X-Men Vs Street Fighter - Unofficial EVO 2K8 Tournament!

X-Men Vs Street Fighter Tournament!

Alright! Here it is!

Friday, signups start at noon.
Turney starts at 2
5 dollars to enter.
2/3 Double Elimination
Finals 2/3, Grand Finals 4/7
Pot will be split 70/20/10

Infinites allowed. But no dead body infinites. 3 tries for double characters, but if opponent has double characters (ie using random select to play 2 Storms), they get to try first should you fail. So if you plan on playing double characters, know your timing.

Look for me in the BYOC area to signup.

NOTE: If you are late for your match, I will have no choice but to DISQUALIFY you. I can’t wait for everyone.

And to those accustomed to playing on Japanese sticks, I’ll have PSX to Supergun converters on hand. But NO macros (one button dash, etc.) .

Expected to appear:
2005 XvSF Evo Champion Dog-face
2O06 top finisher MegamanDS
Top player powerhouse Justin Wong
Canadian T9 Champ Joker
FFA top player and HMC member Fanatiq
And a whole lot more!

See who’s the best in the WORLD!

See you in Vegas!

friday vic!! lol damn this is going to be hard for me to make it so early as well… :frowning:

Damn it!! iIwish i can go to evo this year but it doesnt seem like it.

CB and Contra will be there Tuesday so he will FOR SURE MAKE the tourney.

Moved start time to 2 for you Joker:)

You can count on me to be there with a NEW Mag infinite :bgrin:.

-Tha Hindu

I just booked my flight. Will be there for the xmen tourney!! JUST GET HYPE!!!

Im there

I regret I will not be able to enter this year. It’s always a lot of fun. See if you can capture some footage of the madness and get it on Youtube!

if i have time ill enter <-- this is sabin

change that ass location

get hype 1 more canadian for this shit

Xmen will be serious this year peeps. Cant wait to play vic megaman and hell.


so hasn’t vic won every year?

Sigh wish I was going gg real life

show em whats good vic, REPPIN LOGAN!!!

Too easy!!!

add me!! I’ll be there as well :wink:

DSP and N-Ken,

Bummer you guys can’t be there:( You’ll be missed.

And to answer DSP’s question about who the winners have been:

2005 - 1st place Dog-face
2nd place MegamanDS
3rd place AsianPulse

2006 1st - tie -
Dog-face , MegamanDS , Jwong

I was left and winners. And Jwong and MegamanDS were both in losers. Turney never ended since BYOC is closed on sunday. Me and Megaman played our winner’s match at my house:( Overall, big disappointment since I didn’t finish the turney.

2007 - No tournament, just casual play.

2008 - 1st - ???

Get hype!!!


vic: just a warning, but you might not be able to bring a tv for your own setup. I would definitely talk to wizard. All the sf4, tvc, and blazblue cabs are gonna take up a significant amount of space this year, possibly cutting into the size of byoc. If this is the case, you have to get there early and commandeer a byoc setup

like i said, dogface wins every year.

and he can’t beat me.

well he did be me when i was drunk.


ok dogface wins again.


<3 you dog-face.

so its singles right? not 2v2