X360 controller (on PC) drivers suck and XBCD doesn't work. Any others?

I’m sick of not being able to use my rumble and trigger buttons when I play, so I decided to look into that XBCD thing that people say makes the controller much better. Unfortunately, those things do absolutely nothing, it still uses the default drivers even when I uninstall them in the Device Manager, install XBCD and then re-insert the controller. And when I open XBCD it doesn’t recognize my 360 controller. Windows does, but it doesn’t.

I figured it may be a problem with Vista (I have the 32-bit version) but I tried the update made specifically for Vista and…still doesn’t work. So I have determined that XBCD just sucks and doesn’t work, and need a recommendation to drivers that don’t suck ass for this damn controller.

Use Xpadder, that’s what I use.

I tried Xpadder, do you have to set the buttons to keyboard keys, or an you just use the controller? Because if it’s just a matter of setting up the controller than that didn’t work either. I suppose it just isn’t gonna work fully for Phantasy Star Universe (the game I’m trying to enable full rumble/trigger support for).

I use joy2key for mame++ because mame doesn’t recognize my hori. You have to set buttons to keys but since I’m assuming my doa stick and the 360 controllers are similar, they’ll work.

On mame32k .64, I can just set buttons with the joystick itself.