X-Men vs Street Fighter: Fan Fiction 'cuz we STILL don't have a comic Book Version

X-Men vs. Street Fighter: Fan Fiction 'cuz we STILL don’t have a Comic Book Version

Hey, everybody! Since there’s still no comic book version of this game, I’ve decided to write a Fan Fic about it. The story very loosely will take place towards the end of the Chris Claremont Jim Lee era and loosely during the Street Fighter Zero/Alpha Series. Anyway, my Fic will prolly be really bad, and I promise to include a super cheesey misunderstanding why the SFers and X-Men Fight like all crossovers include, but using what little story the game provides I’ll do my best! If your looking for someone to spend lengthy amounts of time describing the characters and environments and want to see some serious Character Development, GO READ A BOOK!!! This will be a Non Stop Brawl with no redeeming values whatsoever! So if you think there’s a nutty universe out there where Ryu stands a chance in Hell against Magneto, read on! Chapter 1 coming soon!

  • This Fic will use the Japanese charcater’s names. Master Bison is called Vega in Japan. Akuma is called Gouki in Japan. Charlie is called Nash in Japan. Street Figther Alpha 1, 2 and 3 are called Street Fighter Zero 1, 2 and 3 in Japan.


Chapter 1 - “Gettin’ Juggy With It!”

On a dark and cloudy night, lightning and thunder cracked over the X-Mansion as if to prelude impending doom. In the Mansion’s Danger Room, Bishop, Colossus, Archangel, Iceman, Beast, Psylocke and Jubilee where doing their best against Robot Drones training and honing their Mutant abilities. Sitting at the booth monitoring their progress was Headmaster Charles Xavier otherwise known as Professor X, along with Jean Grey who was wearing a com link headset to give the combatants aid if needed. The other X-Men, Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue and Storm where away on a mission. Just an average night at Xavier’s, until the alarm sounded!

Peace only lasted one paragraph as Magneto floating in a huge Magnetic Sphere of his creation that housed Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Birdy(Sabretooth’s female helper in the game and his first limited series. Not Birdie from SF), Killer Bee Cammy, Vega, Zangief and Gouki came down. Magneto then released all from this Magnetic Sphere. He then spoke, “Juggernaut, soon their defenses will be up.” “Defenses? When are these X-Punks gonna learn I’m unstoppable? It’s time to get Juggy with it!” Juggernaut charged the Mansion as various Laser Cannons, Missile Turrets and Machine Guns rose form the front lawn. None of their attacks did anything to stop Juggernaut and the Machines he did not destroy where obliterated by Magneto’s Magnetic Beams. As Magneto rose in his own private Magnetic Sphere, everyone started to charge the Mansion. Soon after the X-Men that were training in the Danger Room walked out the front door ready to defend their home.

At the speed of light, Archangel flew out of the Mansion and went straight toward Magneto firing his wing missiles from his metallic wings. With the wave of one hand, the Master of Magnetism deflected all of the missiles and wrapped Archangel up by his own metallic wings stopping him dead in his tracks. “You may move at inhuman speeds my Mutant Brother but none composed of Metal will ever prove a threat to the Master of Magnetism.”

Colossus armored up and ran to fight Juggernaut. He landed five punches but they did little to hurt the giant. “Here for your monthly attack, Juggernaut? The X-Men will thwart you as always.” “Yeah, well you can’t do it alone Ruskie!” All it took was a ten massive punches from Juggernaut to knock Colossus out. As he armored down, he lost consciousness as blood trickled out of his mouth.

Birdy fired her huge Machine Gun at Psylocke. The highly trained Ninja easily dodged every single bullet. She got close enough to attack Birdy’s skull with a Psi Blade, but it had no effect to Psylocke’s surprise. Birdy then unleashed a vicious Psionic attack on Psylocke, forcing her to remember the terrible process used to convert her into the Ninja Assasin. “I got mental powers too, baby girl. You’re prolly stronger than me in that department so I better take you out quick honey!” After saying that, Birdy pulled out a nine millimeter pistol and shot Psylocke in the arm. The wound and her mental attack was just enough to take the beautiful purple haired Ninja out.

Jubilee tried her Firework Style blasts at Vega, but they had no effect and bounced right off of him. “Is this what you call your Mutant Power? It’s no match against my Psycho Power!” Vega then plowed through the young girl with his Psycho Crusher creating a huge gapping hole in front of the mansion. Killer Bee Cammy ran right behind him as they were both now in the house that Charles Xavier built.

Iceman came along on his Ice Slide as usual and froze Sabretooth in a block of ice. “I’m putting the Sabretooth Tiger back behind ice where he and the Wooley Mamoth belong!” Sabretooth broke out of this ice casing as easily as a stripper jumping out of a cake. “Jack Frost ya ain’t got the cojones ta go toe ta toe with the likes of me!” Sabretooth growled and leaped 30 feet in the air where Iceman’s Ice Slide was. Next he began to ferociously claw Iceman’s stomach until he got through his iced shell and managed to draw blood! Iceman’s Ice shell went down as he fell black and slipped backwards on his elevated Ice Slide as normal Bobbly Drake wearing his X suit. Sabretooth laughed as he licked Iceman’s blood off his claws.

Beast leaped towards Zangief. The Russian Wrestler knew better than to try to match the Beast’s intense strength. Zangief leaped high up at midair Beast and with both arms grabbed the areas between Beast’s neck and shoulders, back flipped over Beast and slammed him against a huge rock on the ground. Beast destroyed the rock on impact and Zangief landed with an elbow to Beast’s neck. Zangief stood over the motionless Beast and said, “Forgive me my friend, I had no choice.”

Gouki was walking towards the X-Mansion in a menacing way. Bishop fired at him with his huge Futuristic Plasma Gun. To his surprise, Gouki dissapeared and his shot missed Gouki entirely! Bishop looked up and noticed Gouki was high up in the air. With one hand Gouki fired two Fireballs at the X-Man! The impact caused the former member of the X.S.E. to fly back, but when he got up he had already dropped his Gun and was charged with Red Flames, for he has the Mutant ability to absorb energy attacks! “What… is… this… this… strong… Fighting Energy!!” With one hand Bishop Fired all the Energy back at Gouki in a huge Fireball! Gouki SF3 Style parried the projectile, ran up to Bishop and knocked him out with a normal Shoryuken!

Prof. X and Jean Grey were monitoring the entire battle in the booth above the Danger Room via multiple screens. Jean said, “We are getting creamed! Those are some powerful Mutants helping out Magneto and Juggernaut!” The Professor corrected, “They are not all Mutants, some of them are expert Martial Artists and ‘Street Fighters’ if you will.” Jean replied, “Street Fighters? No way can normal humans be this strong! Wait a minute, what’s that on the screen! Someone is close!” Jean Grey noticed Killer Bee running down a hallway in the huge X-Mansion and she ran out to confront her. Prof. X said, “Jean, wait! Our advesaries should not be underestimated!”

Jean Grey went to the Hallway of the Bedroom Quarters and faced off against Killer Bee who was running towards her. She tried to take her down with a Psychic attack but it had no effect. “What is this? It’s like her mind is a blank slate!” She then tried to fire Psi Blasts and telekinetically toss Vases, Frames, and a Chair at the Shadowloo Assasin, but Cammy dodged all of these attacks leaping off the a walls, corners of the walls, ceiling and floor all while still coming towards the red haired Mutant. A Cannon Drill to the stomach was enough to knock Jean Grey out cold, and as she went down she thought, “The Professor was right. I underestimated her. I didn’t even put up my Psychic Force Field, ugh…”

Vega crashed into the area where Prof. X was with his Psycho Crusher. “And then there was one.” proclaimed the Shadowloo dictator. “Why? Why are you working with Magneto! He wants nothing more than Mutants ruling the entire planet, even if it is at the price of Human extinction!” “HA! HA! HA! HA! I guess you’re going to have to read my mind, baldy!” Prof. X. placed a hand on his head and commenced to give Vega a Psyonic attack, Vega writhed in agony, but it was discomforting to Xavier as well. “Your mind… not since the Shadow King have I encountered a mind of such great evil!” Vega still in pain smiling said, “Yes. As long as there is Evil in this world, my Psycho Power will have no rival!” Placing one hand verically and another horizontally just like he did in the SF2 Animated Movie, Vega unleashed a vicious energy attack at the Professor destroying his Yellow Robotic Wheelchair and forcing him to crash through a wall. Vega began to laugh at his astonishing victory!

Forming a huge Magnetic Sphere once again, Magneto carried away his team mates and all the unconscious X-Men. As a final act of cruelty he used his magnetic beams to completly destroy the X-Mansion, and the Sphere flew away at Super Sonic Speeds.

Next up - The remaining X-Men square off against Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Nash and Dhalsim! Why? Just like every comic book crossover, it’s a dumb Ass misunderstanding so the heroes of the story can fight for 2 seconds until they realize they should team up! If I don’t this, it’s almost like a criminal offense! Exelsior!

[Great stuff. Akuma vs. Bishop was PIMP.


Thanks! Ironically one of the last questions I was asked on my CFAS Fan Fic was ‘where is Gouki’ so I’m glad he’s among one of the first characters I was credited on. He’s going to play a huge part in this Fic. Hopefully I’ll be able to add another Chapter fairly soon, definitly by Labor Day or so.

Chapter 2 - “Capcom Fighting X-Men Evolution!”

Hours later, Ryu and Ken dressed in their Gis (Ryu with the white headband, Ken with the ponytail) arrived at the front lawn of Xavier’s now destroyed mansion on that stormy night. “So Ryu, is this the place?” “It feels like it, doesn’t it?” replied Ryu.

“Ryu! Ken!” They both turned to their right to see it was Chun-Li yelling out their names. She was wearing her Street Fighter Zero/Alpha outfit. “Chun-Li!” The two sparring partners exclaimed as they participated in a three way hug. “So, how are you guys doing? Ryu, have you gotten stronger since last time?” “Well, maybe a just a little.” Ken intervened, “A little? This guy does nothing but train train and train, no time for the ladies!” He then grabbed Ryu in a headlock and gave him a noogie. “Ken! Cut it out!” whined Ryu as Chun-Li laughed.

“I’d like you guys to meet my partner…” and before she could make a proper introduction Ken ran up to the man walking behind Chun-Li and shook his hand. “Wow! The famous Nash! I’m Ken Masters. I wish you would of competed in this year’s US Martial Arts Tournament. The competition was pretty lame this year.” “Ah, unfortunately I was called away on duty. Perhaps next year we can meet up in the final match.” “I’ll look forward to it, Nash!”

Dhalsim yoga Teleported amongst the other four scarring the crap out of Chun-Li and Ken while Ryu and Nash remained calm. “Looks like everyone is getting along nicely.” the man from India said with a slight smile. Ryu said excitingly, “Dhalsim! It’s been a while. Care for a rematch? I almost lost last time!” Dhalsim stopped levitating and stood replying, “Perhaps another time. Right now we have to figure out exactly why we are gathered here.”

Ryu answered, “I’m not exactly sure. Me and Ken were sparring and we just felt a strange urge to come here.” Chun-Li agreed, “Same thing happened to me and Nash.” Dhalsim added “Likewise. I suppose we should look around. It seems some sort of battle took place here.”

Cyclops and Wolverine were piloting the Blackbird Jet that also housed Rogue, Storm and Gambit. They were returning from their latest mission. Cyclops said, “These Anti-Mutant demonstrations by the Friends of Humanity are getting more and more violent every day.” “I know how we can quiet them down for good.” declared Wolverine as he popped the claws on his right hand. “Wolverine, how many times do I have to tell you? The X-Men do not kill!” Wolverine retracted his claws and snarled quietly like an angry wolf.

Storm sat next to a window looking at the lighting and thunderbolts as if she was riding the winds once again. Rogue who was sitting next to her asked, “What’s a matter, Storm? Are you still worried about Forge?” “Yes, Rogue. It’s like he disappeared off the face of the Earth. Even Cerebro can not locate his whereabouts.” Rogue placed her gloved hand on Storm’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll be able ta track him down.”

Gambit sneaked up from behind and put his arms around both of the seated girls so that his head was in between theirs. “Look at you two. One pining over her bo, another one always low. What you need is a man that can satisfy you both, like de Cajun.” Rogue answered jokingly, “Even with my power, Gambit?” “I’m into trying new things, Mon chere.” He went to kiss Rogue on the cheek and she moved her head away in fear of absorbing Gambit’s life energy. Storm intervined, “Nice try Gambit, but I think this problem is easily remedied with a cold shower.” With one finger via a mini lightning bolt, Storm created a small cloud above Gambit’s head that started raining on him. Gambit smiled and said, “Ah, looks like de Cajun is all wet!” Rogue laughed and Strom smiled a little. Gambit was happy that he cheered up Storm just a bit.

Cyclops was getting ready to land when he noticed something on one of the Blackbird’s Monitors. "NO! IT CAN’T BE! THE SCHOOL!

The Blackbird landed behind the destroyed mansion. The X-Men got out to investigate. Cyclops questioned, “How could this have happened?” Wolverine quipped, “You act like this is the first time the School’s been destroyed. It’s almost like an occupational hazzard.” Cyclops continued, “But Jean! The Professor!” “Sniff, sniff. I smell a few traces of blood, nothing major. Chances are, they were all kidnapped. It’s kind a hard with the strong scent of ‘destroyed building’, but I can smell Magneto, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, a woman who has Sabretooth’s scent all over her and four other scents I don’t recognize.” Storm saw the five Street Fighters walking towards them and stated, “Maybe those people over there know something.” Cyclops and the rest quickly made there way through the debris to question the five strangers.

Nash was the first one to speak. “Hey, nice jet you have there. Don’t see many Blackbirds nowadays.” “What are you doing here?” began to grill Cyclops. “That’s the thing.” said Ryu. “We don’t know exactly. We were somehow summoned here, by someone.” “There’s no telepaths among us shugah. Maybe the Professor, Jean or Psylocke?” said Rogue. “I don’t believe 'em.” snarled Wolverine. “The one with the white headband has a scent familiar to one of the people that was here. They know somethin’.” Chun-Li did her best to try to defuse the situation. “Honestly, we just arrived here. We don’t know anything.” “Bad Poker face Mon Cherie.” With that, Gambit drew his staff. Ken finally spoke, “Now I remember. You’re those X-Muties trying to take over the world with Magneto and kill us humans off!” “Don’t believe everything you read in the Papers, bub. Now tell us what happened to the mansion and our friends or I’m gonna use my claws to turn you into human shishkabobs!”

All of the Street Fighters and X-Men assumed Fighting Stances. It was a strange sight to see. As Storm flew up in the air and gathered electricity from the clouds into her hands, Ryu was charging up to throw a Hadouken and it seemed as if he was drawing electricity from the clouds as well. Dhalsim looked at Storm and thought, “It can not be her, can it?”

Wolverine warned Cyclops, “Be careful, Cyclops. These guys ain’t ordinary Martial Artists.” “Enough! I’ll finish this with a few Optic Blasts!” With that Cyclops fired an Optic Blast at Ryu who countered with his “HADOUKEN!” The two attacks canceled each other out as the impact of the two blasts blinded everything in a Pink Light! Ryu used these few seconds where everyone was blinded to run up to Cyclops and nab him with a three hit combo! He landed a right punch to the stomach, and a left and a right to Cyclops’ face! Cyclops backed Ryu off of him with a Cyclone Kick to his chest.

Gambit leaped up at Ken (Pictured in X-Men vs. Street Fighter’s Intro) and screamed, “Let’s see what you got, pretty boy!” “Let’s do it! SHINRYU-KEN!” Ken rose straight up to Gambit with his flaming uppercut Super Art! Gambit blocked the blow with his staff which sent him flying up until he landed on his feet about ten feet from where Ken was still midair. When Ken began to descend the Cajun pronounced, “Not a bad fiery attack Mon Ami, but not as hot as my Cajun Gumbo!” as he performed his Trick Card manuever. He quickly showed Ken a few cards in his hands that he kinetically charged and threw at Ken while he was coming down. The Billionare Martial Artist arched his back to avoid the cards and landed safely. “Hmph. Not bad, for a Mutie!” and they continued to fight.

Rogue did her flying Dash Move towards Chun-Li. Chun-Li ran up to her and tried to hit the Southern Belle with a thrusting kick. “YA TA! I am the strongest woman in the World!” Rogue back slapped Chun-Li’s knee to block the blow. “Strongest Human Woman, maybe. But not the strongest Mutant woman!” Rogue knocked Chun-Li out with one punch to the face!

Wolverine was trying to strike Nash with his Berserker Barrage move, but Nash dodged every blow. “I’ve heard of you. You’re Nash, the famous Martial Artist. You’re out of your league, Fly Boy!” “I’ve read up on you as well, Logan. I’d like to think an old World War I and World War II Veteran would have more faith in the Military. SOMMERSAULT!” Nash’s move hit Wolverine three times making him land where the sun don’t shine. He got up to continue to brawl.

As Storm was charging herself with electricity from the clouds, Dhalsim did his Standing Roundhouse move. While spinning around with his hands clasped, his extended leg kicked aerial Storm in the stomach. Still flying she tossed an electric orb at Dhalsim but missed as he attempted to smack her with his Drill Headthrust. He was stopped two inches short of touching her as Storm accomplished the backwards half circle Maneuver “TYPHOON!” that sent the man from India flying high up in this Huge Cyclone! As he went spriraling in the Air he thought, “She controls the Elements, she has White Hair, it has to be her.” and to Storm’s surprise when Dhalsim touched the ground he was kneeling to her bowing down. “Oh, how I have missed you. Please forgive me, my Goddess.”

Standing next to each other with the X-Men on one side, the SFers on the other, Cyclops and Gambit continued to trade blows with Ryu and Ken. While facing each other, each of them leaped back 20 feet until the 2 X-Men and the 2 Street Fighters were 40 feet apart. Cyclops and Gambit performed their Tag Team Super Art, a Massive “OPTIC BLAST!” alongside Gambit’s “ROYAL FLUSH!” Not to be outdone, Ryu and Ken perfomed their Double Hadouken while both yelling, “SHINKUU HADOUKEN!” Both attacks canceled each other out and the explosion created a huge creater between the four! All four were knocked down, but all got up to continue!

Before they or anyone could continue to fight, everyone recieved a huge Psionic Blast, and all screamed in Agony! Very loudly everyone heard a Man and Woman’s voices in their heads, “STOP THIS MADNESS!” When they looked up, they saw Psi images of Professor X and Rose standing in the middle of the crater.

Next up: Like the late great Ricky Ricardo would say, “Sano, you got some 'splaining to do!” So everything will get cleared up. The next Chapter should come in pretty fast since it involves no fighting, and will be the only chapter that will involve no fighting as far as I can tell. That’s right, don’t say this Fic is all Battles and I’m not setting the mood! That’s what my Ex Girlfriend used to say, and to this day I don’t get how whipping out a Condom at a three dollar Movie is not setting the Mood… So anyway, next time, get to know some of the villains! As for our heroes, alliances will be made, and sano’s allowance still won’t get paid! DOH! Soyanara!

Chapter 3 - “You Must Survive Shen LOOOOOOOOONG Speeches to Stand a Chance!”

The X-Men and the Street Fighters gazed in awe like a deer stairing into oncoming headlights at the Psy Images of a standing Professor X and Rose. While the X-Men were used to this sort of thing, the SFers were taken back just a bit more. Cyclops yelled out in utter joy, “Professor!” Ryu had recognized the lady and called out her name, “Rose?”

“You know this lady, Ryu?” inquired Ken. “Sort of, She’s a bit cryptic, but she has aided me in the past.” “Okay what exactly is going on?” Chun-Li’s inquiring mind wanted to know. “First Mutants, now Ghosts?”

Professor X answered, "We are not Ghosts, we are Astral Projections. I and Rose are speaking directly to your minds while displaying visual images of ourselves you can speak to. I am able to do this because of my Mutant Power. Rose seems to be gifted in the same way, but I feel she is a bit more complex than just being a Mutant.

Rose staired at Professor X for a bit and said, “For now, let’s just leave it at that.”

Rose continued, “I knew that there was going to be an attack on this Mansion. I tried to contact all of you, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Nash and Dhalsim to come here to help fight off the attack, but my Powers were severly dampened. All I was able to get through to you was just an inkling of where to be and what time to be there, but due to my hindered Power, even the timetable that got through to you was off a bit. I can only speak to you know thanks to the aid of fellow recent capture, Professor Charles Xavier.”

“But I still don’t understand. Why us?” pondered Nash. “Because there are not that many Street Fighters left.” informed Rose. Dhalsim added, “Before we ask anymore questions, perhaps you should start at the beginning.”

And the Headmaster of the School for Gifted Youngsters did just that. “Allow me. This all started with Apocalypse.” “Apocalypse? I thought Cable finished him off for good.” stated Wolverine and Charles went on. “Not exactly. Cable banished Apocalypse to another plain of existence. But he has somehow discovered that by absorbing Mutant Energy and “Ki” or Fighting Energy of Martial Artists, he can gain enough power to return to this World, stronger than ever before. This is why he is kidnapping Mutants and Street Fighters around the World.” “So, he is responsible for our missing X-Men, including Forge.” deduced Storm. “Yes, my child.”

“Come to think of it, Sakura was following me around Japan for a while asking me to train her. I thought I lost her, but perhaps…” Ryu said out of curiosity.

The Rich Ansatsuken Fighter of the Masters Family threw in his 2 cents. “Dan invited me to a Rematch at his Saikyo Dojo. When I got there, the Dojo was empty. He’s never had any Students, but it’s not like Dan to miss out on a fight, unless he finally came to his senses.”

“I’ve been looking for my Father Dohrai for quite some time now, and Nash is searching for his best friend Guile.” added the young and beautiful Interpol detective.

Rose picked up where the Professor left off. “They have all most likely been captured by Apocalypse’s Minions. His small Army is a combination of foes of the Street Fighters and the X-Men. His team includes Magneto, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Birdy, Vega, Killer Bee, Zangief and Gouki.”

Ryu and Ken yelled out “Gouki!” Chun-Li and Nash yelled out “Vega!” Dhalsim questioned “Birdie? The man Ryu defeated in the Street Fighter Tournament? His name doesn’t seem to fit.”

Professor X and Rose both said, “…different Birdy.”

The Professor went out by saying, “There is no time as even now my Powers are weakening. An ancient Aztec Pyramid rose from the ground in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest. Cyclops, I’ve placed the coordinates in your mind. You must team up with these Street Fighters and rescue us before Apocalypse takes over the Worl…” He couldn’t even finish his statements for the Psy Images of he and Rose faded away.

After a brief pause, Wolverine walked up to Ryu and asked, “One thing I still don’t get. How come you smell a lot like one of those Street Fighters that was here kidnapping X-Men?” “Me and Gouki have the same… affliction.” “And what’s that supposed to mean, Bub?”

“So I guess you are a Mutant and not a Goddess afterall.” said Dhalsim to Storm as he looked down on the ground saddened. Storm started to approach him feeling the urge to comfort him, but stopped realizing he was like a young child who realized Santa Claus did not exist and her words would fall on deaf ears.

Cyclops took his leaderly role as usual. “We are waisting time. The X-Men are going to need your help dealing with the other Street Fighters. Can we form a truce, for now?” Cyclops put his hand out to shake Ryu’s. Ken told Ryu, “This all seems fishy, Ryu. How well do you know this Rose? This may be a trap. Are we supposed to trust these stinking Muties?” “Alright, that’s enough!” Gambit said as he started charging up cards in his hand. Rogue yelled at Ken, “You betta watch your mouth or I’ll knock some sense into you like I did ta Miss Crouchin’ Tiger Hidden Fashion Sense!” “You got lucky trailer park trash! Let’s see how a freak of nature like you does against my Kikoken!” “Enough!” screamed Ryu. “We have no choice but to trust the X-Men. For the sake of Sakura, Dan, Dohrai and Guile, we will aid each other for now.” Ryu shook Cyclops’ hand (X-Men vs. SF Game Intro) and just like EGM Magazine dubbed it years ago, it was ‘The Handshake Felt Around the World.’

Later still, the Sun began to rise on a huge Aztec Temple in the Amazon Rain Forest. Inside Magneto, Vega, Killer Bee Cammy, Juggernaut, Sabretooth and Gouki were in the last Stage of X-Men vs. Street Fighter, where Apocalypse had encased lots of Mutants and Street Fighters. The Villains all looked down the huge gapping hole in the ground and saw Apocalypse’s ghost like silhouette scrunched up and floating. His knees were to his chest and his hands were locked around his legs, looking like Blanka when he assumes his rolling position. Mutant Energies and Kis form the unfortunate encased prisoners seemed to be leaving them and entering Apocalypse’s levitating body. “Ah, raw Power! Soon I will be whole again!”

“What I still don’t understand is if our plot is to overthrow the Humans, why are we working with these Flatscans?” questioned Magneto. Vega was quick to respond, “I always knew you were a diluted savior Magneto, but I never thought you were a fool. It would be impossible to enslave every single human. Humans in Positions of Power will be needed to lord over them. Ultimatly, Apocalypse and Shadowloo share the same goals. Survival of the Fittest. The strong will rule over the weak.”

Juggernaught really didn’t care about Apocalypse’s struggle either way. “Whatever. So long as I get paid big bucks!” “I’m with the Kool Aid Man!” agreed Sabretooth, but Juggernaut does not take insults lightly. “You better watch your mouth, Putty Tat!” “Anytime, tubbo!”

This was all Gouki could stand. “I am leaving.” he declared as he turned around and started to walk away. “I only decided to help because I was promissed a fight with a worthy opponent.” “I’ll take you down a notch or two if you want. Juggernaut is Unstopable!” “Hmph, I have no interest in fighting someone who gained all of his stregnth through the Cytorak Gem.” Juggernaut was shocked Gouki knew this. “Huh? How did you…”

Apocalypse spoke and Gouki stopped walking when he heard his voice. “Gouki, I have allowed Professor X and Rose to summon others to come here. Not only will I be able to absorb more energies from the battles that occur here, I promise you will find a very worthy opponent amongst our visitors.” After a pause, Gouki agreed. “Very well. I will remain for now.” “Fine. Now all of you leave me be. I need to rest up a bit.” All left Apocalypse per his request, but Magneto remained for just a bit stairing at Apocalypse. He thought to himself, “I’ll play along for now, but the first chance I get I will destroy Shadowloo myself. Their ultimate plans of Terrorism and Genocide may lead them to become another Third Reich. No good can come from working with Homo Inferior when we Mutants are Homo Superior.” Magneto then left the Chamber as well.

Apocalypse was finally left to his thoughts. “Ha! Ha! Ha!” It would be quite ironic if Gouki were to abandon us now. None of this would have happened if not for him."

Next Up: What exactly does Apocalypse mean? And don’t think I forgot about Zangief and Birdy. Cammy was in this Chapter, but she was being all Silent Assassin. So next time, we’ll check in on Zangief and Birdy, and there will be one more bonus fight. It will be the last bonus fight, the rest of the fights will be from the X-Men Vs. Street Fighter Video Game. Exelsior!

Minor Edits no one Cares about - After I finally finished reading the Marvel Universe X-Men book (Comic Book Sized Issue) I went back and changed two lines. I forgot that Storm and Forge were dating during the Blue Team, Gold team era(though they broke up for good shortly after) so I changed Gamit’s line to Storm that used to be “One pining over an ex, the other one always depressed” to “One pining over her bo, the other one always low” to keep the rhyming of it. Not that I’m trying to keep continuity but my story will work just a scooch better if they are dating. They were dating in the Games anyways.

Also changed the line where Nash calls Wolverine a World War II Veteran to have him saying Wolvie’s a World War I and a World War II Veteran. I’m sure the general public doesn’t know Wolvie was in both wars, but to reinsert how cool Nash is and how old Logan is, I thought I’d throw that in there.

So I’m going typing the next Chapter right now. Wait for it…
or fear it and read Ansatsuken Kid, Fic that’s actually good! :rofl:

Chapter 4 - “Apocalypse Now Remembers!”

Apocalypse continued hovering while he was reminiscing. “In my last battle with Cable, he attempted to remove me from this timeline by jumping on my back and ‘Body Sliding’ me to a distant future. I broke away at the exact moment of Time Travel removing me from this Earthly Dimension. Cable thought I would be lost in the Time Stream but I was stuck in the Fourth Dimension, neither here nor there. On this plain I remained in a state of invisible loose molecules no longer bound by gravity, as I phased through the spinning Earth at a remarkable speed. In time I would of drifted into space and then into nothing but fate had other plans for the one known as Apocalypse. I floated upon a Dojo in Japan, where this person called Gouki killed a man.”

Apocalyse begins to remember the horrific scene. Gouken’s body lay on the wall as the ‘Ten’ (Sky/Heaven) Kanji was written on the wall with his own blood. Gouki’s back faced Gouken, as the fight was over he was about to leave. A silhouette of Gouken’s daughter was seen running away in fear. Ken happened on the event to late and was in a state of shock over the death of his Sensei that he came to love as a second father.

“The Ki residue from this great battle began to flow into me. Somehow in my new state I was able to absorb the energy of the fallen foe and the Ki that charged the Dojo from both Warriors after the great battle. It gave me enough strength to bind myself to some measure of gravity. For a brief second, I could even see one of my fingers, but only for a mere second as I remained invisible.”

While crying and yelling simultaneously, Ken sruck Gouki with a Shoryuu Reppa Super Art. The flames had little efect on Gouki who knocked Ken out with a one hit Senpuu Kyaku. From this brief battle Apocalypse was able to absorb more energy.

“From that day on I began to follow Gouki everywhere, witnessing him slaying many powerful warriors always there to absorb any left over Ki.” He was even present when Ryu fought Gouki in his Street Fighter Zero 2 Ending, albeit he was invisible to the naked eye at the time. This premise continued like Kryptonite Rocks on the Smallville TV Show. “Until yet another fateful day.”

Gouki fought with Silver Samurai on his X-Men: Children of the Atom Background. Silver Samurai performed his taunt, patting his Shoulder with his Sword while Gouki did his usual taunt of standing there grunting with fists clenched. The Silver Samurai who’s real name is Harada Keniucho (last name first) drew his Sword ready to attack. Gouki held up two fingers for he was going to fend off the blade with them. Harada attacked with an Endless Slash incorporating multiple Sword strikes, but Gouki blocked every single blow with his two fingers. The Ansatsuken Master was skilled enough to block the blade on it’s side never touching it’s razor sharped edge. With the same two fingers he poked the Samurai in the stomach peircing his armor and drawing blood at the same time. Without flinching from the blow or missing a beat, the Head of the Yashida Clan stabbed Gouki in the leg and performed one of his throw manuevers, leaping up with Gouki while the Sword was still in his leg and slamming him in the ground. Gouki performed a very powerful sommersault to draw Keniuchio and his blade away from his persona. Two teeth went flying out of Silver’s mouth as he went flying back. While in the air Harada held up his Sword as cold air and ice seemed to form around it. When he landed he thrusted his Sword into the floor sending cold air through it. The utter cold caused Gouki to freeze as he now took on the appearance of a very well done ice sculpture. Silver Samurai waisted no time in plunging his entire Sword in frozen Gouki’s neck!

But what he didn’t realize was that a split second before his Sword touched the ice incasing Gouki’s neck was that he already performed an Ashura Warp, breaking the back of the ice statue and escaping the blade entirely! Gouki then fired a Gou Hadouken at Silver Samurai and the ice statue. As soon as the fireball began to break the ice, Harada reacted with lightning speed performing his Chou Shuriken Super Art. Three Large Shurikens composed of Tachyon Energy went towards the Hadouken. One of them canceled out the fireball, the other two went on to knock Gouki down!

Once again Keniucho held up his Sword but this time flames began to encircle it. He then gave Gouki the worst beating he ever had in his life. He began to cut and burn Gouki at the same time. The man who murdered Gouken and Goutetsu was skilled enough to avoid the blows so the wounds were not fatal, but he was still struck every single time and in a matter of seconds his entire body was incased in flames. Gouki leaped far back and held out his fists once again as the flames seemed to fade away not leaving a single burn mark. Fortunatly, the burns managed to seal the wounds so there was no bleeding on his part.

Being the genious fighter he was he quickly realized that he could not win this fight until he removed Harada’s Weapon. He leaped up and attacked Silver Samurai’s wrist with a Tenma Kuujin Kyaku kick breaking it, causing his glove to come off and his Sword to fall out of his hands. Gouki then struck the Samurai with a superspeed twenty hit combo involving punches and kicks and ending in a headbutt. Before the glove and the Sword even hit the ground Gouki spun around, scooped the glove and grabbed the Sword and performed his Messatsu Gou Shoryu Super Art with weapon in hand! This Multiple hit Dragon Punch removed Silver Samurai’s Armor as his helmet also fell off! The Armor was stong enough to keep Harada alive, but he still sustained massive damage as bloody body fell seemingly lifeless to the ground!

Silver Samurai tried to rise to his feet as his blood was painting the floor as red like the Queen of Heart’s Roses in Alice in Wonderland. But he could only manage to get up on one knee. Gouki assumed the stance for the Shun Goku Satsu ready to end Harada’s life.

Gouki looked at the determination in Harada Keniuchio’s eyes as he was huffing and puffing. The Ansatsuken Master knew that at Silver Samurai’s core he was an honorable warrior and had a Strong Samurai spirit, rarely seen nowadays. Gouki had a great respect for the man who gave him the best fight of his life and right then and there he decided he did not want to kill him, but face him again one day so he dropped his stance. “You have proven to be a worthy opponent. Become stronger, and we will fight again one day.” Silver Samurai replied, “The next time I see you I will avenge my honor.” With that, he collapsed.

Apocalypse once again absorbed the Ki from this battle, but this time the energy was tenfold for he absorbed Silver Samurai’s Mutant Energy as well. It was so much power that he became visible all though still ghost like and returned partially to our dimension. “Ha! Ha! Ha! The energy of a battle between a Street Fighter and a Mutant! What glorious power!” Gouki faced Apocalypse and said, “At last you show your face after all of these months!” “What? You knew I was following you all along?” “Do not think I am not skilled enough to notice when someone is absorbing the Ki residue of my great battles. Now leave me before I obliterate you.” Apocalypse was not used to being spoken in such a tone but felt he could still use Gouki so he responded, "Very well. But why did you not kill this man like I’ve witnessed you kill many others? It is because for once you have encountered an opponent that was almost as powerful as you are, and a Mutant at that. I can arrange to have you fight a more powerful Mutant, one that has defeated this man many times over. Gouki thought about how amazing Silver Samurai was and immediatly took an interest in Mutants, whom he had never fought until this day. “Find me when you have found this opponent. If you attempt to betray me I will slay you where you stand. Until then leave my sight.” Apocalypse laughed and said, “Very well. Apocalypse will come for you one day soon. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” He then mysteriously teleported away.

He continued to think to himself, “Centuries ago I had various Pyramids created throughout the World by various cultures so I could be worshipped far and wide. The Aztecs using their advanced Magicks and Technology and created a Portal in this Labyrinth where with just a thought I could reappear here from my far away Egyptian homeland, and the Portal is still active to this day.” And this is exactly where Apocalypse appeared when he teleported away from Gouki. Below where Apocalypse was floating about 300 feet was a huge glowing white orb that was the Portal in question. It appeared Alien in our eyes, but no Alien technology was used for this was the Advanced Technology and Magick of the Aztecs many centuries ago. “Once I contacted my worshippers who built these capsules I could absorb the Energies of Mutants and Martial Artists, but none as great as the Power I can absorb between the Magnificent Battles betwen the two. With this pyramid rewired to become a great conductor for me, now that the players are gathering and the stage has been set, Apocalypse will truly arise as the strongest of Mutants and Street Fighters!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Elsewhere in the Aztec Pyramid Zangief was speaking to someone via an extremely small communication device in his quarters. “Da… Da… Yes Commander. Over and out.” As he hung up and turned around, he noticed Birdy in the doorway. The wrestler gasped as his cover was blown. Birdy said, “You can’t keep nothin’ from a telepath, babe. What’s the sitch, I won’t snitch. Ya better fess up 'cuz with one thought I can E-Mail the info from your brain straight to Apoc our unfreindly Ghost leader!” Realizing he had no choice, he confessed all. “I… was working undercover for the U.S.S.R. and had infiltrated Shadowloo. Vega was so impressed with my work that he left the other Lords of Shadowloo to run his organization while he took me and Killer Bee on this Assignment. Originally, I was sent to gather information on Vega’s Psycho Drive, but with his involvment with Apocalypse, it may result in the end of the World. I have been ordered to mantain my cover until help from my Country arrives.”

Birdy said, “This little Birdy won’t turn stool pigeon on ya. On one condition.” “Condition?” questioned Zangief. “You have ta get me away from Sabretooth! Livin’ with him has been a livin’ Hell. He uses my Powers to calm his Savage Mind, but his violent thoughts are too much for me. I’ve tried ta kill him but I always fail. I’ve tried to run away but he manages to track me down and beat the livin’ daylights outa me!” She began to cry as she told Zangief her sad tale. Zagief having a good heart informed, “I will do everything in my power to bring Victor Creed to justice but you must fulfill all of his requests for now as if everything was normal. Perhaps we can have you relocated to Moscow…” “Oh, thank you so much Zangief!” She gave the big lug a big hug. He reluctantly hugged her back and frowned as he felt her tears on his skin.

Next up: Of course I was gonna stick Silver Samurai in here since at this rate it will take me three years to get up to a MVC2 Fan Fic if even get to do it. Besides, his real name is Harada Keniucho. Harada Sanosuke, the real life Shinsengumi member was the inspiration for my favorite Anime/Manga Character, Sagara Sanosuke! Course Silver Samurai and Sagara Sanosuke have nothing in common except for the double S thing, but the battle can pass for a X-Men Children of The Atom Game Battle at least! Silver Samurai’s usually a big pushover in the comics loosing to everybody and while he still had to loose here I decided to give him some props. Anyway, that’s it. No more Bonus Battles. Next time will be Storm and _____ vs. _____. Now that’s informative! Exelsior!

Chapter 5 - “Love at First Fight!”

Our ten heroes were flying in the X-Men’s Blackbird jet to Apocalypse’s new fortress. The tension was so thick you could cut it with an Adamantium claw. Almost everyone remained silent seat belted to their chairs lost in their own thoughts while Cyclops and Wolverine Piloted. It wasn’t until they were close to their destination on this voyage that took about one hour thanks to the Blackbird’s super sonic speeds that Dhalsim and Storm struck up a conversation. They spoke in very low tones and were ignored by the rest of the crew.

“You do not remember me, do you?” “Vaguely…” replied Storm. “…I feel as if we’ve met a long time ago?” “Why, I suppose it was a long time ago indeed.” Dhalsim started to tell his tale of the first time he and Storm met many years ago as he began to reminisce.

As he recalled, their meeting took place a number of years ago when Dhalsim was in his early twenties as was Storm, but this was before Ororo Munroe took that name. Dhalsim, wearing the same exact clothing and face paint he wore in SF2V traveled all the way to Africa one fateful evening. In the vast jungle, there was a village. And at the edge of this village on a very large alter in a huge chair sat Ororo Munroe. Back in this time, she was worshipped as a Goddess who could control the weather. She was surrounded by many of her followers dressed like a beautiful African Queen. Before the huge staircase that led to her thrown, Dhalsim bowed to her on one knee and made his request.

“Humble Goddess, my name is Dhalsim and I hail from a village in Calcutta, India. Our entire region is suffering from a massive drought and my people are dying. I have been told that you have the power to make it rain anywhere on Earth. I beg of you, please help my people.”

One of Ororo’s followers spoke to her. “Forgive me my Goddess, but he does not bring any tidings. He offers nothing. You must send him on his way.” “No, he doesn’t have any tidings to offer. I have the power to save lives and I will do so. Theres is a society shun by the curruptness of man, but the Goddess of the Elements shall not forsake them.”

That night Storm flew high up in the Air and concentrated electricity is her hands at Dhalsim’s amazement. For the first time in his life, he had instantly fallen in love. While it did not rain on them in that moment, Ororo has the power to effect the weather miles away, the deed was done.

Storm came down and sat in her chair. “For I have willed it, for it is done. My followers will make sure to feed you and prepare you for your journey. Six Months from now you will return to me and bring me portions of the great harvest that will grow form the bountiful rain your land shall endure from now on.” With tears in his eyes, Dhalsim responded “Oh, I thank you Goddess, From the bottom of my heart! I shall return, you have my word!”

It took Dhalsim one month to make his very long journey back home. When he arrived, it was raining and the dry rivers of his land were now full and very active! For Ororo Munroe had ended the drought and the crops were starting to bear fruit. The town was so happy that these sporadic rain showers saved their lives that they had a festival every night weither it rained or not! When they saw Dhalsim, they all embraced him and lifted him up as if he was a king! It was a glorious night indeed!

Six Months had past and as promised, Dhalsim had returned to the the Alter where the Goddess had resided. He carried a large basket of many of the fruits and vegetables grown by his people thanks to their bountiful rain. He was very eager to see his Goddess again, for she was all he could think about for the last six months.

But when he arrived, not only was the village abandoned but the Alter was empty, beginning to grow moss from neglect.

Dhalsim said out loud to himself. “I suppose I was quite the fool to have romantic feelings for Goddess. Some one with such a kind heart must of returned to the Heavens where she belongs.” With a smile on his face, he cleared the moss from the Goddess’ chair and placed the basket on it. He then returned to his people.

After hearing Dhalsim’s story all of these memories came flooding back to Storm. “Yes, I remember now. It feels like it was a lifetime ago. It was very unusual in those days for me to help someone who bore no offerings, but I felt you were an honorable man.”

“You see Dhalsim, as you now know I am actually not a Goddess, but a Mutant. Shortly after our first meeting I was approached by Professor Charles Xavier who informed me that the rest of Mutantkind needed my aide in this time of our persecution. I apologize for decieving you.” “…I see. But you still saved my people from near extinction. For that, I am eternally greatfull.” “Perhaps. But much later I discovered that my powers have consequences. Saving your village from it’s drought must of caused a drought elsewhere in the world. Weither or not this second drought occured in a wealthy region or a poor village such as yours I am not certain.” Dhalsim wouldn’t have it. “No! I refuse to believe your selfless deed harmed others. Goddess or not, I am eternally in your debt.” The two gazed at each other with a mutual respect that wasn’t there before.

Soon after, Cyclops spoke to all aboard. “All right, listen up people. Very soon we will try to reach our destination in secret. I’m switching over to stealth mode.” Unbeknownst to the Street Fighters, the Blackbird became completly invisible on the outside thanks to the Alien Shiar Technology used in updating the Blackbird. In this mode it was unable to be detected by radar as well.

Cyclops continued, “Even in Stealth Mode, Magneto’s Magnetic Powers will be able to sense our craft arriving. It’s Stealth sheilding will help somewhat which is why the craft will maintian it’s distance. When we are in a ten mile radius, Storm will use her powers to float us close enough to the entrance where we will find a way to sneak in and rescue the others. Chances are we will be intercepted at some point. If that happens, no heroics. We stick together and fight as a team.”

Moments later when the Blackbird was a good Ten Miles away but still able to see Apocalypse’s Aztec Pyramid pearing out of the Amazon jungle, everything went exactly as Cyclops described. Storm stepped out of the now invisible jet hovering in the air and wisked everybody out as they where all now floating in a huge sphere of wind. But they were intercepted a lot quicker then Cyke anticipated because as soon as they were out of the craft Magneto left the Aztec Fortress in his Magnetic Sphere and appeared before them in a matter of seconds! He held out his hand now radiating in light blue energy as Storm’s wind bubble was dispersed but Magneto kept everyone afloat while electricuting them with his power!

“HA! HA! HA! Did you think you could put one over on the Master of Magnetism? Please take note. Next time you try to make a sneak attack, leave the man with the Adamantium Skeleton at home! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

Magneto used enough power on everybody at the levels their body could withstand for he did not wish to kill them. Rogue recieved the highest amount of voltage. Next was Wolverine, then armor weilding Gambit. Storm recieved a dose that was only slightly higher than Cyclops’. Magneto did not think too highly of the Street Fighters, so they recieved the lowest dosages. Soon, everyone was unconscious.

Magneto then created five magnetic spheres. One housing Cyclops and Ryu, another with Ken and Wolverine, another with Chun-Li and Rogue, the next had Storm and Dhalsim while the final one had Nash and Gambit. With but a thought Magneto had these five spheres quickly fly to Apocalypse’s Pyramid. On one of the Pyramid’s horizontal plains, five circular portals opened and the spheres were going inside of these portals. Since Nash was one of the humans who recieved low doses of Magnetic Electricity, he was the first to awaken. He started firing one armed Sonic Booms at the sphere to escape. He broke out of his sphere that also housed Gambit and fell out. The sphere quickly reformed and sped to it’s intended portal with the Cajun alone. Nash fell trying to land elsewhere but unfortunatly, he only managed to land in the circular portal where Dhalsim and Storm’s sphere went into before it sealed off. Their sphere went down a huge intricate tunnel. Nash managed to grab on to some of the cracks in the wall to stop his decent.

Magneto said to himself, “Hmmm. A Flatscan strong enough to break through one of my Magnetic Spheres. This game may prove interesting yet.”

Dhalsim and Storm’s sphere went speeding down until it entered a seemingly vacant area filed with about twenty six foot ancient Aztec God Statues. As the sphere touched the ground, it dispersed. Soon Dhalsim and Storm awoke.

The two got on their feet as Dhalsim proclaimed, “Ugh… our would be captors wished to seperate us.” “So it appears.”

Next thing you know, Monitor Cyborgs as they first appeared when Dr. Senoh showed them to Vega(cape) in the SF2 Animated Movie broke out of the Statues! The difference being, these Monitor Cyborgs were battle ready! These twenty robots ran up to Storm and Dhalsim with their fists up ready to fight! Once the robots stood there surrounding their foes, our X-Woman and Street Fighter began to throw down!

The first Cyborg tried to punch Storm but she ducked and performed her ingame mid punch crouching maneuver. This Electric Chop cut the Android in half! She then used her wind and electricity powers to break up the robot into little pieces. She fired these fragments like shrapnel to nine other robots as they punched holes right through them destroying them!

Dhalsim extended his long arm, closelined 5 Monitor Cyborgs decapitating them while the same hand grabbed another robot by his head. Dhalsim then dragged this Monitor Cyborg closer to him and started punching him in the head while saying, “YOGA! YOGA! YOGA!” Next he threw the Monitor Cyborg at the remaining four robots and destroyed them all with his “YOGA INFERNO!” Super Art!

Storm and Dhalsim thought it was all over but they were wronger than the wrongest man in Wrong Town. A hundred or more one inch tall light blue Chicken Sentinels (These are Sentinel Heads with robotic Spider like legs. They have only appeared in comics recently and were not around during the Lee/Claremont era, but this will be explained later.) crawled out of one of the mouths of a fallen Monitor Cyborg. They crawled all over Dhalsim like a pack of wild ants. Minature acupuncture like needles from their bottom centers stuck Dhalsim’s flesh and charged him with raw Psycho Power as it’s force even sent Storm flying back! Next thing you know, these light blue Sentinels decomposed into mini nanite microchips that went all over Dhalsim’s skin and decompomsed even further until Dhalsim looked exactly like light blue second player Dhalsim! His eyes began to glow red as the now brainwashed Dhalsim raised his hands about to fight the woman he loved in the past!

Next time - Hey, sorry about going all lovey dovey! These crossovers need at least one type of intercompany romance I feel. As for Dhalsim, hey, you can’t have a story about Shadowloo without someone being brainwashed, and he won’t be the only one at that! But just one more person, more than that is overkill I feel. I’ve always been a big fan of light blue second player Dhalsim and this was my way of sticking him in my Fic. And as far as his method of being brainwashed, originally I wanted to have tentacles come out of nowhere, grab his arms and legs while a needle put that SF2V Triangle on his head, but I thought a bunch of spider like robots coming out of the mouth of a fallen robot would be cooler, something different, and would introduce the popular nanite AKA technoarchy style of X-Men Robotics to the Street Fighter World. Anyway, the next update should be up in a few days as I rap up this fight. Three more days until Capcom Fighting Evolution! Soyanara!

Wow that shit is long. That shit is like reading a book. But were,s vega aka mask and claw? WEre,s BAlrog!!!

Ah, he’s not in the Game, so it’s hard for me to just stick him in there since I’m trying to stay as close to the game as possible, within reason. At this point in the story, as Zangief told Birdie the other 3 Lords of Shadowloo are running Shadowloo while Vega’s(cape) hanging with Apocalypse and everyone else. And hey, this Fic may be long but I only update like once a Month (so it can be like the Comic Book we are STILL NOT GETTING!)so there’s plenty of time to read, unless of course small details like bad writing turn you a way! :rofl: But like I said, I’d hate to leave Dhalsim vs. Storm hanging like that so the next chapter should be up very soon! :smile:

Lol. Oh I understand. You are only puting characters from the game in it. But why is birdie in it. He ain,t in xman vs street fighter. Also i don,t care for spelling since i have bad spelling myself.

It’s not that Birdie. The one in this Fic is from Marvel, Sabretooth’s helper who was in Sabretooth’s first limited series. In X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Sabretooth calls out Birdy and she says “Yeah Boss!” and fires at you with her Machine Gun.

Chapter 6 - “Nash Bridges the Gap!”

After being knocked away by the surge of Psycho Power injected into Dhalsim, Storm stood up as she was now ten feet away. Dhalsim was now brainwased and his hands were raised to do battle with the woman he once loved. Storm began to ask, “Dhalsim, are you alri-” but she couldn’t even finish her sentence because Dhalsim stretched his arm and punched her in the mouth! Storm landed flat on her back but the man from India came at her with his Drill Kick!

Storm countered with her crouching mid kick maneuver where she stands on one hand and kicks with her two legs joined while a whirlwind encircles them. Her feet met with Dhalsim’s as the whirlwind moved from her feet to Dhalsim’s body. The wind made him spin in the opposite direction he was spinning with his Drill kick move and spun him away from Storm!

He landed on his shoulder, quickly got up and fired a “YOGA FIRE!” projectile at Storm. With a wave of her hand, Storm quickly turned the fireball into a snowball which then dispersed. “Dhalsim! I do not know what is wrong with you but I will end this now!” She flew up in the air and performed her Ice Storm Super Art! She began to send huge hail like pieces of ice at Dhalsim which knocked him down and froze his entire torso from his neck down to his waist enclosing his arms. But the brainwashed fighter broke out of the ice casing, leaped up and nabbed Storm with his Super Art, the Yoga Strike! He spun Storm around like a clock and slammed her into the ground! While she was down he was about to finish her off with a Yoga Flame and burn her to ashes!

And just like you switch partners in X-Men vs. SF, Nash came at an angle and kicked Dhalsim in the back! Our wayward rubbery friend went soaring as he flew over Storm and slammed far away into the wall! Nash then grabbed the two sides of his open jacket and said, “Hmph.” as he does when he switches over in X-Men vs. SF. Nash had managed to crawl his way down the tunnel and catch up to the other two.

He asked Storm, “Are you OK?” “Yes.” she replied as she raised herself up a bit from the harsh throw but still remained on the floor. “A large number of Robot Like Insects crawled over Dhalsim and did something to him. He then started to attack me.” Nash looked at Dhalsim as he was getting up and noticed his glowing red eyes. “Typical Shadowloo. The Technique is different but the result is the same. They have a habit of brainwashing Street Fighters and making them attack their friends. Only one cure, beat the brainwashed victims senseless until they come to!”

Nash ran past Storm and performed his Dash Maneuver where he moves forward without his feet touching the ground. Dhalsim performed his Dash Maneuver where his legs are crossed in the usual lotus position. They both came at each other like two runaway trains about to collide! Nash punched Dhalsim square in the chest, but was confused when he saw his fist go through Dhalsim’s body. That’s because it was an after image that soon disappeared for Dhalsim had already performed his backward Yoga Teleport! With his back close the wall once again, The Street Fighter from India stretched his leg to kick Nash in the face, but he just back slapped it away. The Military Man then leaped up to perform his Aerial Sommersault, the Moonsault Slash! But Dhalsim countered with his Anti Air “YOGA BREATH!” The Slash from Nash cut through enough of the Yoga Flame to get him within punching range of Dhalsim and you know what he did next. He smacked him with a three punch combo! Nash hit him with a right fist to the face, a left to the stomach and right to the chest! He then performed a spin kick to Dhalsim’s face but Dhalsim moved back to dodge the kick while he inhaled. Why was he inhaling? Because he was about to burn Nash with his “YOGA FLAME!” of course! After missing his kick Nash was wide open for the attack and his entire body was engulfed in flames!

Storm saw that Nash was in trouble so she finally forced her aching body to get up. When she flew over Nash, with just a thought she used her ability to control wind to put out the flames surrounding Nash so no harm would come to him, but she didn’t stop flying as she grabbed Dhalsim by the neck and electricuted him!

“Dhalsim! Wake up! You are the same honorable man I met long ago! You are too good for this!”

As she spoke electricity started to make the light blue nano technology peel off to reveal Dhalsim’s true skin, but oddly the technology in some parts of his body seemed to ooze out like liquid metal. Dhalsim then knocked Storm away with his rubbery stomach! The nano technology went back to it’s place making him light blue once again. Storm yelled, “TYPHOON!” as she sent three cyclones at Dhalsim making him eat pavement once again!

“Nash! It seems electricty is the key but it is not enough.” “Roger, Storm. Let’s attack him together!”

Dhalsim let loose his “YOGA INFERNO!” Super Art, but it was no match for Storm and Nash’s Tag Team Super Art. Storm flew up and yelled “LIGHTNING STORM!” as electricity flew everywhere and stopped the Yoga Inferno from going further than a few feet! But that was only half of the attack. Nash perormed his Sommersault Justice yelling, “SOMMER! SOMMER! SOMMERSAULT!” As the white Ki of this attack nailed Dhalsim three times and cut the light blue facade in half while the Lightning Storm electricuted the rest off! Now free of the influence of Psycho Power Dhalsim was knocked out thus loosing the fight!

Storm immediatly ran towards Dhalsim and raised his upper body, placing it on her bent legs as she sat on the ground. She checked his pulse to make sure he was still alive, and then she checked his breathing.

“He’s going to make it. He just needs some rest.”

With a smile, Nash responded. “Hmph. Like I said, you have to beat the brainwashed victims senseless. Thanks for the save back there, Storm.” “Likewise. I suppose we are even.” “I suppose… HEY! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!” yelled Nash.

Nash pointed to the Nano Technology that came off of Dhalsim, but not only had it turned black and yellow but it looked very liquidy with what appeared to be melted microchips and circuity, like something a robot would vomit as it was all in one big glob. You could see a few small Sentinel Heads sticking out of it. Their mouths moved for a little while as if they were shivering but soon their movement ceased.

Storm answered, “This is… the Transmode Virus, also called Living Circuity, or Techno Organic Material. Along with what looks like minature Sentinels. It would seem that Apocalypse is educating Shadowloo about some of the technology used against the X-Men, used here as some sort of sick joke. A criminal organization accesible to this knowledge may prove very dangerous indeed.”

Next a wall lifted up and exposed a large coridor as if they passed a test and were now allowed to continue. “…Storm, you remain with Dhalsim and keep him safe. Gambit’s out there alone somewhere, I’m off to find them.” With that Nash ran down the coridor.

Dr. Senoh (scientist from the SF2 Animated movie) and Vega watched the entire a fight on a Monitor in a computerized room in the Aztec Pyramid. Senoh stated, “Ah, this Apocalypse must have many powerful Mutant followers to know of these top secret designs of the so called Chicken Sentinels. Do you know that the ultimate plan is to create them so small that they can enter a Mutant’s bloodstream? Very interesting. Regarding the other source of technology we combined the Chicken Sentinels with, this Living Circuitry, it’s almost like working with a Computer Virus. It is too dangerous for us to experiment with. Still, this was a very succesful test run in finding quicker methods of brainwashing.”

Vega stood their with his arms folded and he couldn’t disagree more. “Succesful? Dhalsim was defeated. Everyone left the room alive!”

Dr. Senoh started to float up from his chair as he felt his neck being chocked, for Vega was killing him with his Psycho Power!

“But… Vega Sama… The purpose… of this… fight…was to send Apocalypse… more power…” wheezed Dr. Senoh with the little breath he had. “Oh. Show me.” responded Shadowloo’s powerful leader.

He released his hold on Senoh who fell back into his chair. With one hand he held his neck while he began to breath once again. With the other hand he switched to the camera trained on Apocalypse. From a bird’s eye view you could see all of the energy residue of the battle between Dhalsim, Storm and Nash enter his body. The areas where all the fights were to be held were all conducters that would send the energy left over after the battles straight to Apocalypse, who was now laughing like a madman in utter joy.

Vega smiled and said, “Very well. We will call this a moderate success! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Sometime later Dhalsim awoke while he was lying down, still in Storm’s arms. “Oh… Storm, I am so sorry…” “Apologize not, you were not at fault.” “Perhaps, but through all of my mental training I should of been able to resist. I would never willingly hurt some one as beautiful as you who has my utmost respect.” “I feel the same way about you, except for the beautiful part!” Storm chuckled.

As they gazed into each others eyes, Dhalsim kissed Storm! They both kissed each other for a few seconds until Dhalsim pulled away and apologized once again. “I… I… shouldn’t have.” “No, it is quite alright.” “No. I have been engaged to someone named Sally since I was thirteen years old. I suppose when I first met you those long years ago, I was quite hesitant about the idea of my engagement, allowing me to have feelings for another. But after all of these years I have grown quite fond of Sally. I do not know if I am in love with her but I know I would never do anything to harm her and I wish to protect her. Besides… I felt that when you kissed me you were thinking of someone else.”

“Dhalsim, you may not realize it but from your words I can tell that you do love Sally and only admire me, it is quite different. And yes, I was thinking of Forge. He has proposed to me and I still have not answered him. He is trapped here in this Pyramid.” “I see. Now help me up so we can find the man in your heart and you can give him your answer.” Storm helped Dhalsim up and held him up so he could walk as the two went away smiling.

Next up - Enough with the Romance! Time for some beatdowns! Ken and Wolverine take on Sabretooth and Juggernaut! SEEYA!

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Oh and minor edit. I realized that Sabretooth’s helper in the MVC Games is actually called “Birdy” not “Birdie.” I’ve gone back to Edit and fixed her name in the Fic.

Chapter 7 - “Crouching Sabretooth Tiger, Hidden Dragon Punch!”

Ken and Wolverine made there way down a long corridor that looked like the insides of an ancient temple. Wolverine lead the way while Ken walked behind him with his fingers interlocked behind his head looking up with a gloomy expreseion. “Old man, do you even know where we’re going?” “Let’s just say my nose is leadin’ me to a few old friends. You better sit this one out and hang back rookie. Things are gonna get rough.” Ken stops walking and angrily yells while lowering his hands and clenching them into fists. “Hey, I’ve won lots of Tournaments this year including the U.S. Martial Arts Championship! Of all the luck, being stuck with a Mutie…” Wolverine stops walking as well and says without turning around “You better watch it, punk! Us so called ‘Muties’ ain’t allowed to compete in your Tournamens. You’re victories don’t mean squat!” “Typical Mutie. Thinks he’s better than all us humans. I wasn’t born with my fighting abilities like you, I had to train all my life. You wouldn’t last 2 seconds against a real Martial Artist!” Wolverine finally turned around to face Ken Masters. “You don’t know a damn thing about me Boy, but your scent tells me your whole story. Expensive cologne, vintage wine on your breath, you’re nothing but a spoiled brat who believes everything he hears about us Mutants on CNN and has his head shoved up so far up his Ass he has no idea what the real world is all about!”

Victor Creed, the Mutant known as Sabretooth yelled out, “Looks like the Newlyweds are fighting again!” Juggernaut chimed in, “Mommy, Daddy, stop fighting it’s Christmas!” Ken and Wolverine stopped arguing and ran towards the laughter they heard in the distance. This vocal trail of breadcrumbs lead them to a very futuristic looking chamber that looked like the inside of a computer, only monochrome silver. The floor was even riddled with wiring and microchips.

When our heroes entered Wolverine was facing Sabretooth who was standing near the left side of the room to the wall furthest from Ken and Wolverine. Behind Sabretooth to his left was a door which was obviously the entrance Juggernaut and Sabretooth used. Juggernaut was on the right side, facing off against Ken, in this very long room. As everyone began to speak, the entrance Ken and Wolverine entered had been sealed off.

“Sabretooth! Juggernaut! Where’s Jean Grey, the Professor and the others?” Wolverine’s arch rival joked, “Oh, I’ve been having a good time with red if ya know what I mean, Hah! Hah!” “And I just gave my baldy brother a well deserved noogie!” “I don’t have time for you jokers! Start talkin’ or I’ll start slicin’!” “Take it easy, runt!” said Victor Creed. “If you wanna save your loser friends your gonna have ta get past us!” “But these are one on one fights. Choose your exectioner!” added Cain Marko, Professor X’s wayward stepbrother who became the Juggernaut.

A wall rose from in between Sabretooth and Juggernaut and started heading towards Wolverine and Ken horizontally at a steady pace, splitting the big room into two rooms. Ken stood facing Juggernaut and if he remained there, he would have to fight him. “C’mon, I’ll take on anyone.” declared the heir to the Masters Foundation.

Logan, the man who is also known as Wolverine thought to himself, “Either way, this kid is toast. But Juggernaut can kill him with his pinky. I hate to admit it, but he has a better chance with that psycho Sabretooth. I should just let Juggs squash the Mutant Hater and take out Sabretooth for good but…”

Wolverine grabbed Ken by the arm and shoved him to Sabretooth’s side of the room while he went over to Juggernaut’s. Ken said, “What the?” “Listen up, rookie! Don’t try to fight Sabretooth, make a run for the exit. And watch out for…” The wall finally closed seperating them, and it’s loud slam signaled Wolverine that there was no point in continuing the conversation.

“You know, for someone who lives in a School, that was really stupid. Both of you should a ran to Sabretooth’s side. Neither of you has a chance in hell of defeating Juggernaut” Cain Marko claimed. “This wall that keeps us apart ain’t even Adamanium. You would of just broke through the wall and fought both of us anyway. But then again, it might of taken a Month for your Dumb Ass to figure that out.” “That does it! Be kind to Pipsqueak Week is over! POWER UP!” so stated the not so gentle giant as he began to glow with red aura.

Sabretooth was very disapointed. “What a waist. I wanted to settle things with the runt. Now I gotta fight He-Man’s dorky little brother with the Kung Fu Grip?” “That does it Mutie! I’ll show you what fighting a real Martial Artist is all about!”

Ken ran towards Sabretooth and attempted to kick him in his right oblique, but Victor just wrapped his right arm around Ken’s leg with force to soften the blow. “Hah! Hah! Hah! You’re just a Tourney Fighter. When’s the last time you’ve been in a Street Fight? This kinda crap only works in Karate Kid Movies. Let me show ya what happens if ya try ta kick someone in the mid section in the real world.” With his free hand while still holding Ken’s leg, Sabretooth punched Ken in the balls, as Ken screamed in pain! Once again with the same free hand, Creed clawed Ken’s left breast with razor sharped claws as Ken went hurling back.

Ken remained on the ground as he was bleeding from his chest and holding his family jewels. After recieving this rude awakening, he thought to himself, “He’s right. After leaving Japan, I haven’t had anymore Street Fights. Still, even the lowest yakuza scum has enough honor not to punch someone… there!”

Sabretooth yawned. “Fighting this Flatscan’s a waiste of time. Birdy!” he called out as he snapped his fingers. Birdy came through the same entrance Juggernaut and Creed used earlier, but remained in the doorway never fully entering the room while saying “Yeah Boss!” Sabretooth already turned his back to Ken and proceeded to head towards the doorway since he figured after Birdy turned Ken into swiss cheese they’d be on their way. And yes, Birdy lurking about was one of the things Wolverine tried to warn Ken about since he also picked up her scent. Right after Birdy spoke, she fired multiple shots from her oversized machine gun at Ken, just like she does in Sabretooth’s Super art. While Birdy wanted Zangief to grant her freedom, she knew that it was best not to cross Sabretooth for now so she would have to kill for him once again.

But Ken Masters’ legacy doesn’t end at the wrong end of a firing arm, for he leaped up thirty feet in the air as all the butllets missed him. His reaction was so fast and unexpected that Birdy didn’t even have time to use her Psi powers on him. Ken came raining down on Birdy and kicked her in the side of her head, thrusting it to the doorway’s side and knocking her out! She dropped the oversized machine Gun, as the Street Fighter turned around to face the Mutant with the weapon at his feet.

“Go ahead and pick up the gun, Boy. It’s the only chance you got ta high tail it outta here.”

Ken kicked the gun far away from him and assumed his fighting stance smiling, “Looks like kicks to the head work better in Street Fights!”

“Heh, I’m startin’ ta like ya Boy. Just for that, when I rip your head off and use your body as a toilet, I’ll go with number one instead a number two.”

Ken dashed towards Sabretooth, but the Mutant jumped up and slammed the top of Ken’s head with two fists folded together. When Creed’s feet touched the ground, Ken’s face was heading towards Sabretooth’s foot, so he just kicked Ken’s face like a Soccer Ball. Next he tried to claw Ken, but the man who trained under Gouken ducked and performed a Crouching Roundhouse to get Sabretooth on his feet. Before the villainous Mutant hit the floor he performed a hand stand with his right hand and attempted to kick Ken with his left leg, but Masters managed to block with his elbow joined vertically on his knee. This blow caused Sabretooth to thrust back and fall from his hand stand since the block ceased his leg from extending all the way and threw off his balance. But all it took was a back flip for the catlike Mutant to land on his feet. From Ken’s blocking position it was very easy for him to segway into his “TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU!”

Getting struck with the Hurricane Kick angered Victor Creed to no end. He sliced Ken once again with his “BERSERKER CLAW!” as he dashed past Ken and sliced the other side of his chest!

At this point Ken realized it was time for the tiger to bleed externally as well. He decided to strike him in the eye in order to temporarily blind and confuse his opponent. Ken attempted to Karate Chop Sabretooth in the eyes as the man Birdy calls Boss performed his Crouching Midpunch claw strike. The problem being that Ken miscalculated how low Sabretooth would crouch given his enormous size compared to Ken, So he wound up chopping the area above Creed’s right eye with his left hand. With Ken’s right elbow, he pushed the claw strike away by jamming it in the area between Victor’s right forearm and bicep. Ken however wasn’t that unlucky for the chop did cause a cut above Sabretooth’s eye, and as any boxer will tell you this has to be eploited to it’s fullest! Ken then gave the cut three lightning speed punches all with his left fist making the blood flow into the ‘eye of the tiger’ making it difficult for him to see. The Mutant growled like an angry wilderbeast as he swung his claws wildly, but Ken had no problem dodging for his blows were no longer accurate due to him being temporarily blinded in one eye.

Mr. Masters went for a Shoryuken, but before his fist struck Sabretooths’s chin, he grabbed Ken’s forearm and sunk his razor sharp teeth into the area between Ken’s left shoulder and neck. Our fellow Street Fighter cried out in pain as the Mutant working with Apocalypse tackled Ken down so he was kneeling down with both knees on either side of Ken’s obliques. Sabretooth removed his teeth from Ken and licked the blood from around his own mouth. You see the problem with Ken’s plan was because of Sabretooth’s Healing Factor the wound above Sabretooth’s eye healed quickly. Sabretooth now on top of his prey rubbed the remaing blood out of his eye.

“It’s been fun kid, but now it’s time for me ta floss my teeth with your intestines!” Creed was just about to slice Ken’s jugular wide open, but before he could connect and disconnect Ken from that little place we refer to as the land of the living, Ken wrapped his right leg around the front of Victor’s left shoulder blade and slammed him to the ground! Usually at this point most would try to go for a leg lock of sorts, but Ken decided to leap away for he did not know what to expect from his unpredictable advesary. He tried to strike Sabretooth with a “HADOUKEN!” but he missed entirely as Sabretooth leaped to pounce on him with his Weapon X Rush Super Art! Ken’s blood painted the room red as he got sliced up like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Creed finished the Super Art with an X like Strike while yelling “DIE!” Ken fell down and laid in a massive pool of his own blood, as the top of his gi was torn to shreds. After his Super Art, Victor Creed landed a few feet away from Ken with his back turned to him. Like the jungle cat he resembles, he turned to pounce on Ken to shred him to peaces. In Ken’s mind, this all seemed to play in slow motion but it was actually only a few seconds that it would take for Sabretooth to begin the slaughter.

In what seems to be the last moments of Ken’s life, he recalls Wolverine’s words to him. “Us so called ‘Muties’ ain’t allowed to compete in your Tournaments. your victories don’t mean squat!..you’re nothing but a spoiled brat who believes everything he’s heard about Mutants on CNN and has his head shoved up so far up his Ass he has no idea what the real world is all about!”

Then he remembers Sabretooth’s words, " Hah! Hah! Hah! You’re just a Tourney Fighter. When’s the last time you’ve been in a Street Fight?"

Ken thinks to himself, “They are both right. Since my fight with Gouki, I’ve only participated in Tournaments and safe fights. Deep down I’ve been scared to engage in another Street Fight to avoid coming across soeone like Gouki, who is too strong to compete in Tournaments. I am hiding from the real world. There are many strong fighters and even strong Mutants out there, if I want to be the best I must seek them all and challenge them, but it is too late now…”

Next he remembers Gouki’s words to him when he defeated Ken after killing Gouken. “You will never become truly strong. You have too many emotional attachments to this world. You lack the courage to give your life to win a fight, thus holding back your true potential.”

Ken continued to think to himself, “No. I will no longer hide from the world. I will give my life… to win the fight… and one day… I will avenge my Master Gouken!”

As Ken thought this his right hand became engulfed in flames! Due to the speed of the human mind, his thoughts only took mere seconds, as Sabretooth still hasn’t landed on Ken yet! Ken put all of his remaining strength in his “SHIIIIIIINRYUUUUU KEN!” As this Multi hit Uppercut Super Art struck Sabretooth, not only did it blind everything in a white light but Victor Creed screamed in agony as his body was burned almost to a crisp! With most of his clothes, flesh, and hair burned off Sabretooth hit the ground looking like a rotting corpse! Ken fell on the ground as well for the loss of blood and the loss of all of his fighting energy was all any man could take. “I did it… I won… I gave my life… for the fight… Sensei… I will see you soon. Ryu… when we meet again…” and everything started to get hazy.

But before Ken could pass on to the other side, Gouki came walking towards the doorway, for he had witnessed the entire battle from a distance. He was the other scent Logan wished to warn Ken about. He grabbed Birdy by the top of the hair on her head.

“I see you’ve improved, whelp. But you are still to weak to challenge the likes of me, so just lay there and die.”

Ken, now with new vigor said, “…No… Gouki… Face me… I will avenge… my Master!” Gouki continued to drag Birdy by her hair. With his free hand he fired a Ki blast at the wall that seperated them from Wolverine and Juggernaut. “No… wait… we must fight…” uttered Ken. Gouki walked through the hole he just created with Birdy but Ken’s words gave him a slight smile.

Since his thirst for revenge against Gouki was so great, it gave him the will to manage to rise to his feet. He assumed the stance from the SF2 Animated Movie to heal himself from Vega’s injuries in the Movie. He also began to chant the same chant from the Movie as his body was engulfed in blue flames and his ponytail went flying up in the air. This wasn’t enough to heal all his wounds but it did help.

Gouki began to witness the fight between Juggernaut and Wolverine, and Logan was getting the crap beat out of him. With his two hands folded together Juggernaut rammed the top of Wolverine’s head three times driving his body into the floor like a nail, and then he kicked him far away. Wolverine came back to slice Juggernaut’s armor, but the cuts healed up almost as quickly as they were inflicted. Juggernaut grabbed Wolverine and slammed him so hard on the ground he bounced up twenty feet in the air. Juggernaut followed this by giving Logan a massive aerial headbutt to his spinal cord. If not for Wolverine’s Healing Factor and Adamantium skeleton, he would of been dead by now.

As Wolverine landed, he tried one last ditch effort. He extended only his middle claws on both hands and rammed both of them all the way into Juggernaut’s eyes! Juggernaut yelled in excrutiating pain as he powered up once again, and the red energy was enough to drive Wolverine back. At best this bought Wolverine some time for Juggernaut’s wounds would take a bit longer to heal.

“Do you want to win this fight?” asked Gouki. Wolverine turned to him to say, “Don’t think I don’t recognize your scent. Your one of the bozos who was at the Mansion.” “You did not answer the question, Weapon X.” Wolverine looked at him and remained silent. “Remove his helmet. I will take care of the rest.”

“That does it Old Feller! It’s time to put you out to pasture!” screamed Cain Marko as he charged at Wolverine. Wolverine Dashed toward him, Juggernaut’s punch missed as Wolverine performed his “TORNADO CLAW!” Uppercut and struck the area between the helmut and the armor, thus removing the helmet, as Wolverine went high up in the sky. Gouki lifted Birdy up and struck two pressure points on both sides of her neck with his thumbs. This caused her to open her eyes and use a telepathic attack on anyone in her point of view, and this happened to be Juggernaut, for Psi attacks are his only weakness and without his helmet he can not shield himself from them. Juggernaut yelled as he passed out. Wolverine landed on the ground, Gouki dropped Birdy and she continued to remain unconscious as well.

“Why’d you help me?” asked Logan. “I wanted to fight a worthy opponent” “You called me Weapon X. What do you know about my past?” “Defeat me and I will tell you, James.”

Next up - Don’t worry about Sabretooth. Healing factor and all, he’ll be okay! I’m gonna put Gouki vs. Wolverine on hold for a bit. Next time, Rogue and Chun-Li vs. Cammy and Vega! Let’s hope 2005 rocks! Peace out!

Chapter 8 - “Never Been Kissed by a Mutant!”

As Chun-Li and Rogue made there way down a long corridor, neither spoke to the other because there was still tension left over from their previous fight and the harsh words that came afterwards. Rogue was flying ahead of Chun-Li who was running behind. Whenever Chun-Li ran past Rogue, the southern belle managed to fly past the Interpol Agent, thus continuing their newfound rivalry, albeit sinently.

Our two vuloptuos heroines made there way to a huge room that housed Killer Bee who we all refer to as Cammy even if she still hasn’t been named thus and the leader of Shadowloo, Vega. This very large room was yellowish baige and had many three foot long square stones used like bricks but piled evenly to make up the walls. About fifteen feet above the floor was another level that extended about seven feet away from the wall and went all the way around the room. In hieght, vertically the level was three feet tall as it was made by the same square stones that the walls were composed of. Along it’s sides were many lit torches about eight feet apart from each other. To the farthest side of the room was standing Cammy covered in her red coat. Directly above her was Vega who stood near the extending level’s edge with his cape covering his body. Their was a doorway behind Vega and another behind Killer Bee as well.

“Vega! Where is my father?” asked Chun-Li, believing her father was one of the many captured victims. “Huh, huh, huh! I see you’ve inherited your father’s rudeness. Defeat my Killer Bee and perhaps I’ll tell you.” grinned the evil dictator as he pushed his cape behind his body by lifting one arm as light blue electricity began to spring out of his hands.

“Ah’ll take care of this Chun-Li! Humans are no match for us X-Men!” “Wait, Rogue! She’s one of Vega’s top assasins!” Rogue flew at Cammy who removed the red coat. Killer Bee dodged Rogue’s too fisted strike exactly like the pic in X-Men vs. SF’s intro. Cammy stepped back and began to glow light blue as she declared, “COME ON!” When Rogue tried to punch her again, Killer Bee performed her counter move, the Cannon Revenge. As she kicked Rogue away by yelling “EAT THIS!” the X-Woman yelled out as well but in pain as her body was engulfed in light blue flames! Rogue got up after the flames disappeared and said, “My body… is supposed ta be nigh invulnerable. How could this happen?” Vega laughed as not only did his hands continue to glow, the shoulder pads on Killer Bee’s outfit began to glow as well. “Ha! Ha! Ha! That is Psycho Power. It effects the body as well as the mind, and can even fool your enigmatic brain into believing your body’s in pain. Normally killer Bee is not this powerful, but with me channeling my power directly into her, she can not loose.”

“We’ll see about that darlin’!” stated Rogue as she flew up high and came raining down at an angle at Killer Bee ready to strike her with a kick. Naturally, Cammy countered with her “CANNON SPIKE!” exactly like the famous X-Men vs. SF drawing by Bengus/CRMK. Killer Bee was the first to connect as she literally kicked Rogue’s Ass, or kicked Rogue in her Ass setting her on light blue flames once again as she crashed down hard on the stone floor, screaming yet again!

“Hang in there, Rogue. I’ll take out her power source. Vega is mine!” proclaimed Chun-Li as she forward dashed to the level Vega was standing on and leaped up to strike him with her “TENSHOU KYAKU!” but Vega blocked every hit with his elbows. He gave Chun-Li a massive uppercut as his fist was engulfed with light blue flames and passing the flames on to Chunners, then he struck her with a Fierce Punch Aerial Psycho Shot increasing the damage! It was time for Chun-Li to scream out in pain while being engulfed in blue flames like her partner was recently.

Vega teleported down to the floor. “Huh, huh. Already you put up a better fight than that pathetic Dohrai. Your fighting skills must come from your mother’s side of the family!” Enraged, Chun-Li struck Vega with her overhead/arc flip kick, the Sensensyu and quickly followed up with a thrusting kick to Vega’s mid section. With incredible reaction time that doesn’t even seem humanly possible Vega countered with his standing roundhouse maneuver, his gliding Hover Kick. Chun-Li tried to spin kick Vega in the head but the dictator teleported away and wound up behind her. Chun-Li turned to punch the leader of Shadowloo, but he ducked the blow. Next Vega went soaring thirty feet in the air in the blink of an eye and crashed down on the poor detective with his famous Head press. He picked up Dohrai’s daughter off the ground and with his Deadly Throw maneuver he tossed her up very high and quite some distance away like a fly ball. While Chun-Li was still in the air, The leader of Shadowloo concentrated his Pscho Field projectile and launched it. This fireball moves slower than most projectiles, but by the time Chun-Li came falling down she landed right on top of it as the impact erupted into three huge spheres of Psycho energy! Even after this massive blow, Chun-Li continued to rise up for she was determined to bring Vega to justice once and for all.

Meanwhile Rogue wasn’t doing much better as she had just fallen victim to a “CANNON DRILL!” Rogue tried to swat the Bee with her Repeating Punch move. Cammy dodged every single blow except the last one which sent her soaring backwards. The leader of the Twelve Dolls rose up and spat out the wisdom tooth Rogue just knocked out and fought on as if she felt no pain. Cammy flipped towards the X-Woman and kicked her with her Hooligan Combination, quickly followed by her Spinning Knuckle back fisted two hit move and next she performed her Killer Bee Assault Super Art. She flipped up in the air as she yelled, “LOCK ON!” and came raining down on Rogue with lots of powerful blows which ended with her grabbing the Mutant by her neck with her feet and spinning her around to hit the floor hard! And if this wasn’t enough, with no hesitation Cammy went into her second Super Art, her “SPIN DRIVE SMASHER!” which combined both her Cannon Drill and Cannon Spike maneuvers!

Mystique’s adapted daughter was on the ground with blue flames all around her until they dispersed yet again. Her eyes were closed as it seemed she already lost the fight. To finish off her opponent for good, Cammy ran up to Rogue, lifted her arms out as if she were trying to destroy a toy doll. Killer Bee began to electricute Rogue with Psycho Power! From this position there was only one thing Rogue could do. She kissed Killer Bee on the lips to perform her Power Drain Move! Cammy let go of Rogues arms as the Mutant placed both her hands on Cammy’s cheeks. Cammy felt the her energy draining as the Psycho Power’s electricity surrounded both. Both Vega and Chun-Li stopped fighting to witness this spectatcle. “Oooh! Now that’s what I call entertainment!” gleefully expressed Vega.

The surge of Psycho Power kept the two lip locked much longer than Rogue anticipated for being exposed to Rogue’s power that long was very dangerous to both. Rogue finally released Killer Bee who fell to the ground as if she was dead.

As Rogue’s eyes began to glow light blue, she stood up erect like a soldier and saluted Vega while stating, “Killer Bee reporting for duty sir!” without her southern accent. Vega smiled and began to stroke his chin. “Interesting.” “Rogue! What’s wrong with you?” “You see Chun-Li…” explained Vega. “…I’ve studied the X-Men extensivly. Rogue has the power to absorb one’s abilities and memories through skin contact. But if she remains touching her advesary too long, she runs the risk of killing the advesary and even becoming the person she absorbed for a short time. Killer Bee! Destroy this young lady!” The evil dictator pointed at the very attractive Street Fighter.

Rogue looked and Chun-li and said, “Target confirmed!” She came at her with a Cannon Drill, but Chun-Li dodged with her Backward Dash Move which involves two back flips. “Killer Bee. Do not hesitate to use your new found strength and ability to fly.” “Eye eye sir!” yelled out Rogue as she flew in the direction of Chun-Li ready to knock her lights out like the United States East Coast Blackout of 2003. The young detective thought to herself as she remembered their first fight, “I can’t take Rogue’s punch head on again. I have to use her own strength against her.”

As Rogue went to punch Chun-Li, she side stepped the move and placed her left hand on Rogue’s forearm and with her right hand with an open palmed strike put all her strength into pushing her bent elbow so the force of her own punch would send her crashing to the wall! After performing this semi Judo like move she fired a “KIKOUKEN!” fireball to her back making Rogue hit the wall that much quicker! After the curvacious X-Woman struck the wall and fell to the floor, Chun-Li yelled “HYA! HYA! HYA!” as she repeatedly struck the upper level of the room that was above Rogue with her Aerial Lightning Kick! This destroyed a good portion of the level that was in between two torches as the torches were all a good eight feet apart and the falling debris fell on Rogue! When the dust cleared, Rogue’s hand was sticking out of the stone like rocks and it trembled for a little while until it stopped moving.

Next Chun-Li ran up to Vega who cut her run short by Teleporting in front of her and grabbing her by the neck while electricuting her as he hoisted her up. “Huh, huh, huh! You defeated Rogue even after she absorbed Psycho Power. You just may be the strongest woman in the world. Your father however, is to weak to be one of the fighters trapped here, and we even have that looser Dan Hibiki! I killed Dohrai three months ago. And don’t bother looking for a corpse. There were no remains after our battle. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Chun-Li yelled, “NO!” as a tear came down her right eye. She began to concentrate her Ki into her hands, until she struck Vega with her HUGE white fireball Super Art, her “KIKOU SHOU!” This was enough to back Vega away from her but not enough to take him down. “IMPRESSIVE!” said Vega as he knocked her out with his Knee Press Nightmare Super Art, splitting into three Vegas as he does in the Marvel games, as these multiple scissor kicks knocked Chun-Li out cold! “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” laughed the dictator as he was the only one left standing.

Later, Rogue was seen strapped to a chair that ressembeld the chair Ken was strapped to in the SF2 Animated Movie. Dr. Senoh was behind a glass panel inputing various commands on a keyboard. Vega stood behind him with his arms folded smiling as he watched the beautiful Mutant scream in agony. “Vega sama, with Rogue absorbing Killer Bee’s mind, half the work is already done. We just have to ensure the effects are permanent.” “Very good. And Chun-Li?” “She is being prepped for the Shadow project as we speak. But Vega sama, what about Killer Bee? Without proper medical attention, she could die…” “Forget about Killer Bee.” said Vega as he finally stopped smiling and looked very angry. “There is no room for failure in Shadowloo.”

Killer Bee was indeed left to die as she remained on the same exact spot where Rogue dropped her. When she finally awoke she said, “Who… am I?” For Rogue had absorbed and erased all of her memories.

NEXT UP: No, I didn’t forget. Wolverine vs. Gouki! Seeya in thirty! In the meantime, I’ll be having pleasant dreams about Namco x Capcom… and having nightmares about Marvel vs. EA, LOL! Laters!

Wolverine vs. someone who’s vastly more powerful then him.

ps: I see a lot of walls in Wolverine’s future.

Chapter 9 - “Weapon Super Street Fighter II X!”

A mechanical sliding door opened as Magneto walked in on Vega and Dr. Senoh as they were brainwasing Rogue. “What are you flatscans doing! I will no longer permit Mutants to be tortured at the hands of humans! Release Rogue immediatly!” Vega with his arms folded didn’t even bother to look at Magneto and only smiled. “Hmmm, you call this Mutant by name. Seeing as she is our enemy regardless of her genetic code, I can’t understand why you would come to her rescue. Perhaps you harbor feelings for her? She is quite easy on the eyes.” Magneto pauses for a bit and reminisces. “There was, some feelings left unresolved in what feels like a lifetime ago. I was… very confused at one point and lead the X-Men for a time.” “Oh, how romantic! Loving someone you can’t even touch! Now that’s what I call safe sex! HA! HA! HA! HA!” “Let her go you psychopath or I will destroy you where you stand!” screamed Magnus as his eyes and both fists began to glow with blue energy. Vega dropped his smile and addreesed Magneto in a serious manner, still not meeting his gaze. “Magneto. When Apocalypse returns what do you think awaits those who oppose him? Death or enslavement. As an X-Man she will never follow our darwinian ideal of the strong ruling over the weak. I am brainwashing her to be one of us. It is the only chance she has of survival. If you care at all for this Mutant you will let me continue my work.” Magneto lowered his fists as the blue energy disappeared from them along with his eyes turning back to normal. Realizing Vega was right, he said, “… Very well. Carry on.” The Master of Magnetism flipped his cape behind his back and left the room.

Wolverine and Gouki where stairing at each other while assuming their fighting stances. The battle was being fought in their minds, as neither saw any openings in the other’s stances. But at some point their physical battle would have to begin as the two adversaries where locked in each other’s sites, waiting for the other to stike. When a pebble from the hole in the wall that Gouki created fell on the ground, it’s small sound was like a bell rung before a boxing match as Gouki and Wolverine performed their forward Dash maneuvers towards each other. Wolverine’s forward Dash looks like a wild man running as he swings his claws wildly while Gouki’s looks like his forward Ashura Warp minus the shadows. Within split seconds the two were in striking distance.

Wolverine was the first to attack with his crouching mid kick move. He dug all six of his Adamantium claws in the ground and front flipped as his feet went ramming into Gouki’s stomach, and with Wolverine’s Adamantium laced skeleton it was like the equivalent of being rammed in the gutt with a steel girder times ten! Next Logan went for his Aerial Rave Launcher, his standing Roundhouse Kick which sent Gouki flying straight up in the air. Wolverine leaped up to attack Gouken’s murderer with his Repeated Claw move but Gouki blocked every single one of these strikes by slamming his forearms into Wolverine’s. Gouki managed to get in a left and right punch as he fired an Aerial Zankuu Hadouken at Wolverine sending him crashing down. Wolverine landed on his feet and performed his backward dash, a huge leap in the opposite direction.

Soon after Gouki’s feet touched the floor, and like two birds refusing to stay grounded for the winter both of them leaped up in the air once again. Wolverine came at and angle with his diagonal Dive Knee Move, and Gouki came down with his diagonal kick the Tenma Kuujin Kyaku, and since both moves were extremely similar both attacks canceled each other out! With not a second to spare as both opponents were locked with their kicks negating each other Gouki quickly smacked Wolverine in the back of his head with his Senpuu Kyaku, a one hit Hurricane Kick!

Wolverine went flying away, but to stop his descent he once again stuck his claws into the floor which once again looked like the inards of a computer of sorts, scratching it up a good ten feet as he looked like he was trying to claw on to a building he was falling from, only he was moving horizontally as opposed to vertically.

After creating the six long claw streaks on the floor he performed his “DRILL CLAW!” and came straight at the Ansatsuken Warrior. For a second it seemed like he gutted the man who embraced the Satsui No Hadou but you guessed it. Wolverine had only struck an after image As Gouki had already Ashura Warped right past the canadian. He stopped and quickly turned against the rotating Mutant and struck him with his Gou Shoryuken in the stomach! Wolverine howled like the animal that’s his name sake as he was engulfed in flames and came crashing down!

Gouki held out his fists as the room became a shade darker than it was originally. “I see you are a worthy opponent. I will enjoy this battle to it’s fullest!” Wolverine rose up as he stood on one knee. “What, is this Ki? And, why does this scent remind me of that white headbanded punk? When I asked him about it, he said you guys have the same, affliction. What in blazes was he yappin’ about?” “Ryu has been blessed with possesing the gift of the Satsui No Hadou. It occurs when you dedicate your life to fighting and nothing else and will stop at nothing to win, even if it means killing your opponent. But the young fool struggles against it stopping his true potential where as I embrace it. Now Weapon X, I will let you taste my true power!”

Gouki leaped up and performed his Tenma Gou Zankuu Super Art! A barrage of Fireballs came raining down on Wolverine causing a huge explosion and eclipsing everything in a white light! Wolverine began to howl in agony once again, as soon enough the room returned to it’s darkened shade caused by Gouki’s massive Aura!

When the dust cleared Wolverine rose up as part of his costume had been torn apart. As he stood up it was almost like he became a different person entirely. He held out his claws and roared “GRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!” as flames began to rise from the ground in diagonal streams! Wolverine had entered his berserker rage mode and only a skilled Martial Artist like Gouki was able to see these flames of Ki that arose when Wolverine entered this feral state! Wolverine charged Gouki like the wild animal inside of him that he fights against!

His speed was even to fast for Gouki to avoid, as he cut into him with the many claw strikes of his Berserker Barrage! But Wolverine was way past the point of screaming out move names as he continued to screech like an animal! Gouki all bloodied up went flying back but before he could even touch the floor our fellow X-Men went right into his Weapon X Super Art further clawing up his opponent! Gouki fell on the floor as it seemed he was bleeding to death! Wolverine started to lick the blood off of his claws as he howled as a wolf would towards a full moon! Gouki severly wounded managed to stand up staggering. He thought to himself, “In Wolverine’s present mindset there is no way he can survive the Shun Goku Satsu. This is the greatest advesary I have ever faced, but in the end I shall be the victor!”

Like two runaway freight trains the two colleded, Wolverine with his claws drawn ready to go for the kill and Gouki warping towards Logan as he performed his most devastating move, the Shun Goku Satsu! First Gouki grabbed Wolverine and transported them both to a dark pit of Hell! Next he began to rain down on Wolverine with hundreds upon hundred of punches which defy all laws of physics! But that’s not all the attack entails! Demons form Hell who looked like souls of Gargoyle like beasts began to go threw Wolverine’s body attacking his soul! But due to Wolverine’s beastial mind and nature and his Berserker rage, as these demons went through Wolverine’s body they came out of his back engulfed in flames! Even so, this attack was still too much for our fellow X-Man as it seemed he had met his end.

Wolverine’s mind wandered back many, many years ago before the second World War. Before his skeleton was laced with Adamantium. Back when he was training with Ogun, his Samurai instructer before Ogun chose the path of evil.

As Logan was practicing in the style of Ogun Ryu, he and his Sensei were sparring with Bokens, wooden swords. He attempted to strike his master many times but Ogun countered every blow. He then struck Wolverine with a vicous ten hit combo with his boken sending Logan to the ground. Wolverine rose up as he howled like an Animal to strike Ogun as the beast inside of him got the better of him, but Ogun smacked his pupil down with a twenty hit combo as Logan landed right where the sun don’t shine.

“Your weakness is your blind fury. You will never become a great swordsman if you do not learn to clear your mind and rest the beast that lies within you.”

Logan stood up and realized that he could not rely on his eyesight because he would attack his prey once again like a vicous wilderbeast, so he instead relied on this other heightened senses as he closed his eyes. He and Ogun clashed swords once again, and Ogun blocked every single blow except one. Wolverine managed to land one blow on the back of his master’s hand! Ogun smiled and smacked Logan with a thirty hit combo taking him down once again. “Very good, desciple. But you still have a long way to go.”

Back to the present. Wolverine managed to clear his feral mind as he closed his eyes and and performed his Super Art the Berserker Barrage X against Gouki! Gouki was instantly gutted as his intestines went flying everywhere! But Gouki was no slouch as he continued to rain blows on Logan and his last punch went through Wolverine’s stomach and came out of Logan’s back on the left side of his spinal cord, putting his fist right through the Mutant!

Both returned to this dimension and were sent flying away from each other like two lifeless corpses. The room no longer looked one shade darker due to Gouki’s Satsui No Hadou Aura and returned to it’s former state.

While the two were passed out, Gouki’s blood began to run along the circuitry of this computerlike room. Unbeknownst to both, the blood began to find it’s way below many stories as it entered into a capsule of a dark room via many tubes that sent Gouki’s blood straight to it. This huge capsule that looked like it encased a robot only had two words written on it in bold black. “MECH GOUKI.”

Amazingly, the two soon were able to awake despite their massive wounds and even began to communicate with each other. “I see. Your Healing Factor allowed you to survive the beginning of the Shun Goku Satsu, long enough to allow you to clear your mind. I am very impressed with Ogun’s training.” “You knew… Ogun?” “I knew of him. Before he turned to the dark arts he was an honorable warrior.” “I wonder… if you’re headed down the same path…” “Perhaps. Still, even with his training, for you to clear your mind in the middle of such an attack, you must have lived through some horrific events in your life time.” Wolverine thinks back to the Weapon X project where his skeleton was laced with Adamantium." “You don’t know the half of it bub! Or do you? What do you know about my past?”

“Apocalypse has a file from you that he obtained from the Weapon Plus Program.” “Weapon Plus? What the frag is that?” “It is best that you see for yourself. In the room before Apocalypse’s chamber, there is a computer disk marked Weapon X. With your tracking abilities I’m sure you’ll have no problem locating it.”

Gouki stood up and held his fists out. He was performing a move to heal his wounds much like Ken was doing earlier, but this was at an unbelievable level as the blood from many of his wounds had healed up and evaporated on the outside and not to mention, his gutted stomach returned to back to normal!

“You’ve attained your information and right of way and I attained my epic battle. I suppose we are both victors.” declared Gouki. “I don’t know about that. You’re the first one ta stand. It’s gonna take my healing factor a while ta patch me up this time.” “We shall not meet again.” stated Gouki who then Ashura Warped teleporting away.

After a few minutes Ken finally entered the room through the hole in the wall. He still wasn’t 100%, he was stumbling a bit. “Where’s Gouki?” he asked Wolverine. “Gone.” “Huh? You defeated him?” “I’m not so sure about that kid. I just managed ta survive. Did you, want a piece of him?”

Ken pondered on the question for a bit and he finally answered. “To tell you the truth, I wanted revenge for him killing my sensei. But if not for him appearing today I probably would not of had the urge to get back up on my feet and would of remained on the ground left to die. I don’t want to defeat him. I want to surpass him. In all things.”

“Oh, by the way, I took care of your tiger friend. He’s back over… huh?” Ken looked back where Sabretooth’s corpse was and realized he wasn’t there. “Sabretooth’s long gone. He probably went chasing after his girlfriend who escaped during all of the confusion. Like me, Sabretooth is able to heal all of his wounds.” Ken started to finally understand how the cut above Sabretooth’s eye healed so quickly. “Still, I’m impressed you managed to take Sabretooth down. Nice work, kid!” “Yeah, I can’t believe you lived through a fight with Gouki! So what do you say, ready to continue down this road, Mutie!” said Ken in a joking matter. “Not at all, ya flatscanned rookie!” quipped Wolverine as he rose to his feet since his wound healed just enough. The two staggered on their way with new found respect for one another.

NEXT TIME - Nash finally catches up with Gambit as they face off against brainwashed Rogue and Zangief! Catch ya in another thirty!


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Does X-Men vs Street Fighter really have a backstory? Or did you make this up on your own?
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