X23 @ Final Round Meet Up Thread

I know we have a few players here on the east coast and I was curious who is planning to go this year. I would love to get some matches in with you guys in person and share some tech.

We’ve got all the tools to see an X23 at the finals this year. (Of course, we’ll lose to Chris G…but that’s not the point.)

I’ll be there and I’ll have my orange Team MARQ jersy with ‘Ashmourne’ on the back and I’m pretty sure we’ll be running a salty suite with 645 (pretty big name streamer in the SE). Wandles should be there too.

Who else is gonna be able to make it?

I should be there barring an unforeseen financial crises. It’d be cool if we could get a bunch of X-23 players together in the same room.

I know I’ve been itchin’ for an in-person tech swap session. Plus, you know…I gotta body all you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll shoot you a PM with my cell phone before FR. :smiley:

way too far for me, but I’m pushing for Evo again :3

you guys better have footage.

Ill be working to put Viper in the grand finals now…but I still play her on the side so we can get some games in.

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Damn I wish I was able to go to final round this year

Less than a week to go, let’s get a head count. I’m definitely going to be there along with another local X-23 player who I can try to bring over.

Cool, Wandles and I should still be there Thursday night.

How did this go btw?