X-men vs Street Fighter Thread

After 4(5?) years without playing this game I decided to start again since I finally found some competition. The official xmvsf thread was deleted with the crash I guess this one can be a replacement.

First question:

Can anyone list some differences between version 1/2/3?

I think my arcade is carrying version 3 and a lot of infinites/combos that were caused because of the FS effect are gone. I have the Saturn version (v.3) but since my SS is not working anymore I cannot check it (I have been playing with v1/2 for FBA).

Can someone post some combo variations for version 3? Especially for Cyclops, Magneto and Chun Li.

I already know that Cyclops SJ Fierce send the opponent straight down but does the flying screen effect on v.3 also applies to Chun triple jump combos with towards+RK/Fierce?

Thanks for any help.

Well I have the PSX version of this game and I wanted to know what combos do work for this version. I know that to most of you this version really sucks, but its all that I could afford (since my dad wouldnt let me “waste” money on a new system just to get the same game for it all over again). Since the PSX version is based off ver.3 of XSF, is there any long combos or infinites that would work for Storm, Charlie, magneto and Wolverine? Also, can you help me learn how to super jump cancel Wolvie’s C.ROUNDHOUSE to go into an air combo. I cant do it with Wolvie or Magneto, any thoughts?

It’s pretty easy, you just need to manually do the sj(d,u or KKK) after the ©RK. In Wolvie case you will need to hit the opponent on his way up with the air combo or you will super jump too high.

With Magneto I have a easier time by doing the sj with KKK after the ©RK. So it should look like this:

©WK->©RK->KKK->d+PPP->©WK (OTG) whatever…

I finally got my Saturn to work so I will check the changes for version 3 later.

heres some advice.

dont play ver. 3

that is all

I have no other choice, the only Arcade near my house with some Xmvsf competition is carrying version 3. I can also try Family Fun but I only have time to stop there on the weekends (rarely).

I’m not sure if UCLA is still carrying xmvsf but the parking system there is a bitch and by bus is almost 1 hour. So, yeah, ver. 3 is my only choice. The only thing I can do is adapt to both versions and play v.2 on FF.

While searching I found this post by Sabre with some changes:

If you guys wants to post strategies for the other versions feel free to do so since this thread is about xmvsf in general.

umm ya!! lol where am I gonna find a ver.2? Im not gonna go and spend more money on another version of the same game. Im on a budget and I cant go spending money on different versions of the same games I already own…just not worth my time for the sake of my bank account and my life right now lol.

Yo, anyone know some bread & butter combos or strats for cyclops and gambit as well as some of their general matchup info? Btw, if any of you play this on kaillera, hit me up. Best ping I can get is on this one server with roughly 30ms.

I’m trying to get the hang of Magneto on this game again and the only problem that I’m having is landing one of the versions of the ROM 90% of the time. Is it just me or is the timing a little different from MvC2?

I mean we all know that the ROM is [sj lk, mk pause, addf, lk(or d+lk) pause mk repeat]. In xmvsf if I do the first pause between the lk-mk the air dash d+lk won’t connect…

I noticed that in MvC2 it is much easier to be above the opponent after the (s)lk, mk and from the few vids that I have seen Mag always does the adf d+lk right after the mk in xmvsf.

So my theory is that in XvsSf you must have a pause between the kicks in order to be above the opponent for the lk/d+lk to connect. I’m not sure, can anyone correct me on this?

There are of couse a few variations that I use that never miss but I always have to remove a few hits. Like:

©lk, ©fp, (sj) rk, addf, d+lk, mk, (s)rk, (sj) mk, air dash forward, d+lk[d+lk], mk, (s)rk, ROM

If you get to the corner you can always add one more d+lk after the air dash forward and end with a (s)rk xx hyper grav.

Another way to start the infinite is using Mag’s ground air dash chain:

©lk, mk, (sj)mk, adf, d+lk, mk, (s)rk…

I also saw one vid where magneto did a repeated triangle jumps infinite on Storm but I still haven’t suceeded in landing yet. The player only did 4 hits though but it looked pretty awesome.

BTW this is on version 1/2, forget about version 3. I will just try to adapt next time I go play.

I doit like this:

c. short, c. fierce, sj. Rh, addf short, pause, ad. forward, sj. d+short, sj. forward, pause,

Also check my recs, it has 3 recs for the Us ver, and 2 of the Euro Ver (this one is better)…

Thanks. It seems that when you use d+lk on the first sj it is much easier to end up above the opponent, while in MvsC2 you can just jump with a neutral lk, mk.

any1 kwo taht site that has that guy doing the rom infinite with magneto?

^^ no prob dude… also, i tried the rom on MvsC2 today… and its a LOT easier…