5 for Winner’s Finals. I beat him 3-0 and now he’s in Losers set to someday face Jwong. I, on the other hand, am guaranteed top 2.

1st - (3 way tie) MegamanDS (Storm/Cyke/Mag) , DogfaceVic (Ryu/Cam/Wolv) , Justin Wong (Storm/Cyke/Chun)
4th - The Rich (Storm/Cyke/Chun)
5th - Fanatiq (Storm/Mag)
5th - War Destroyer (Wolv/Sabre)
7th - Thomas AzianPulse (Chun/Mag)
7th - Cableguy (Wolv/Cyke)

30 entrants

Now, the biggest issue is the three way tie for 1st. The reason this occured is because MegamanDS and I never played to see who would face Justin in losers. I was told to shut down my setup, and then the issue became relocating to finish up. But by then Justin was too involved in the remaining EVO finals.

I decided to take the pot and split it in three. Justin and MegamanDS weren’t interested in prizes, so I just gave them cash. The mythical Golden Head of Apocalypse Trophy came back to Cali with me. Someday the “real” winner will be determined.

I had too many people in my ear this tournamnet telling me to hurry up, and that I should DQ people. That was probably the most frustrating of all. I tried to run the turney quickly and effectively, and be courteous to all the players involved in other EVO turneys. Justin is an excellent player, and in almost every final, so I’m not going to DQ him if he can’t make an XSF match. And I extended that courtesy to A LOT of players. I personally called a lot of players on my phone, searched the Main Room for them, and waited for them. And for a 5 dollar entry fee, competitors played in pools, which allowed for more XSF play. If I was just interested in “getting it done” I would have done 2/3 single elim, but that sucks IMO.

Somewhere it’s posted that we waited 7 hours for a match. Let me be very clear on that rumor. I set up 5 man pools on Friday to give everyone the chance to play as much XSF as possible and then the winners would move on to Saturday brackets. Saturday of course was a nightmare since MvC2 started and 90% of the entrants were involved in Marvel in some way. Still, people would complain to me about waiting and tell me to DQ people.

There was still a pool to be completed come Saturday which started at noon. At 2pm someone noticed problems with the sticks. Since the sticks were questionable I paid Tushar to replace them, do some soldering and wiring. We were going again by 4pm. DSP played War Destroyer at 7pm, and between 4 and 7 I was running pool and bracket matches. And when there wasn’t matches being ran, I had by setup on free play. XSF was **NOT **held up for seven hours waiting on one player (War Destroyer).

It was a really frustrating experience. I don’t know if I would do it again next year. More than likely I’ll just do King Of The Machine Tournaments so I can do multiple games, of let Tushar run XSF. Bare in mind, that I rented a car so that I could bring my stand, my sticks, three chairs, a television, and a super gun to Vegas. I did the best I could for the XSF community. People wanted me to DQ Justin but honestly, seeing Justin play XSF makes a crowd. It’s good for XSF. New people will look at vids just to see that.

Anyway, enough of that. There was also a lot of positive experiences too. The money matches were very exciting and HUGE thanks to Rotendo for getting so much footage. Much thanks to my boy Rich for running brackets when I was going to explode. N-Ken, Fanatiq, Sabre and Rotendo for helping me out. James Chen gets eternal thanks for making te hottest trailer in town. Majestros for his generosity. And most of all, thanks to everyone reading this thread and keeping XSF alive. This ten-year old game had 30 entrants this year. And a lot of players stuck around to play in casual play. Duc Do showed off his OG skills, Arturo (“Sabin”) showed us how the EC does it, and many people just stopped to watch.

I’ll say it right now, MegamanDS is the best XVSF player in the US. He beat Justin solidly 2-0 when they fought in winners. He beats me all the time. I’ve seen him beat David Lee, and just about any other player in the US. I think had we been able to finish the tournament, he would have emerged on top. If I regret anything, it’s that I was unable to give him the victory he deserves. It was definately his year. And he’s like family to me. I knew when we met at the Cal Poly XSF machine years ago that he was something. And he is, in my opinion, the best there is. Thanks for all your help Dan. I heart you.

There’s some footage waiting to come out of money matches and casual of me versus tons of peeps like Sabre, DSP and Arturo. I think it will show the kind of XSF I like to play.

Here’s a list of pools. “W” indicates who qualified out to winners, “L” indicates who qualified out to Losers.

Pool 1:
G $$$ aka Crypthesia
Thomas Azianpulse - L
Justin Wong - W

Pool 2:
R2J - L
War Destroyer - W

Pool 3:
Robskilz - L
100% Juggs - W

Pool 4:
Cableguy - L

Pool 5:
Arturo "Sabin"
Jared Romero
Fanatiq - L
MegamanDS - W

Pool 6:(only 4 entrants)
Buff Mike Chaos
Geo - L
Mike Z - W

Thanks to everyone who supports XSF!


Good shit Vic on running XvsSF. For some reason, all the matches I taped from your TV had barely noticeable bar lines or some type. Not bad, but it’s noticeable, like 2 seams and this was when I was watching the Soo vs Eric money match Monday evening. Probably is the same with XvSF, but won’t find out until tomorrow to watch those because I have duty tonight. I had Cableguy and DSP in my pools… next year I’ll do a lot better.

Fanatiq: I love your Magneto
Umthrfkr: Didn’t really talk to you at Evo, wish we could have played some games too, will see you next year.
Sabre: Even though you say that your game has fallen off from not playing in a long ass time, you still impressed me. I learned a few things from watching your Charlie. I plan to bring a much better Charlie next year.
Hellfromabove: Nice meeting and hanging with you during the tourney, must play you again!
Disco: You were on a fucking mad win streak, good shit man.
100%Juggs: This guy had his own hat! That shit was tight, enjoyed playing your Juggs (wow, that sounds kinda gay)
Everyone else: Will hopefully meet again soon at the next Ranbat tourney.

good shit vic
wish i was there this year to see it
keep the game alive!

Next year…please…get a working cabinet.

Nothing more frustrating than being unable to pick your real team because the wiring of the cabinet is messed up, or the version of the game board is wrong…everybody knows Gief has a kick lariat…and Gief/Cyke are my real tournament team that you kept requesting I actually play for the past year…

Overall XSF was good for casuals but that was about it. Being able to beat down infinite whores with low-tier teams is too good and it’s a fun yearly pastime. But having a tournament that you can’t even pick you real team in, is a bummer. Which is why I went off and started drinking before my tournament matches!

EDIT: Next year, if the cabinet works, I will gladly beat everyone back to back, King of the Mountain style, with my real team. Including Justin Wong and anybody else that wants to step up. BET IT!

I don’t know you vic, nor do I know the entire situation or am I shitting on you vic for what you tried to do for the xvsf community, but I have to vent:

because of this tourney and my friend’s thomas involvement and the duration of the tournament, me and a couple of other guys didn’t get to do shit in vegas :frowning: aside from watching games, since thomas was our driver. We showed up for my hsf around 9, and had planned to leave maybe around 1,2 or 4. We ended leaving around 8 or something after thomas lost,

9am-8pm, 11 hours in one room with no sleep (we stayed at another hotel not red rock) the prior night=peace out vegas, nobody wants to do shit at night when they didn’t get to sleep/rest the night before.

if you have more than a few people telling you to hurry up, maybe you should listen to them because they are the xvssf crowd, i would think it’s more important to cater to them, then to the people or top players involved in other games, but signed up for xvvsf just for kicks.

When the tournament wasn’t even able to finish, you know something is wrong.

I don’t know who war destroyer is but I heard (don’t shoot the messenger) you waited a couple of hours for DSP, but maybe it was war destroyer.

Thanks vic for all you did for the tourney. Too bad people could careless about showing up for there matches. After a certain point people need to be DQ. If you have any tourney’s at FFA, let me know.

just like a couple other player evilj, thomas could have left if he just notified me or vic and we wouldnt have DQed him either, so dont complain you had to stay in vegas because thomas had to stay for xmvsf. i know a lot of people who took a cab to the strip (disco took one everyday and hes a little kid).

i dont want to sound cocky, but i think the results would have been

  1. megamands
  2. vic
  3. Jwong (even though rich had it but his mk went out during the infinite and got thrown by cyk)
  4. rich/jwong

good games to all, and very big props to vic for running it. next year, if there is a tourney, we will hold a stricter schedule and let people know (including top players) that they will be DQed if they are not there.

I heart you vic, and i think the sticks were perfect everytime i played on them, but i trust dsp and rich that they went out.

GGs to justin wong, if there are rumors that i talked shit to him during and after the match, its not true. NY was talking mad shit to cableguy and Ghengis, so i just told jwong sarcastically that west coast is better in xmvsf, then i apologized because he got really pissed.

I want to start off by thanking Vic and Tushar for their hard work and time in bringing an Xmen set up to Evo.

But I have to be honest, I was pretty disappointed about what happened on Saturday. Everything was poorly planned. I appreciate the fact that you guys brought the whole set up but the fact of the matter is, if you’re going to have a tournament, please stick to it until the end. I understand that players that had a match in xmen couldn’t play right away as they had other matches to attend to in evo at the same time and I can understand that would cause delays in the xmen tournament but only for like 10-15min or 20min at the most.

What upsets me the most was that there could’ve been times that the tournament could’ve continued on but were delayed again with random money matches that Vic allowed to go through and because Vic decided to not disqualify 1 guy who ended up showing 4-5hrs late. Seriously, do you think if this was an official evolution tournament, that they would hold up an entire tournament for 1 guy? Vic, you need to exercise good judgement here. Not everyone plans on staying at evo the whole day. I was planning on leaving 1-2pm on Saturday as I was there since 9am. I certainly did not make the trip to Vegas to be at evo the entire time. If you’re going to have a tournament, just have the tournament and get it over with. Have your money matches afterwards, not in between. You’re not being considerate for those people who have something else to do or that want to leave.

In reference to what EvilJ posted earlier, Dan, you can’t blame him for being upset, because I was too. EvilJ was with me, he had to stay with me @ evo because he’s a friend that doesn’t leave behind a friend who he rode with. And you can’t blame me either because I had a lot of empty promises from Vic that I was next, I’m playing soon, these guys will play next, etc. Ya, I could’ve left to the strip and do my own thing, but you know how far the drive is from Redrock to the strip? I wouldn’t know when my next match up will be and in how long. The reason why I didn’t leave was because if I had left, I was afraid when I actually got back to the strip, I’d be called to come back right away for my match, which would be a waste of my time and gas. I was also trying to be considerate for you guys because if I had left, I myself would cause delays in the tournament which I wouldn’t want to do. Also the fact that you guys also did not finish the tournament is messed up. You need to disqualify Justin and have the final match between you and Dan, simple as that.

Fanatic, the match we had was good, your magneto is hella fast and crazy. I hope you didn’t think I was upset at you for beating me. I was mainly upset at how much time I wasted just waiting for the tournament to continue so I can leave, and as soon as I lost to you, I just had to get out of there. Too bad you don’t play around my area because I would be able to play u a lot more in xmen and so with Rich. I hope we play again someday so I can beat you =P.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate any of you guys for this, and I did have fun and I appreciate the work you guys did to bring Xmen to evo. But please if you guys have another xmen next year for evo, do not repeat the same mistakes.

Wow thomas you put a lot of thought into this. You definitely weren’t lying about posting a reply. haha. Hey no worries, everyone got owned at evo. nonetheless, it was still worth the exprience. playing you and switching off with you was classic. Maybe if you’re up for it next year, we could do plenty of damage. I’ll go down to super one of these days, and you could show me that new magneto inf you figured out. I’m pretty sure things will only get better next year.

I hope there is one next year…i guess just plan it out a little bit more.

Next year, I’ll let someone else throw it.


it was a pretty good evo vic just to many problems coming in from the other tournys, but any ways thanks rotendo for the compliment on the hat lol, and it was fun playing you to man maybe again some time, and on a seperate note i have to admit that justin wong had the scariest cyck at that tourny

I’ll run that shit next year and I want to see who is going to argue with me when I dq you because you can’t tell time. I don’t fuck around, but there are some special cases… Most likely will try to run the next match, then send them to losers and continue running the tourney. Anyway, I’m out.

I’m pretty good at running tournies - honestly :slight_smile: LOL When I run shit I don’t fuck around. Vic - you’re just a nice guy - you got balls man - start killing fools. hehe


lmao yea vic just kill em and stuff em in the x-men machine and if someone asks why the machine is making noise just be like what noises

me and vic agreed xvsf casuals next year. Money matches are also accepted. As far as tournaments. That’s up to someone else. >=D

me and vic played winners finals recently and he beat me 3-0 and sent me to losers to face justin wong again.should be a peice of cake for me and i will have to face vic once again and have to beat him 2 sets 3 out of 5.

It’d be pretty dope if Evo 2006 XSF finished sometime in 2007. Epic!

We’ll all be telling the story to our grandkids someday.

Vic, is there a chance to see any footage from this or other years? I just watched JChen’s trailer and i was pretty surprised. :open_mouth:

Get on AIM!!


I have special surprise for The Eid…I’ll have it in a week ;-D