X360 TE problems w/ windows 7

TE Fightstick is not recognized on windows 7 64-bit. What’s the Thing to do.

try try again?

what kind of chipset is your motherboard? i think the madcatz sticks dont like nvidia chipsets much…


360 ones usually work pretty well, windows 7 will look for the drivers and automatically installed them. Are your automatic updates turned off? Also are you letting the drivers install? it usually takes a couple minutes the first time.

I installed drivers i found on Microsoft.Com but they did not do anything.

it recognizes it bc it makes A Noise when i plug it in.

Try installing the XBCD drivers. These drivers allow much more customization than the stock drivers.

It’s kinda annoying on Windows 64 bit because Microsoft requires signed drivers. You’re going to have to test sign the sys file and then boot into Test Mode.

Check these threads for more info:

The chipset can still be nvidia dispite the motherboard manufacturer


thats a brand, not a chipset, post a link to whatever motherboard you’re using.