X.N.D.L offa A.X.E?

I was playing another Twelve player iver Xbox-Live today and he did A.X.E into SA1! WTF!? I think he may have done a cr. Light before…not sure.

Err… isn’t that the way everyone does it? You mean “whippy-hands”, yes?


^ My bad…just never seen it done before.

You really haven’t seen my video? Are you going to make me tap the sign again?


^ I have actually. Must’ve missed that part.

u make TB mad lol. I honestly dont like that combo, sure it starts off a low attack but sucks in damage compared to MK, XNDL or an XNDL by itself. I can do the combo but since I don’t rely on it I always have trouble scing the AXE to XNDL since it’s backwards to forward motion. Like some SNK shit or sumthin lol


I love the combo. I don’t rely on it (prefer to have my EX moves) but it’s nice to get that much damage out towards the end of the match.

I agree. I like having access to EX moves, with Twelve u must pin your game towards EX’s than supers unlike Chun-Li for example. EX Dive for gettin out of corners, EX NDL for spacing and pressure EX AXE on a waking up opponent if they’re a few pixels away from chip death