X360 Headset Jack

Couple questions to all you stick builders. Im on my second build and doing a wireless 360 stick. Instead of trying to figure out a way to make a port for the headset on the box i was wondering if anybody has made a extension cable for the headset port on the pcb? Not like the llamma.com tutorial that makes any headset able to be hooked to 360 but to make a extension off of the 360 pcb example a male to female cable or desolder the female port off the pcb and extend with wires to outside of the box. My idea is to research to see if anyone has ideas. My main reason is so i can hook up the chat pad for 360 to my wireless stick. So i could send messages but be wireless with the stick

i used a 2.5mm stereo jack extension lead male to female and that works perfectly for my headset :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering this myself. I can’t find any 2.5mm extensions anywhere in Canada and I don’t want to pay the shipping for one little cable from the states. The Mad Catz Live Arcade stick PCB had the headphone jack separate from the main PCB and connected with a ribbon cable. I’m thinking if you just extend the cable length you could take it right outside the case.

Thanks for the help . I’ll have to take a look at the madcatz seperate pcb and see if i can incorporate it somehow to a wireless one.

I use this cable for my Xbox360 stick.