X/no-ryu question

Is possible vs v-akuma to play without letting him getting a vc opportunity ? Cause you don’t want an unblockable set-up with no alpha counters obviously. Or am I insane ?

Ok well this is way to vague, are there general tips to avoid getting in a sticky situation, like don’t get to close without having him in block stun, never jump, don’t get swept or basic play goes a long way ?

X/N-Ryu will have a harder time compared to A-Ryu, due to alpha counters. I believe Daigo used A-Ryu in the Absolution tournament, and he used alpha counters a lot.

To answer your question, I think the best way is to turtle and bait VC’s then interrupting them, because V-Akuma’s unblockables would definitely get you in a sticky situation.

I use no-ryu basicly because I’m quite bad at comboing supers (of a counter hit I can’t, after a jump-in I can 75% with x-ryu, from one side more reliably than the other). If I was better at supers I would definitely use a-ryu: the shinkuu tatsumaki, the senpu kyaku and the alpha counters do own. But x/n-ryu’s st.fierce is much better than a/v’s one.

Outside alpha counters and supers, which has a better ground/anti-air game ?
My ghess(someone correct me on the spelling) is V(because he has nearly all the moves he want’s) but the damage from X/N makes it more serious by itself, and the guard meter is much bigger. Is keeping it simple advantageous with ryu ?