X_Sword's Before and After Sketch :D

I have this piece I’m working on now:


I’m planing on using conte crayon, and various other chalks on it. the problem is I want to know the spots that should be illuminated as I have the “X” down for the spots that will be completely black. I’m going to finish this poece pretty soon, but with the correct value places, I could make it look very nice.


This is what I’ve done with the piece since this afternoon. any advice will be good from this stage on. im sorry about the picture quality since I used my phone’s camera :confused:

General Critique is welcome

since the lighting’s front and center in this one, just think of a big sphere of light surrounding the flame. the farther out you go the darker the figure gets. so right around the mouth and nose would be well lit. the figure holding the match would be lit. if you have a good understanding of lighting on a sphere, then you should be able to figure out lighting shapes on the face and whatnot. and don’t forget about cast shadows. if not, then just light a match and replicate the image you have in your head, then take a picture for reference. hope that helps some.

thanks for being the only one to look out for me. I studied the sphere before anything. i hope you could provide more advice for me in the future :smiley:

sure thing. ^^; a lot of the more knowledgeable heads are pretty busy and a lot of action in this thread as of late has been more appreciative than insightful, so if nobody says anything right away don’t fret. so far it looks badass! don’t forget the cast shadow of the little guy holdin the match. darken the shadows for increased dramatic effect and you’ve got yourself a winner. :smiley: