X360\ps3 differences

I think this will be beneficial for EVERYONE. With an influx of new players thnx to next gen release, the older mvc2 heads are forced to know basically an unintentional remix.

**Basically, what I want to do here is list differences with the engine mechanics against the DC. ** That way, the new things can be identified and we call can learn how to work the changes into our game.

I will be asking some players for differences but for starters, lets list the new things but with the platform attached to it. This is to see if x360\ps3 have the same glitches.

  • x360, BH gets a free reset after RH demons now if you time your attack as the demons go away.

  • the hit stun is fucked up as psylock along with other characters can link jabs in the air. Not present on DC. This is where mag jump dwn.lk in the air fits.

  • cyclops has hit stun problems making several variations of his infinite impossible to do. Either more recovery on normals or shorter hit stun.