X360 Play & Charge kit - when plugged-in does the controller act like it's wired?

When a Play n Charge cable is plugged in, does the controller act like it’s wired?
Does one still have to sync?

I have a wireless custom stick and get tired of having to first sync, then sign-in before I can play on other people’s consoles. I’d like to know if i can use this cable to avoid these annoyances.

Any help is appreciated.
Tried the #SRKTT channel, but it wasn’t busy enough to be helpful :slight_smile:

A wireless Xbox 360 controller when plugged in to an Xbox 360 with a Play and Charge Kit does NOT act like it is a wired controller. The PnC Kit serves ONLY to recharge the battery. The only thing that travels down the cable is voltage to recharge the wireless controller’s battery. Not a single piece of controller input data goes through that wire. You can however use the PnC Kit to automatically sync your controller to any X360 that you plug it into. This means you don’t have to break open your box to get to the Sync button. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the X360 controller does still communicate with the X360 wirelessly even while you play with the PnC kit attached, you won’t be allowed to use your stick for grand scale tournaments like say Evo. For casual play with your friends however, go for it.

EDIT: Clarified some of my sentences and wording due to an ambiguity issue that LuckyDay brought up. :tup:

Thanks for the info. What a bummer, though.
Would have been cool to be able to use the stick wired on PC setups too. :frowning:

I’ve wired up the Sync to an external button which will do for now. Easiest way to do this was following the trace to the via for Sync and soldering into that, for anyone interested. The tiny Sync button itself melts when you put a soldering iron anywhere near it!

Wonder if the Tekken wireless Hori stick has an option to play wired? That would be too cool.

I think you can use a wireless xbox 360 stick on the PC, however, you have to get a wireless receiver and plug it into your PC. Here’s the link for the receiver on Amazon. It also comes as a package with a wireless controller if you want to do that. You would still have to sync it though =(

You can use it to play on a 360.

You can’t use it to play on a PC.

I have one and I do it all the time.

From the official product description:

" ** Dont miss a thing: recharge while you play or when your Xbox 360 system is in standby mode.
* Always know your battery level: your battery fuel gauge is shown on the Xbox 360 dashboard.
* Game all night long: the rechargeable battery pack provides up to 25 hours of game play per charge.
* Includes either a white or black Rechargeable Battery Pack.*


Pardon? LuckyDay, I don’t recall saying that you could use this on a PC without the Wireless Gaming Receiver nor do I think I said anything about not being able to play with your controller whilst it charges. But, after giving my post another read through, I must admit some of my wording did come out a bit ambiguous and I did leave out some of the details that you did mention. Sorry if I made you upset or anything. :wonder:

I’m not angry about it, just trying to make sure he gets the answer to the question he originally asked.

I think for what he’s asking (taking it to friend’s houses and not having to open it up and sync, and using it without juice in the battery.

My post was harsh yeah, but I just wanted to make sure he got the info he needed.

I think for local tourneys it wouldn’t be an issue. You can plug it in (sync it) play your match, then turn your controller off right after.

Ah, I see. Well, I don’t think it’s too much of an issue for him; for starters, he already had a Sync button installed on his stick. And yeah, he’ll definitely be fine at local tourneys with the auto-syncing of the PnC Kit. No worries about the harsh post; I like having things be as clear as you do man. :lol:

Anyways Beartron, hopefully, you got the information you were looking for. Also, to address the subject of Hori’s new Tekken 6 sticks, somehow I doubt they’ll be able to act as if they were wired considering that neither Sony’s or Microsoft’s wireless controllers communicate through their USB ports when connected to the console (though they do auto-sync and there do exist drivers that let you use a PlayStation 3 controller on a PC without a Blu-tooth donble…:wonder:). However, I am confident they will be able to automatically sync to a console when plugged in via USB cord (if they have one for recharging that is).