X3o's Maryland tournament! 3S, GG#Slash Sunday May 21st

X3O (www.x3o.com) is the DC Metro Area’s Premiere Destination for Technical Support, Training and Gaming. X30 is VERY interested in attracting the fighting game community, and is even interested in possibly sending SOMEONE to EVO!!!

This tournament is a great chance for MD to represent, compete, and have a gaming place to call home!

This will be the first tournament at which X3O will try to see which game is the most popular on the East Coast, and from these tournaments, X3O will decide what game they will sponsor to possibly give the sponsorship to EVOLUTION 2006!!!

After this tournament, we have pre-set June 17 for x3o?s second tournament. At which, that tournament along with this one, will decide which game will be chosen for the sponsorship

From there, we will announce a date in July, where x3o will hold it?s mega ?TICKET TO EVO? tournament!!!.

We have set 4 games for players to compete in, HOWEVER, based on player feedback, other games can be added if there is enough response !

Where: ** x3o
11640 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852
We are right across the street from the White Flint Metro Station**

When:** Sunday May 21st, 2006 1pm**

*Games: *
Street Fighter: 3rd Strike
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Guilty Gear #Reload (or Slash based on player feedback)

*Format: *Double Elim

Entry Fee: $5

Venue fee: $5

Prizes and Split **70/20/10 **

This is a MARYLAND TOURNAMENT that I hope everyone can attend!!! I HOPE TO SEE ALL THE REAL PLAYERS!


Sounds good to me. I’m just outside of Rockville so it’d be no problem for me and my boys to get to.

Cool, I hope to see you all there. We already have people from Delaware, Jersey, VA, and MD claiming interest. A few people claim that Justin Wong should get the sponsorship without contest while others claim they can and have beat him. I think this will be very interesting to see what the outcome is.

Will tourneys actually be starting at 1PM? I ask only because I may be able to show up for this, but I’ll probably be waltzing in around 1:30ish. I’ll still probably come to watch and/or for casuals if that’s possible, but I’d still like to know.

lol unless they’ve had the experience running fighting game tournaments in the past and have adopted the iron fist technique it’ll be lucky to start by 3. People around here show up when they please and gripe if it’s already begun. Anyways I’ll be on vacation that week so I’m in for 3S, DJ we gotta get some casuals in at least, I hear you’ve moved up in the world :wink:

…and Arby’s right next door fuck yah.

Damn, Sunday? No can do

VA 3s heads better come represent.

See you guys there, then. =p

cvs2??? mvc2???

Whatever game needs to be repped will be repped. Post your interests here if its not already listed. I know we have a lot of 3S players and Tekken players coming. Wayne Rivers and his crew will be here for 3S. I have a few local guys interested in CVS2 but only 2 have posted interest…we obviously need more for a tourney…especially if Im going to try to send someone to EVO. Im game for whatever though.

Also, Wayne and some of his crew will be here on Saturday looking for some comp. Folks were posting that I should give the sponsorship to Justin Wong but Wayne has beat him before on a few occasions he says…sounds like we really DO need to prove who deserves it best.

not josh wong, justin wong

just check out justin’s tournament stats

Hmmmm, this sounds great. I should be back by then.

Jinmaster Day is Jinmaster?!?!


Sounds like its gonna be good to me

Oh and make it Guilty Gear xx slash… the game is out now and its fairly new so everyone can have a fighting chance!!!

For those who don’t have a car or live in the dc area or surrounding areas

You can use the DC metro system , If I remember correctly the fare is 1.35 and the red line train goes to the white flint station.

heres the website for more details: www.wmata.com

I edited my last post. My bad. Wayne said he was trying to get Josh Wong to come here with him this weekend.

If I get enough people that post that they want a certain game to be hosted, I will do that. The only thing is, if its not being played at EVO Im not going to take anyone to EVO for that game. Comp is comp though. I just want to see people have fun.

Jinmaster, I talked to Damon of X30 on the phone for like a hour and he said that marvel vs capcom 2 will be a featured game in this tournament. Could you put Mvc2 in the title of the thread and put it in the game lineup and this way everyone in the marvel community could get a heads up about this tournament, and I’ll also let other players know about this tournament as well.

The most important thing that Damon said, was that each of the games need a good turnout in order to have the tournaments, so hopefully I can get the marvel heads to show up to this by putting the word out.

So send me a PM or just post marvel up when you read this and I’ll have everyone check it out.


Marvel vs Capcom 2 is added and for those of you who were asking about CvS2, that will be included as well. Like we said, if there is enough of a turnout for any particular game, we will do it.

i’m there