X3O Ticket to Evo 06 Tournament Series Results

First of all I want to thank everyone for the support you all gave us last night. Everyone that took the time out to come and participate deserves some credit in making the tournament a success. I want to personally thank Mark E, Rugal B, Gwyrgyn Blood, Renegade01, Jinmaster, and YPei for helping out as well. If I forgot you please set me straight. Without you all it wouldnt have run as smoothly as it did. Hopefully you all will make the next one a great success as well. Thanks again.

28 Players

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Shinshay
  3. Ultra David
  4. 10x
  5. Nasser
  6. Mark E

17 Players

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Rugal B
  3. Jeron G
  4. Nasser
  5. YPei
  6. Leoncio Martin

GG Slash
18 Players

  1. Gwyrgyn Blood (Potemkin)
  2. Nate (May, ABA)
  3. Gunflame Buri (Sol, Dizzy, Ky)
  4. Shazay (Slayer)
  5. Beatface (Axl, Sol)
  6. Aric (Baiken)

7 Players

  1. Justin Wong
  2. YPei
  3. SMP
  4. Shinshay
  5. Godfather
  6. FMan

Tekken 5
30 Players

  1. Jinmaster
  2. Paik
  3. YPei
  4. Justin Wong
  5. The Greatest!?
  6. SMP

7 Players

  1. Hellshadow
  2. Shad
  3. Jinmaster
  4. Sundown PnP
  5. Brian Davis
  6. Sean Lowe

Second place in GG shoulda been mine… damn you Nate, stick to May.

Nice seeing everyone there. The place is nice, but my only major gripe now is that the place was waaaay too small. It’s such fun to be playing a tourney match while having someone’s crotch in your face.

It was a fun tournament, nice playing everyone, hanging out with friends, meeting new people. Good times. That said, it was largely good times just because tournaments are always good times unless something super retarded goes on, not necessarily because it was at the place it was at. So yeah, I have a few gripes about the place.

One is that while there were many tvs there, which was great, for some reason there were more tvs than there were places to sit in front of the tvs, if that makes sense. Like, because the only chairs were those gimongous totally-not-intended-for-using-a-stick-on-your-lap (albeit otherwise quite reclinable and comfortable) chairs, there wasn’t enough room to actually seat two people in front of each tv.

Another is that the place was way too crowded, and not because there were too many people there. There were inexplicably three big tvs right in the middle of the place, and even more inexplicably a round table that didn’t have any purpose until most of the way through the day when Hokuto No Ken was set up on it. This, along with the huge reclinable chairs, made movement around the place way more difficult than it should have been. Also, I guess having music playing is cool, but having a full dj setup with the dude actually spinning seems pretty strange, and also pretty space-consuming. Just plug an iPod into the speakers or whatever.

For some reason DoA, the worst and/or least popular game there, was given two of the biggest, nicest tvs, and even for the finals of the other games we had to use the other small tvs. Every other game, even Smash and Marvel, had more people playing more often than DoA; I don’t think I ever saw more than four people hanging around the DoA setups. And one of the big tvs in the middle, the biggest one there it looked like, was being used solely for Smash Brothers, and it went unused most of the time because there were two other Smash Bros setups as well, and they weren’t placed so that just sitting in front of the tv would be annoying to the players and the people brushing by them. In fact, the only time I noticed the big Smash tv being in use was when some dude was messing around in practice mode.

Oh yeah, and what was up with the lack of five dollar bills? That was a little strange. And the whole entrance mechanism was retarded in general. If anyone there thinks they have a real email address or phone number for me, they are sadly mistaken. I’m not going to give out all my crap just to play in a Street Fighter tournament, and I don’t want to wait while other people get their crap typed into the database either. Might as well just erase whatever nonsense you guys have typed in under the UltraDavid line in there, x30 guys.

One nice thing was its easily accessible location, being right off the metro, but I feel that was only important for a handful of the people there (including me), considering the vast majority drove. Also, all of my gripes can be easily fixed, so there’s nothing inherently wrong with the place. Just rearrange the tvs, move the crap in the middle, change around the setups, bring out some regular ol’ folding chairs, and don’t try to jot down our life stories for entrance.

As far as the space and chairs, that issue will be addressed next time. We will move the large TV in the middle so that the space is more wide open. I will be honest, I didnt think we would get the turnout that we did. I thank you all for that but that is the reason for the space and chair constraints. There will be more chairs next time…and not the nice comfy ones ;).

As far as why DOA was treated to the TVs that they were…those TVS (DLP) have serious lag on them. Any other system other than the 360s would have been unusable on them. Smash was setup on that TV just for casuals because I couldnt have you all competing for a chance to go to Vegas on an unacceptible TV. That one will be moved as I said before.

The round table actually was originally setup with PS2s for casuals as well.

No more DJ. I know that was a gripe from more than one person.

I wont be spamming anyone either. I just want to make sure I let other people that dont get on the boards know about our future events. Thats the only reason we had people fill out those cards. The person at the desk was obviously overwhelmed and will not be doing that duty in the future.

These are all things that will be addressed and I invite anyone to give us feedback as to what else we can adjust in the future. I want to make this enjoyable to everyone.

Damn Justin, think you won enough games? Good shit.

Eric: 2nd place, good shit placing top 3 alongside Justin. Didn’t know you still played Marvel either…


Good shit folks i had fun playing there at x30 place. Got to meet new ppl and having a Dj at a tourny was abit different but it was still good. Somebody had brought kof and i sat down and played it (yessssssss). Lets see i saw J.wong Beasting in Maverl and in Cvs2…im still trying to figure out how that ‘‘drumming’’ shit works but i will learn. 7 ppl for Doa4 hmmmm thats funny but hey i had fun

^Prince Gearge! Nah man… Thomas muthaphukin Dale! I lived up in Chester for a year in 97… Dad still up there. Nice place to live (SOVA)

first of all, big thanks to DAMON who threw the tournament. without him, this would’ve never happened.


ultradavid: good to see you again. the only thing we played was cvs2, but i wish i had time to play you in 3s and get my ass whooped. good shit getting 3rd place. have fun in cali bro.

colt steele: damn i wasn’t expecting to see you up here. thanks for coming all the way out here and playing on like every 3s casual TV lol. alex vs alex will come soon lol

jwong: nice to see you again. i dont know how the hell i got 2nd in mvc2, that was pretty random. we didnt get to play anything else, but next time i’ll try to get in a few games with you.

jeron: great to finally meet you! whooped my ass in cvs2, and i saw your matches in 3s. very solid player indeed :wink:

10x: good to see you again! what happened to dudley lol. damn you raped me in 3s. i’ll get you next time!! i think…lol

shinshay: the one and only. great to see you again; we definitely need to get together sometime and start playing like the good ol’ days.

devil jin + his brother: good to see you two come out. i didnt get to play any of you, but i heard that ibuki was doing her job :slight_smile:

sam from philly: good games bro. no one in philly plays 3s? that sucks!!

local MD crew: you know i love you. no need to post for people i see like every week lol

wow i cant think of anything right now. if i forgot you i’m sorry…i think ill edit this post later.

question - why was the DJ a problem?

Good stuff at the tournament. Lots of tv’s…LOTS of TV’s. Get rid of some of the DLP tv’s if you can and put in some regular projections for finals for bigger games. That’d be sweet. Damon’s a cool guy and was good meeting him in person. Hopefully if I can bring my skills up enough in a time span of like 3 weeks…I can make it to Evo. LOL.

Great meeting **J.Wong **as well. He’s not a fatty like he used to be. Very chill guy and asks for a handshake after tournament fights. Very respectable. Well…see you guys there next month and thanks again Damon for setting this whole thing up and representing the fighting game scene.

Good seeing you again as well Ypei. I’ll more than likely be coming down to the next C3 so if you headed up there I’ll be there as well. Wanna play against some of that Urien in 3S. Oh and the DJ sucked cuz he didn’t do anything interesting. He just played stuff that usually comes on the radio and didn’t do any real DJing…

UltraDavid, when i get from back from Japan im commin for you in those future tournaments with avengence! muahahahahahaha. I will get my name on these results pages. almost did this time. almost.

Also good to see everyone I had an awesome time. GG’s to everyone… except deviljin hes a punk. hear that Deviljin, you punk you

It was good to meet all the players I havent already met but have been speaking to directly or indirectly online for months now. Nice to meet Justin, GREAT GUY! Triforce, Wes, Leron the whole Arcadia crew that came out. Good to meet DevilJin…actually the SECOND person to call me asking about the tourney (after Jinmaster). Good to meet Shinshay (again)…Im going to look through my yearbooks to see if I see you. Good to meet snookums…hope you get that stick made. Good to see YPei…AGAIN…thanks for whooping my ass in Tekken. He actually helped to make this happen you all. Im glad I could do something for you all but I will do better. I assure you two months from now and X3O will be hosting quality tourneys. I know space was a MAJOR issue and that will be ironed out in the future…

PS YPei…how many names do you have dude? lol

what do you mean how many names do i have? lol

Naw, I thought the DJ was good. I mean, given the situation. You gotta look at it from his point of view…you’re playing a set for a bunch of random gamers, of course you’re not going to rock the boat and play a bunch of random non-radio shit. Plus, I heard some Prodigy of the Experience album, THAT was old-school. I also heard the Basement Jaxx (Where’s Your Head At is probably the most played out song though :slight_smile: Goooood stuff. I mean, I really didn’t notice the DJ which means he was doing his job, just sorta setting the mood and not attracting a whole lot of attention.

The only problem I had with the DJ was that he was using CD turntables and not vinyl, thumbs down to that sheeit.

Anyway, I had a great time. The fact that it was across the street from the metro was awesome. As I said before, driving ftl. Good matches to everyone that I played, I played a lot of new faces and everyone was really nice. The staff was also really cool, too. Big thumbs up to that. Not really too much else to say except that it was good meeting Hyperbomber and those punk rock kids, can’t remember the names, but I’m sure I’ll see you guys at the next tourney if I make it.

edit: the whole vinyl over cd thing isn’t because it sounds better or nothin’. it’s just an aesthetics thing…

That was me! LoL
GGs to you man, is there any game you don’t play? Damn, I wish I came earlier so we could have played more, good to know my Morri/Rolento/Claw got a little better, you’re a beast in KOF though! Too bad your arcade took out KOF XI :tdown: that’s some pure bullshit. Looking forward to playing you again though.

GGs to Nasty Nas and the DevilJin brothers holding that shit for MD!

GGs to 4r5 for playing JoJo with me too, that was tight as shit…next time Charles throws one of his joints I’m owning fools up with Black Polnareff… :nunchuck:

Man I wish I had more time to come back through and play Hokuto No Ken though…maybe next time… :sad: …of course, however, you must admit that Arby’s > HnK

See yall at the next one!

you go by Alex, fat, YPei, Calico Kyle…lol

Anyway, once again Im glad I could please. 10x, thanks for making a point to let me know what you thought. That means a lot. I still swear I’ve seen you before somewhere…anyway, like i said before, thanks for coming and I hope to see you all next time.

One major issue: Its come to my attention that the MWC is being held at the same time I wanted to hold our June tourney. I definately dont want to conflict with that tourney and disrespect anyone and I dont want to hold my next one on any dates that conflict with any local venues either. I NEED to have this June tourney though or i wont be able to send anyone to Evo. I just want to know what popular opinion is. Let me know. Thanks.

Yeah, I dunno how that’s gonna work out. If you could set it like the week after or something maybe. I probably won’t be going out to that event any ways so it’s all good with me.

How can anyone not like JoJo? What with all the automobiles flying around. Just for you, I’ll take some time out of my Johnny practicing to practice Mariah.

going to MWC for money? thats ok.

going to x3o for an evo ticket? thats better.

depending on how much MWC is offering as a prize, i think the majority of people would rather come to your tournament

Man, just want to say gg’s to everybody, it was good meeting yall. 10x good shit it 3S man. We had some GOOD matches! You got it in the tourney though, I f’ed-up in the 3rd game :frowning:

Eric Lee good to meet you yo. Solid shit indeed as expected. I’m going to have to make the “Switch” too for tournament. Yang is the shit but Yun is Yun :wonder:

Good seeing the Empire again yo. You guys gameplay inspire me so much. Good to meet TFGM though briefly, and Jeron good to see you again bro. It was good seeing you and Justin’s matches in CvS2. Yall are too solid. I was originally supposed to be in CvS, but I got skipped over somehow in the registration. :annoy:

Yooo, mad props to the cat for bringing Fist of the North Star, I don’t know if you on SRK but anyway I’m glad to get a chance to peep it cause I’m in ATL the land of shitty arcades. Yeeeaaahhh.

F-man what up I thought you was from Tha “A” nigga :rolleyes: Thanx for reppin tha A :lol:

Word i played eric j and lost…(he’s good as shit thou) Is there gonna be any Snk games at evo this year??? Maybe in june you guys could put some kof games in the tourny??? Ah another thing you guys should send someone to evo for Cvs2 or 3s b/c there was alot of ppl playing that game and hell im about 2 start play those games…They had a bigger crowd then ggxx/ i hate to say -_-
GG’s to everybody