X3o Maryland tournament Sunday June 18th

X3O (www.x3o.com) is the DC Metro Area’s Premiere Destination for Technical Support, Training and Gaming!

This will be the second tournament at which X3O will try to see which game is the most popular on the East Coast, and from these tournaments, X3O will decide what game they will sponsor to possibly give the sponsorship to EVOLUTION 2006!!!

The first tournament we had 72 TOTAL players attend!!!

Where: ** x3o
11640 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852
We are right across the street from the White Flint Metro Station**

When:** Sunday June 18th, 2006 **

*Games and Schedule: *
** 1PM:Tekken5, DOA4

3PM: 3rd Strike, Mvc2, CvS2, Guilty Gear Slash, SF: AE


*Format: *Double Elim

Entry Fee: $5

Venue fee: $5

Prizes and Split **60/20/10 ** 10% goes to help w/ ‘ticket to evo’

This is a MARYLAND TOURNAMENT that I hope everyone can attend!!! I HOPE TO SEE ALL THE REAL PLAYERS!

Again, like last time, this tournament will be sponsored by Gamestop. We are looking into getting some prizes for 1st place this time as well.

As it stands now the top 18 spots in the running for the Ticket to Evo are as follows: However, anything can happen!!!

1)Jinmaster for Tekken 5
2)Justin Wong for 3S
3)Gwyrgyn Blood for GG Slash
4)Justin Wong for CVS2
5)Henry Paik for Tekken 5
6)Shinshay for 3S
7)Alex Pei for Tekken 5
8)Ultra David or 3S
9)Nate for GG Slash
10)Rugal B for CVS2
11)Hellshadow for DOA4
11)Justin Wong for MVC2
13)Gunflame Buri for GG Slash
14)Jeron G for CVS2
15)Shad for DOA4
15)YPei for MVC2
17)SMP for MVC2
17)Jinmaster for DOA4

We are also going to move everything from the middle of the Lan center, so everyone has more room to move around.

GG: Slash will be moved to the back of the place, where the DJ was last time.

Justin Wong from Empire Arcadia and crew should be coming to this as well.


Thank god, that’s what caused the space problem

Jeron – no AE tourney @ MWC 06 now? :sad:

Jinmaster: Throw in Anniverssary Edition since it “is” one of the games hosted at Evolution this year!

Dali: I will still be running AE at MW dont worry!

Damn this is like the most busiest tournament month for me! This then Mid June, Mid West near the end of June, then FGC (Fusion Game Convention) the very next week after!:looney: :looney:

All I can say is Digital Life October 2006:looney: there will be a massive shock to this community. 10,000 square feet in the East Coast E3 controled by gamers, 2 slots dedicated to arcade based games… and two people sending choices upwards.

That’s not a hint, that’s a flat out what will happen.

Shapping up to be huge

Once again I apologize for the space constraints. THey have been rectified for the next tourney. We will also be featuring other treats from our sponsors. More to be revealed soon.

We will definately have AE. We were offering it at the past one but only two people signed up lol. The prize money would have been your money back lol! Oh and just to set the record straight, we will without a doubt be sending at least one person to EVO. That is not a question. I will be going as well as Nick (the other x3o manager). The GGL will most likely be sending Steve (if Im not mistaken) to cover the lucky winners’ Evo experience. So rest assured it WILL happen…Im going to Digital Life too Steve…believe that!!! lol

The videos and pics should be up on the x3o site soon. lll keep you all posted.

Awesome. Would you happen to have the casuals between J.Wong and myself?

SF: AE added to first post.

Argh, if it wasn’t held on a Sunday I’d go myself.

Hey JeRon, take me with you!


JERON TAKE ME WITH YOU =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

btw this is SUB-0 lol

Chibi, SUB: Damn its not like I have a car to shaparone or take ppl! Yo FOB Bus that shit!!!

You know so much is going on next Month that I didnt even realized that this falls under the same weekend as MW :frowning:
I already had my ticket brought plus I made a commitment to go long time ago too! Sorry guys!
Too bad this couldnt be pushed to the weekend after but from the looks of it VTyme? falls under that week. Is there any way you guys can push the tournament a week to the 11th of June? I really would like to come back!

Hmmm imma try my luck in GGxx and in Cvs2.
Oh yeah if someone could please bring some kof games?


Im sorry man! If I push my tourney up it will conflict with C3. Pushing it back would conflict as well. My hands are tied man. Id definately like to have you back, and I know there are players wanting to play against you too. But I understand if you have a previous commitment. Our July tourney will be at VTYME so we can make that work out if June doesnt work for you.

Beatface, Ill see if I can get Gamestop to give me some KOF games. Let me know which ones you would like to see here.

To bad ultradavid isnt commong back for this one T_T. But Ill be there, so you better watch out Deviljin, WATCH OUT!

We just noticed that this tournament is on Fathers Day. Does anyone have conflicting plans that would not allow them to enter this tournament because of the holiday???


LOL. Not to hate on the fathers of this world but…generally Mother’s Day is a bigger event than Father’s Day. I doubt Father’s Day will conflict with too many people going to the tournament.


I started playing 3S. I plan to enter the tournament at x3o!!!

Hey everybody. im coming through again. So if you wanna get some games on. come out and play with me since im taking a long bus ride to the event. See everyone there. :slight_smile: