X360 wiring question

I’m making an Arcade controller out of a new Xbox 360 wired controller, and a Wii fighting stick by Hori.

I got the wiring done, and wanted to wire up the trigger buttons, but after removing the triggers and plugging it into my Xbox 360, during games like BlazBlue, or Street Fighter 4, I’ll be spamming whatever left and right triggers are set to(i.e. Street fighter 4, I’ll always do Zangief’s tornado(because the triggers are set to all three kicks and punches))

what I’d like to know is what I need to do to make the trigger buttons not do this, but instead register when I press the button(right now they are pressed and released repeatedly until I do press the button down(and when I do that, it stands idle like they should)

I removed the three pronged thing(potentiometer?) on both left and right trigger, I think I read somewhere it requires me to wire up a couple of resistors.

I don’t have a camera, but I’ll try to get a friend’s if you guys and girls need an image for reference.


I couldn’t find any threads on how to do this with a new Microsoft wired X360 controller, only the madcatz ones. and even then it’s still confusing to me(i have taken electronics classes, but I don’t remember much about it, and they were back in highschool) but I am pretty good at soldering, and all the other fun things.

Bringing this up.

Please guys, All of the threads i’ve read keep talking about the Madcatz controller, and I got an original Microsoft one, I don’t want to mess up, and I’m pretty sure it’s different.