X-Men vs Street Fighter

There are probably other xmvssf threads but i wanted to start a new xmvssf thread. I’ve been playing this game alot lately on mame and been getting back into it. There is alot of good competition online. So just post any strats,combos,infinites, etc…

I got a magnus question though… i see people tri jumping in with lk,mk and when they are doing that how are they getting the character to get off the ground by tri jumping with lk,mk to continue a combo?
and a storm question… what is a basic combo with storm while she is in flight mode?

basic storm fly combos? i use mad storm fly, i turn my storm in to sentinal in xsf. use the fly, short, up+fiercex3, air dash d/f inf. it doesn’t really take off anything but it annoys the hell out of the person. after a few reps you can cancel your fly and follow up on the ground combo by doing a air dash d/f, roundhouse xx unfly.

tk, this is feartetsuo. what up? You got any other storm fly mode combos? And when u do the basic corner combo with storm: launch, lk, hp, hp, hp, hp,hp,hp,hp what do u do when the character get to the bottom of the screen? how do u continue that semi infinite corner combo?
and how do u get the character to get off the ground by tri jumping with lk,mk to continue a combo with magnus like the rom infinite etc…

… Can’t really understand your question… You mean, how do you take a combo from the ground, into the air, with Mag? s.roundhouse. That’s all you need. After the first hit, cancel into a sj, and bingo, you’re both in the air. An easier but less foolproof method is to sweep, SJ, AD Down, OTG them with an AD attack, and go from there. You’re on the ground, they’re in the air.

Storm fly combos just need a little know-how. Dash at them, combo into a fierce. Cancel the fierce with Up.(This works best if you hold up after the fierce, so it auto cancels.) After you cancel with Up, you can air dash again. But, Cancelling with up, THEN air dashing into another combo, is more tricky then you need to be. Instead, cancel the fierce, and then hit them again, either with another fierce, or with a f.short, or something, into a fierce again. THEN, cancel THAT fierce with an air dash down into them, rinse, and repeat. There are a couple ways to end it. What I do is an ad.fierce xx Unfly. The fierce comes out, followed by an automatic Roundhouse as she lands. Gives you some nice stun time. And if you really want to pester them… ad.fierce xx Up, f.fierce xx AD Down/Forward, repeat, does wonders. Nothing like 30 fierces in a row to drill that storm yell into their head.

There’s no real reliable way to follow up that corner Semi Inf. Pretty much the best option you have, is to hit them into a throw. Try something like s.short(OTG) -> s.strong, and then throw them on the bounce. Or, juggle them with sj.short right before you land, and land and throw them on the bounce. OR, while still in the air, juggle with sj.jab -> sj.short, Air Throw.

Is any of this a little ‘Whoosh’, too technical? If so, just lemme know.

Also, a suggestion about your Online play. See how well FBA works for you. In general, it has better key response, if there’s no Frameskip problem(On some PCs, there is). Also, there’s some good FBA competition there too. Sometimes I even show up. :bluu:

Thanks for the response. I ususally play on mame accept when i play T-Kimura, then i use FBA. Yeah i was confused wih that mag combo, i keep thinking in MVC2 terms so i forget that u can mk without having to do lk first lol. i got some more mag questions as well as some rogue and cyclops questions.

mag- i got a corner combo question. how do u do that one, i think it goes launch,lp,lk,mk,mk,mk,mk,mk :is that how it goes? and if so how do u keep the mk’s connecting?

rogue- do u got any advanced combos with her? i rely on mainly tri jumping with dhk and if the dhk connects i do lk,mk , super.

cyc-what are some offense and defensive strats with him? i can do the infinite and stuff but i have a hard time implementing it in game play. any ideas?

The Mag infinite you’re probably thinking of is:
launch, [sj. JP, D+SK x 5 or 6, FK, land, standing SP] repeat brackets.

The number of times you do the d+SK will probably depend on how fast you can hit the button and how secure you feel on the timing of the combo (you can slow it down to only 4 kicks before the FK, and this way has a bit more of a set rhythm to it).

Infinites What are some practical infinites? Ex:rogue(whats her corner infinite?), magnus, storm,ryu,ken,gambit,wolvy…
Any have a list of infinites?


standard infin:

tall char infinite:
j.short,down roundhouse

other infin:
launch, sj.jab, short, rh, otg short, ([hold forwad] s.jab, s.short)

she has more but try these ones first.

hi there , i found an arcade with this game and decided to learn it well so ,

  1. Which chars are newb friendly?(and some basic starts n combos with them i’ll try to infinate later)
  2. how ya do that char switching that looked like alpha counters a la MvC2? is it the same command?
  3. what are some storm combos into supers that aren’t rollable and how ya air combo with her since i launched and the char goes in a strange angle that makes my magic series whiff…(between i tried if her runaway still worked and that shit is too broken you can build 2 lv. like nuthing)

that would be all thanx in advance:D

The only characters I have any idea how to play at all are Gambit and Jug. Jug has a fairly practical infinite…difficult to land his launchers (you have to either get a throw or guess right w/ super armor it seems) but the combo itself is very easy. Here it is:

Somewhere near the corner, land a launcher, jump up, and do LP-MP-HP. When you land, keep jumping up and doing HP each time.

You might need to jump forward for the first HP, but afterward you want to keep jumping straight up. Timing varies drastically depending on character, so practice!

Other basic stuff with Jug…cancel his heavy attacks into whiffed command grab to make them safe (f+fierce is the main one here). You can combo his super off of anything on reaction, and it’s also one of the best punishing moves in the game. Um…I don’t really know much more than that, I suck at this game. =P

Gambit I know even less about. I just jump around with HP (beats damn near anything), use low HP for anti-air (similarly high priority), and spam DP+Jab a lot (again, beats anything, and it can only be punished on block with Jug and Chun’s supers I think). He is definitely a noob-friendly character IMO.

Yeah…I should stop posting here now. sweatdrop


What are the easiest infinites with cyclops and wolverine as well as the setups? I’d think Cyclops could easily set up corner infinites by guard breaking someone, launch with low forward and then infinite away.

Wolverines infinite is probably the easiest to pull off because there are 3 set ups to it.

a. fierce beserker barrage in the corner

b. the air combo lp,lk,mp,d+mk,hk in the corner, or the air combo lp,lk,mp,mk,hk,hk, or the air combo lp,lk,mp,mp,mp, drill claw up foward,hk,hk

c.berserker barrage super in the corner

the actual infinite is when they are coming down you jump up and press lk, mk, hk. Pause for a second after the medium kick and then use the high kick. if they are about to fall add lp.

With Cyclops, on shoto-sized characters, HP throw in the corner, jump straight up: lp,lk,mp,mk,hp. You can use less hits but would have to do it slower.
For example with Sabretooth, HP throw in corner, jump up: lp, lk, mk (minute pause) hp.

Anyone know some other rogue infinites?

Don’t know if this is common knowledge, but Sabertooth can combo his Anti-X super (DP+PPP) 3 times in a row in the corner, kills any character, works on anyone.

Been playing XvSF and am trying to make Gambit my main char (haven’t even worked on a 2nd) :wink: Anyway, can any1 tell me what his best matchup is as well as his toughest?

for some infinities, tehre are some here