X3O Ticket to Evo 06 Tournament Series Results

Problem is I dont want to seem like Im stepping on anyones toes. But it is what it is. Who is the tourney coordinator for MWC? Whats his handle? Id like to speak to him personally.

As it stands now the top 18 spots in the running for the Ticket to Evo are as follows:

1)Jinmaster for Tekken 5
2)Justin Wong for 3S
3)Gwyrgyn Blood for GG Slash
4)Justin Wong for CVS2
5)Henry Paik for Tekken 5
6)Shinshay for 3S
7)YPei for Tekken 5
8)Ultra David or 3S
9)Nate for GG Slash
10)Rugal B for CVS2
11)Hellshadow for DOA4
11)Justin Wong for MVC2
13)Gunflame Buri for GG Slash
14)Jeron G for CVS2
15)Shad for DOA4
15)YPei for MVC2
17)SMP for MVC2
17)Jinmaster for DOA4

Once again Eric J, I apologize for the oversight…wont happen again. And there was actually 1 more person for GG than for CVS. Tekken and 3S had the most…followed by GG and CVS. Only 7 each for MVC2 and DOA4…gotta make a better showing guys!

Yo this is Sam from philly great tourny good matches and good times def be there for the next one.


Nick and Damon from X3O- Great tourn thnx for running it be there at the next one.

Deviljin- your ibuki is to much… TO MUCH! good shit man

Justin- Mad chill nice hanging with you man congrats on 1st

Ypei- Yeah man shit blows for 3S in philly but it was great playing you and everyone there

Jeron- Solid Elena man great playing you.

Shinshay- Good stuff on getting 2nd didnt get to play you but maybe next time.

and anyone i forgot well good shit to everyone see you guys at the next one

I really wanted to watch some of the Marvel/Tekken action, but moving around in there was like pulling teeth so I set up camp by the 3S tvs lol
Thanks for the pointers and the casuals, one day I’ll get you in an actual tourny match and the circle can be complete.

Shouts - DJ and BB, good seeing you both. I hate on Ibuki cause I’m jealous, don’t pay any attention to this old man :bgrin: You’ve both come quite a ways since I saw you last.

Andre - good times, good matches. Keep it coming, man.

UltraDavid - nice meeting you and fuckin around vs Hugo/getting pwned by Q. Congrats on taking him to 3rd, have good times back on the WC.

10x - nasty ass game you got in 3S. Wonder Twin powers ftw.

Antonio - hit me up soon, we’ll get in those casuals.

JeRon - was real impressed with your Ken, didn’t care for your Chun so much :wasted:
Gots to get you your own MAS :wink:

Okay here are my shoutouts, thank yous, and all that jazz.

My main man Damon and staff…you guys are making a great effort getting the community together. Also it’s pretty interesting that we attended the same school back in the day around the same time. I’ll have to look through the yearbook myself when I go back to see my parents in a week.

JWong: what can I say man. You always do the hotshit when I least expect it. (Especially when I practiced to play against Chun and not Yun ^_^) I’ll definitely hit you up sometime in the near future when I go to CTF.

Jeron: My man Jeron never ceases to amaze me at how much skill he has playing all these games. Good shit and make sure you hold it down at ECC for me if you go.

Alex Pei: Good job holding it down as always. I’ll be glad to practice with you sometime so I can get better in MvC2 and Tekken.

Aaron/Nasser: you guys are like Frick and Frack, everytime I see one usually the other not to far behind. It’s always great to see you guys. Remember to practice practice practice.

10x/BB/JB and the guy that brought you two to the tournament (Sorry I am so bad with names). It’s great that you guys came out to get the experience. See you next tourney.

The whole Forestville mall Tekken crew: Holla at cha boy cause he is playing tekken again and fuck Marvel cause I truly suck in that shit .

Mark fucking P: man where the hell have you been and where the hell are you going…No one knows but you and God. May the force be with you.

Rugal that was wrong as shit on what you did to me in Tekken, I Will have my revenge in the near future.

Antoine - Nice Alex, but remember what I said and you’ll become alot better.

Eric J: glad that you made it up to the DC area for the first time and you enjoyed it. I am sure we will see each other again at another tourney.

Rotendo, damn yo…you are always all over the place. My marvel days are coming to an end, but hey Justin did say that he would teach me when I go to NY so there is still some hope.

Well guys if I missed anyone I am truly sorry, but I am truly tired. See you guys later.

The guy that brought us to the tourney was Paul/MOD

My secret identity has been revealed! Deviljin, you punk you! Kuso gaki!

Sono Mama Shine…:wink:

My 5th place standing near Justin Wong should be celebrated. I really wish I had bought a MAS Stick, shipped it to California, and played serious fighting games in the last two months.

I had the best time at the tournament regardless. I am hoping to come up with the cash to go to Evo2k6 unless they have some high entry fees for us very affluent arcade gamers. I might even rebuy tek5 just so I can get the hori stick.

Once again, the tournament was very fun.

Did I get to play you at all?

I really do not know if you got to play me or not. I was the older looking gentleman, UC Davis Sweatshirt, looking tired cuz I ran to McDonalds to use the bathroom since so many people were in line to use it. Perhaps you heard them say “LEO” pretty loud. No disrespect but I was happy I used my real name as opposed to “cheese balls” and other random names people made.

note: I had to play YPei twice in two different games. I asked to use this Mas Stick I saw being used in the pummeling of F*Man by some pro; however, Justin Wong wanted it and he got it. I wonder if there was some favoritism going on… -_-. Nah, I didnt know anyone at the tournament.

So I did suprisingly worse in 3S than I should have because I require a stick to do ex moves and what not. Not to mention i’m not used to playing in computer chairs with people constantly bumping into the chair as they view other games.

Regardless, I loved the tournament and hope there is another opportunity to play with you all before I leave for California again. sigh.

side note: Played Halo casually yesterday and some guy named himself “bornkiller”. The rest of us newbies in the room were not shocked when he went for 0 kills in a 25kill win scenario.

Leo, there will be another very soon…June 18th being the tentative date. Sorry your experience wasnt better but we will make it better for the next time.


I will be flying back to CA on June the 10th

ROTENDO!!! You were there? WTH!!! Did you even see me there?

Thanks for everyone for coming out. It looks like we are going to have the next event on Sunday June 18th, so mark your calandars.


Nah, sorry man. You must have misread my post. I was trying to say that I lived up in VA for a while, however I would love to attend the next one. Plus I have family up there.

I recently attended the PSM tourney down here in SoCal… vids can be found here that I taped and edited myself:

http://zachd.com/mvc2/#psm Tell me what you think when you get the chance Triforce.

Eric: Yeah, lately I’ve been trying to get around. You know, get back into posting frequently on SRK.

I want a money match with Justin, lol. 3S

Id love to see you at the next one Rotendo. It would be good to talk to someone about some Marine stuff again.

Also, feel free to take some video at this one too if you like.

Hmm… I wonder if I can get a ticket to this event AND get approved for leave ON TIME, lol.

Ill see if I cant get my old 1st SGT to get you some excused leave :wink:

Anything on the videos from the tourney?